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I watched the first few minutes of the debate. I couldn't help but think how meaningful of a debate it would have been if it were Ron up there instead of Romney. (I still can't believe Rand endorsed him.) The words I heard were meaningless, unrealisitic,and ambiguous. Both are clearly in favor of a big spending over-intrusive government. I'm not going to watch it. I'm disgusted. I'll not watch a debate until Gary Johnson has been included and we can hear some conversation about restoring some of our liberties and truly running a smaller government.

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I wanted to watch the debate about as much as I wanted

to watch "two girls and a cup" (which I didn't!) Some things you just know.

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One consolation last night was how accurately Ron Paul

analyzed what we, in the Freedom Movement, are thinking & feeling. His eyes & ears are not clouded with a mega-ego of typical politicians (like Obombneys).

Well what did you expect?

After seeing how badly Ron Paul was cheated out of the primaries who else was next...Gary Johnson. forget hearing about restoring our liberties, none of that is going to happen this election because people here are too stubborn to help their fellow patriots. more Big Government is coming, hopefully without a World War.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?