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Only Choice is Mitt and know this -

Ron the man will be voting for Mitt

Many need to get over what happened in the past and move forward, doing all that you can do to change the GOP for the better.

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In CA you can write in Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and Ron Paul will NOT be counted in CA, but hey.. if it feels good defaulting for Obama in Ron Paul's name... go for it.

Just know, some of us who KNOW Ron Paul is NOT a registered write in candidate BY HIS CHOICE, will not be thinking you voted FOR Ron Paul anymore than if you wrote-in Mickey Mouse.

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Oh, God!

...you just can't imagine how good it feels!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Sure I can

Some people feel better when restrained. There are prisoners who don't want to leave prison because prison is their home. It feels better to be in prison than free.

That's you.

"They have pretty much the same views"

Here's an interview that highlights the depth of Garry Johnson when it comes to our intellectual struggle:


Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle | Roger W. Garrison

The Truth About "Tulips in Holland"

Milton Friedman: The Purpose of the Federal Reserve

The Panic of 1819: Reactions and Policies
Murray N. Rothbard

Should I go on?

Thanks for the comic relief

Thanks for the comic relief Sonny.

Really ??!?!?

There is something you need to know, We Ron Paul supporters stand together. The person who woke us up and got us to care again would NEVER dirty him self the way Romney has repeatedly done over and over. My fellow Supporters stand on principle they always ran a clean campaign they stood to follow the rules. I an PROUD to call them my countrymen. proud that they regardless of opposition still stood on principle. I will never dishonor Ron Paul by lending my vote for Romney. How can I, in the face of so many that believed in the same thing. I never knew I actually belonged, that there was so many who believed the way I do. I will not abandon them I will stand with them, and proudly.

Hey to

anyone that wants to vote for the scumbag Romney you are a sack bag,I say screw Romney and his band of RNC thugs and the same goes for Obama as both these clowns are worthless POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This post was OBVIOUSLY written by ...

a ROMNEY TROLL, just to infuriate us.

Why Mitt MIGHT be better than Obomber

After 4 years of Obama, there is more than enough proof that he is a complete establishment toady who does the will of the powers-that-be. So it's clear what Obama is all about. Mitt, of course, SAYS whatever he thinks the establishment wants to hear mixed in with some partisan political demagoguery which he thinks is palatable enough to be absorbed by the mainstream. The question is, in his heart of hearts, does Mitt have an independent streak which will reveal itself once elected? We know by now Obama doesn't.

I think Ron Paul may vote for Romney simply because they are on friendly terms and under the Barry Goldwater theory that you elect them first and then try to twist their arms. RP may get Romney's ear on certain subjects while he will never get Obama's.

Ron Paul said it's very

Ron Paul said it's very unlikely he'd vote for Romney. He's more likely to vote for either Goode or Johnson.


Happy Libertarian

Speaking only for myself

I would rather trust what a person HAS said and what he HAS evinced himself to be, and on those points Romney is a flip-flopping neoconservative with no understanding or apparent intent to observe the founding principles of this once-great nation nor the valid roles and limitations of the office of the presidency.

Anything beyond that is just hopeful self delusion based on effectively nothing other than rainbow dreams and unicorn farts, to put it crassly.

Are you out of your

Are you out of your mind!!!???? Unicorns don't fart!!!! They're too majestic and beautiful for that. I think they just kinda *poof*.

Hey Sonny...

I and most of my Ron Paul republican friends don't give a flying @#$% who Ron is voting for. WE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THAT SCUMBAG ROMNEY. Even if, and this is a BIG if, Ron actually endorsed or admitted he was voting for him, we would not vote for Romney. Sorry for the yelling but all these "vote for Romney jacka$$e$ are really starting to irritate the $*** out of me. For the love of God, go back to your neo-con forum (Free Republic I'm talking about you) and stop trolling liberty loving, conscience voting Americans. Geez.

Dr Paul will never vote for Mitt!!!


But elected Ron Paul Republicans will

Because Ron Paul got us into the GOP and we remain therie despite Romney to materialize Ron Paul's message.

Hey ugly, go sit on a bunch of bananas. Your okole looks hungry.

Stupid hau'oli.

i wonder????

is granger here getting us all fired up to write in for Ron Paul? She comes on here and makes completely assinine statements like, "romney winning empowers Ron Paul republicans" all the time, she gets downvoted like nobody else, and her arguments are so completely opposite of what a true patriot would think.

maybee she is using reverse pyschology on all of us. man...she's not really as retarded as we all think! She's been playing us to get us to all write about how horrible romney is and getting us to use logical arguments that others will read and learn from.

and all she has to do is make a few, completely illogical arguments, written with horrible grammer and spelling, and call reasonable people nasty names, and she gets us all to put out the message of what a dick romney is and how anything except voting for romney is a better option.

i finally get it. wow. i'm almost speechless.

i'm getting tired of her

i'm getting tired of her moronic chit..

Well I guess Ron proved you wrong!!!

Seeing as it came directly from Ron himself I think you were premature on your statement that Ron would endorse Mitt. After all the time you've been here you would think that you would know not to jump to conclusions.

Ron voting for Mitt? Laughable.

You do realize we can still work to fix the GOP while also NOT voting for more-or-less the complete antithesis of what many of us believe in, right?

And understand this - Romney is not much better than Obama, if at all (as if I could even trust any of his stated views/policies anyway...); on the military front, he's even ADMITTEDLY worse and advocates spending more on and EXPANDING the military, as well as effectively stating he'll be more aggressive as well.

Either way, we work to keep fixing the GOP - and if Mitt loses, then liberty has another shot on 2016. If Mitt wins: not so much.

So you can trot off with your "vote for Mitt" spiel now - this fish ain't biting and I will not be held responsible for the lunacies of either of these idiots, personally. Thank you very much for your time.

Hey Sonny.

See my post on page three.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If mitt wins the liberty movement looses.

He would be an epic failure his monetary policy is exactly the same as Obamas!

He'd collapse the economy and the media would blame it on his and Ryans "Ayn Rand style" "free markets" and you'd never stand a chance of getting a liberty minded candidate in office! For decades.

You obviously haven't taken a look behind the puppet show to see that they're dancing to the same puppeteers tune. That of their financiers.

You mean "Rand Paul" will be voting for the Count.

Not a chance Ron will.

I am Voting for Gary Johnson.

I am Voting for Gary Johnson. I still believe in Liberty and will not Waste my vote on Mitt or Barak

So is


Not nesasarly...

he could be voting for Virgil Goode,I know I am.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

Nes, nesa,nnnnnesas....aw,

Nes, nesa,nnnnnesas....aw, forget it.

You may not have noticed...

but we did try to work within the GOP. It failed. It failed because it is a rigged system. The establishment will NEVER allow an honest man to get the part nomination. I am now convinced that only an independent run will ever produce Constitutional government.

The Aye's have it.


Can we let this thread die already...

No one here that actually cares about this country is actually dumb enough to vote Romney...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.