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Presidential Debate - Government Socialism VS Corporate Socialism Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

1.) Both will keep taxes where they are at on wealthy...

a.) Without differentiating between Corporate wealth (government granted exclusive privilege of Cartel - i.e. COLLECTIVE TITLE in Property) and independent wealth.

b.) Neither presented that this income tax ultimately is placed on the products they produce and the BURDEN OF TAXATION is ultimately passed to those that can least afford it;

The so called "wealthy" simply serve as tax collectors for the federal government (then say they paid the bigger portion (on paper) which is incorrect as to who paid the actual burden).

c.) Neither bring up the real issues which are the removal of Exclusive Privileges and the removal of "UNENUMERATED" TAXATION in any form i.e. all federal taxes except for a enumerated import tax.

d.) Both are trying to "maintain" in most areas the huge federal bureaucracy, laws and policing powers.

Read the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788. "...THEY (the federal government) CAN MAKE >>>NO REGULATION THAT MAY EFFECT THE CITIZENS OF THE UNION AT LARGE";


e.) From medicare, social security, stock market regulations (on exclusive privileges that should not even exist in a free country, schools; Both loose on these subjects as NEITHER want DECISIVELY to remove invasive unconstitutional federal laws and powers in which they maintain federal, taxation, regulations and mandates.

Romney mentions states in some areas but also mentions keeping regulations and mandates and school grants, Federal "grading" etc.

He gets a .5 point in that he mentions states but looses that in maintaining the federal status and regulation on or in states.

Score: R=0 to O=0


2.) Romney mentions that 50+ percent of "small business" are there because of big business; And that "he" plans to use decisions, like Obama, from the Federal powers instead of simply getting "COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WAY".

Now there are many ways this can be taken, but what it does present that there is major "DEPENDENCY" on large corporations (government exclusive privileges) which can only be removed by removing government granted "exclusive privileges".

See: http://www.pacificwestcom.com/americanpatriotpartynewsletter...

This makes me think Romney's solutions will include favoring exclusive privileged contracts over true non-corporate independent business removal of regulations that would allow them to truly compete with corporations.

Score: R=0 to O=0


3.) Both want to "simplify" the income tax system,

But ignore what they they really need to do; and that is to remove it completely.

Score: R=0 to O=0


4.) Obama won a Debate .5 point simply by comparing Obamacare with Romney's Michigan Health Care plan;

Romney had no real defense but gained a 1 point argument that states and individuals should decide.

Score: R=1 to O=.5


5.) Romney won 1 Debate point in his argument that lower taxes on the middle class would increase buisiness, but lost .5 points by not addressing the "reducing federal spending" issue strong enough.

Score: R=1.5 to O=.5


6.) Both mention "patriotic" type statements, without really placing any particular plan into effect that would reestablish these principles;

Romney gains a .5 again simply mentioned states rights; But because of his stands on federal regulations or mandates, looses .5 simply on lack of credibility or Believability because of his past stands on elbow rubbing with gun control advocates.

Score: R=1.5 to O=.5


7.) Both of them lost on military;

Romney said he would maintain a strong military, but did not say what he would do or not do with it.

Obama mentioned "WINDING DOWN" on two wars without saying he would end them or if so when.


8. They Both lost credibility by not really saying anything substantive in solutions or removing federal powers.

Romney I believe slightly gained a .5 point debate lead overall by simply presenting the increasing deficits and unemployment figures.

Obama did not present any defense, but pacified his constituents by saying more needed to be done?...

Romney will gain a few votes in regard to his statement of removing wasteful federal programs - which will not be good enough;

Obama will solidify those votes on those dependent on big government, which is a considerable block of voters.


To get those standing on the fence to even look his way, Romney will need to hit harder on removing federal regulations and Empowering States Rights; and PROVE he means it by stating an ABSOLUTE PLAN IN WRITING to enact this removal of federal Bureaucracies, powers, regulations and social programs.

i.e. get a Freedom spine stronger than Obama's Socialist spine.

Right now we consider the debate as between two Socialists of a different color;

Debate Score out of 100 points Possible; Score: R=2 to O=.5

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