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Judge Napolitano on New York's Lawsuit Against JP Morgan

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Judge Napolitano is a byotch bought by NY crime kingpin

"Judge Napolitano is a byotch bought by NY crime kingpin and JP Morgan robber baron Jamie Dimon."

At least, that's what it appears to be: This lawsuit potentially has the chance to blow the lid off the biggest fraud case in world history, uncovering the truth of how nearly a billion people around the world were robbed blind, and THE JUDGE has a problem with it!!

Now, The Judge denounces the NY State Attorney General's inquest as a cheap political parlor trick, and insists the government should stay out of the free market.

First: WHAT free market??! There IS no free market. The market is centrally planned by the Federal Reserve, with all the connivance of JP Morgan and 17 other primary dealers (the other crime lords).

Second: The branch of government known as the Justice Department has a duty to uphold the law and investigate crimes such as fraud. What the hell? The Judge is supposed to be part of this system.

Third: It may be true that the NY State Attorney General is a political animal and is looking to scalp some cash for the state coffers, but that doesn't take ANYthing away from the severity of the charges.

People don't really know what Bear-Stearnes was really up to, or how it came to be that JP Morgan got to snap it up for pennies on the dollar. It was a set-up by the NY Federal Reserve Bank, then run by Timmy Geithner, with the full backing of US Treasury Sec. Paulson.

JP Morgan may claim they didn't want it now that they're liable for inumerable crimes committed by Bear-Stearnes, but at the time Jamie Dimon was calling the meetings that led to its liquidation.

The REAL story behind this lawsuit is going to be the uncovering of the credit rating manipulation that allowed millions of people to get suckered into mortgages they couldn't afford, followed by huge numbers of investors who were sold AAA mortgage-backed securities that were 90% CCC crapola. Bear-Stearnes was the biggest dealer in this septic waste and had bought all the credit rating agencies to cover for them.

And, in summer and fall 2008, the same ratings agencies were covering for JP Morgan as they cannibalized Lehman Bros. and redistributed their toxic waste with AAA splattered all over them.

Oh, but THE JUDGE has a problem with it...!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Would it not be nice if JUST ONCE, the "bad guys took one

for the people" rather than the political fortunes of hack politicians?

Yes it would

I had a dream like that once, then I woke up to the nightmare. Some day my friend, liberty wil prevail.