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Errant curser

I clicked to read this post because chat comes up constantly to me too. The problem is, the icon to start it is always at the bottom right corner of the screen.........right next to the scroll arrow. My curser does waver at times because of a slight move on my part and the darn thing has a mind of it's own, moving a bit without help at times. If only that icon was not right next to the scroll arrow!! Thought you also were having that problem. Guess everyone else has a well behaved curser?


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Easy way -

Do not try with the chat window showing everyone online. It always freezes up.

Without clicking on any chat tabs below, Go to "My Account" ( http://www.dailypaul.com/user/56727 )

Click Edit tab at the top, just below your name.

Scroll down, make sure you Un-check the box next to "Chat".

Then scroll down further, and click the "Save" button.

If you do this, chat should never show up again, until you re-edit your account on the "Edit" tab, select chat, and save again.
(unless we do something that resets defaults, which is generally unlikely)

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BMD. I didn't realize you were online.

Jefferson! Long time no see.

Jefferson! Long time no see. I've been browsing the site every day. Saw you post so I decided to log in and see if you were in the chat haha. Hope all is well.

You'll never take me pot o' gold... or my freedoms! Ron Paul 2012!

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Been a while for sure. I don't post as much as I used to. Hope all is well with you too. Take care.

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No biggie Jefferson

Was one of those 'same time' replies. Glad you handled it. Thanks. I've got enough to do.

He who gets there the fastest wins. Lol

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went into your account and unchecked the "chat" feature in your settings. IDK if this fixed it or not.

I'm assuming you went into the "edit" section in your account and tried to do this? Chat was turned on when I accessed it.

If you continue to have troubles then I would suggest dropping a note for Jon in the "Mod Suggestion Box."

Wow, that was nice of both of

Wow, that was nice of both of you guys - I figured this was just an exercise in futility and I only posted hoping it would relieve some of the aggravation. Thanks for the tip- I actually never go into 'edit' section of settings, for some reason chat just turns itself on every once in awhile by iitself. I have never used chat and I have manually turned it off many times...peace

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"only posted hoping it would

"only posted hoping it would relieve some of the aggravation"

I've often stated that the DP is cheaper than therapy....8)
Go ahead and get it all out.

You can probably go in and uncheck some other unnecessary features that may be slowing you down. Jon is the onboard guru with this stuff.