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MSNBC Chris Matthews EXPLODES Over Obama Performance

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Matthews has every right to

Matthews has every right to be angry and probably wants to cause harm to Obama. Just think of all the ridicule, lying, and fun poking that has been done to say nothing of bribes paid and good journalist fired over Ron Paul that MSM has perpetrated so Romney could get the nomination and be the weakest candidate possible to face Obama. The MSM's wanted their chosen one to have a second term. Then to have him perform his part badly and not follow the script was a disgrace for the MSM. They have pulled out all the stops to see he gets four more years and then to have this happen. Sham on you Obama for letting all this money and crime down. I guess this is all that can be expected of a king. Royal prerogative you know. Divine Right and all that stuff.

Chris Matthews basically admitting

that MSNBC is a front for the Jacobin DNC socialist Left, and nobody knows or gives a Fuck.

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What else is NEW?

Matthews has always had a sandy vagina...

In Obama's Defense...

...at the very end when Maddow offered up that he had had 4 years to not prepare for a debate while Romney had only gone 7 months without being able to prepare for a debate.

Thanks for the logic there, sis.

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

Song and Dance

Give this guy a top hat and cane and some tap shoes!


Just watched part of this...

...on Jay Leno. The only difference is they showed Chris Matthews photoshopped in a straight jacket. It was hilarious!

Has this effected that leg tingling, Chris?

I wonder if Chris still has that tingling feeling that runs down his legs when he sees or hears the President speak?

Larry in North Carolina
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Jefferson's picture


reminds me of some sort of scary muppet character.

This is just act 1 scene 1 of a 3 part dog and pony show. What do you want to bet, next round goes to Barry? It's like WWF wrestling.

I watched Stossel Friday night and he did a kind of behind the scenes of campaigns show, and it was pretty revealing.

Here it is if anyone's interested.

We drove almost 20 hours round trip to meet Jesse Benton after the abysmal performance in the first debate. I wanted to meet this guy and look him in the eye, to see what he was like. I got to spend about an hour with him, his deputy, and RP as you can see from my profile pic.

JB was fairly nice, receptive, and even somewhat hospitable (offering me some of the food off his plate) His deputy "Dimitri" was a little snob, and made crass remarks about the blimp and the grassroots when I tried to offer help in being a conduit between the grassroots and HQ. Dimitri totally missed my point and says "we don't neeeed another blimp." You could definitely tell there was animosity toward the grassroots.
I shook that off and began to try and get to know JB better. When I asked how he thought the debate in SC went, he got somewhat defensive and said "the debates aren't important. Iowa is important."

It was at that moment I realized that JB was way out of his league. It was all I could do to keep my jaw from hitting the floor. The debates were our BIGGEST opportunity to score with the voters, and absolutely no preparation was done for them..

He gave me his personal email address, and I managed to pass along some good ideas that either came from the DP or me. Some of it he used but most he didn't.

More importantly I was able to communicate directly to RP through his brother (who is a friend) and RP used more of the info that was given to him than JB did. At least I was able to bypass JB. It still wasn't enough though.

Whoever would let RP walk out onto the stage with his tie sticking out of the side of his jacket, and looking disheveled should have been fired. Anyway, sorry. I had to get that off my chest.

I'm disappointed!

I was hoping that he would literally explode. Get out the mop.

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Crybaby Matthews appears to be coming apart at the seams over the fact that his boy Obama apparently got a proper thrashing in the debate. Still, I only wish it had been Dr. Paul rather than Flip Flop Mitt doing the ass-kicking.

Again, hilarious video!

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Matthews has always been a

Matthews has always been a self-important ass. There is no debate happening on MSNBC. All they are trying to do is speed our complete descent into fascism and totalitarianism -- all because people actually believe they care about the poor? Study some economics. If you want to help the poor, do the opposite of what Chris Matthews thinks.

He should watch MSNBC and get some left wing PROPAGANDA....

Is what Chris Mathews is saying.

Where I'm from news channels pretend they are unbiased, unlike news papers they have to be "neutral" by law so its just a drip feed... Less obvious, a lot more effective a lot worse.

Wish Ron Paul Could Have Debated Obama.

It would have opened up so many more peoples eyes.

I just didn't see this Mitt

I just didn't see this Mitt win! They both danced around the truth, but Obama seemed confident and addressed the nation while Mitt spoke to Obama. Mitt seemed flustered at several points, while Obama seemed to me to remain clam and collected. I don't care for either one and think they are both socialists/communists, but I think this meme of Mitt winning the debate is all media manufactured to try to tighten this race up so the media can get more viewers in the last 4 weeks! Did YOU think Mitt mopped the floor with Obama, or is this a media created outcome?

The Later

Just look at my post directly below you.

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My GOD!!!

Can't You People See! Obama sat back and let Romney go after him just so they can split the vote even further. Dealing with issues that were polled in swing states just for this debate, Romney "appeared" to have the upper hand to Obama while Obama just sat back a let him pick up votes. The commission is trying to make the vote as split as possible just so they can F--- with the vote count on Nov. 6th and be sure Romney will be the victor-by-design.

Mark these Words
10-04-2012 12:01pm CST

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

You're exactly right...

that they are trying to split the vote so that America is divided and conquered perfectly down the middle. I see Obama still "winning" though.


with the media outlets going reverse damage control they are going to drive down the presidents favor-ability polls just to put it even with Romney for the remaining weeks and when the time is right some event will happen to wrongfully put Romney over the top and (just for poops and giggles) they will say it was the Ron Paul supporters that did it for him...
Dude, it's 2012. Anything can Happen.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Dog and Pony show

Not sure which one's which. That's the only real difference in still working on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the debate.

Romney did a good job promising the tens of millions of FDR/LBJ voters that he wouldn't take away their government goodies, at the same time championing individual responsibility and made Obama look like the inept, incompetent ideologue that he is in the process.

Go Romney!

Bread and Circuses...BABY CRY GENIUS!!!

Ok, as long as We are getting bread and circuses, let me just say, that whoever added that BABY CRY IS GENIUS...finally a part of the circus i like!

Looking for the sympathy vote.

All these guys beating up on the President is meant to win him sympathy at the polls.

This started when the tweets started going out that the MSM was favoring Rmoney.

It's a big game show that is pretending to spill over in real life.

The Format is just Star Search but the contestants have no talents that would work to promote liberty and the prosperity it brings.

Free includes debt-free!

I am just thoroughly amuzed ...

... at Chris Matthews pretending that he's so upset he looks and sounds like he's about to bust into tears the whole time.

It's not just chris Matthews but also

Bil maher Ed Schultz and others

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Was the video cut short?

i didn't see Matthews turn beat read or his head explode.

Change the thread title?


Matthews is a mouth-frothing gibber monkey

Blah blah blah

Chris Matthews: Like the

Chris Matthews: Like the after-effects of eating a bad burrito.

this is just a game--

all staged--

I don't have TV, so I saw nothing, but this is all . . .

an act. By everyone.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

totally agree.


Probably just to get their ratings up. Who knows why, really? We are just fodder.

No chill down

the leg this time?

Poor guy...his world is shattered.

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