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Anyone know anything about Art Robinson - Ron Paul endorsed?

I saw an ad on Facebook for this. The guy appears to be endorsed by Ron Paul and trying to send books to voters in his district about liberty. Anyone familiar with 1. how libertarian he is 2. does he have a good chance of winning? 3. Anyone actually receive his book?


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Art Robinson

My daughter first brought this man to my attention. I wish I remembered more about what I read about him. I'd hate to give sloppy information from my memory (which is a lot like a sieve) but I can tell you this guy is the real deal. Well worth some research. The establishment have come down hard on him and his children every way they can, but this is a family of fighters. They're all very well educated (the kids home-schooled and brilliant) and very independent. Definitely check him out if you're in a position to support his candidacy or to vote for him.