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Surprise! Obama is going to throw the election

"Mark my words; Obama is going to throw the fight for the same reasons a prize fighter does it."

"The difference between throwing a fight and quitting in one is all about premeditation and motive. If you go into a fight planning to lose in order to reap some form of reward, that’s throwing a fight. If you go into a fight with a messed up mind and a general lack of motivation that leads to you tapping out when you really didn’t have to, that’s just a sign that you either need to reevaluate or find a new line of work." Barracuda Trader

I am surprised but with a little thought it was obvious this was coming.

When Michelle O. makes the rounds on recent talk shows saying she "doesn't mind being First Lady..."

That's code for I'm ready to move on and make the big money... get out of the firing zone... let the kids have a normal life... and not have everything she says and does scrutinized by the unwashed masses.

Obama was stumbling and bumbling and even someone like myself who can't stand the sight of the guy knows he didn't utilize his public speaking talents.

Mark my words; Obama is going to throw the fight for the same reasons a prize fighter does it.

~ He will be livin' large like Bill Clinton with the time to enjoy his loot.
~ And he will "work from outside D.C." to continue fanning the flames of race wars and class warfare.
~ With perpetual Secret Service 'protection' and all the post presidential VIP perks without the headaches.

That's great news for Romney and Ryan.

But it's bad news for the Republic.

Obama had the ability to collapse this country quickley and open the door for The Great American Renaissance.

Now the Republic is poised for 8 more years of;

~ Endless, bankrupting wars, that escalate the highly profitable "War for Terror"
~ Continued debt slavery and tax bondage to the FED/IRS Complex
~ Loss of states' power to big central government
~ Further erosion of personal liberties. You WILL have a national I.D. card or RFID chip.

The good news is sooner or later all top heavy empires collapse under their own weight.

At least we'll have "certainty" for 8 years.

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Cartoon Bomb Obamneyahu And The Goldman Sachs Bankster

Regime LSM Cabal Party... LOL Sounds like this could be the name of a pathetic music band. I suppose The "Party" Wasn't "Over" afterall. Instead it was evidently just getting started for these crooks as all these parties in the party continue to play their violins during the drama of the debate - what a big joke. I suppose maybe we should instead just have the Bankster "Nominee" which from seeing the debate seems to be "Rominee" at this point.

I'm sure the fact that Obama has been in the process to purchase over $20 Million piece of property in Hawaii with intentions to move there next year + his statement at the beginning of the debate that he promised his wife Michelle that they wouldn't be spending next year's anniversary in front of millions of people, hmmm could that maybe be a clue that he might be considering throwing the election? Kinda sounds like it huh? I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

What if... the banksters saw that most were wanting to vote NOBAMNEY by casting their ballot for someone else? I'll make a Vegas bet that they are seeing this in the polls but not making the results public, instead they are lying about the numbers like always...

What can we do? I say no matter what, don't tell any of these pollster fu*kheads who you're planning to vote for. And make your decision to vote for the person that can most likely win against them. I strongly believe this person also needs to be on the ballot at least for the most part nationwide since it is well known that write-in's are most likely not counted. Do some critical thinking yourself and decide who this may be. I've had several calls and hung up on every single one - keep them guessing as much as possible by just not responding at all. They might just think you don't have time to talk and also maybe no time to vote either...

So what will they do if they know everyone will vote 3rd Party? Well, one could endorse the other to combine their votes, hmmm? Ahhh yes, then "Obamney" becomes literal reality after all. After they figure their two party system isn't fooling the majority of voters needed to win, next stage of the strategy will be to figure who will be the favored other candidate most are likely to vote for. They will then proceed to program as many machines as possible to flip the votes. See Electronic Black Box Voting 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKkNR3JisGQ Electronic Black Box Voting 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZUaDBDrZlg&feature=relmfu

From what I understand they may need to have an idea who everyone will be voting for in order to flip the machines. Remember, in order to beat Ron Paul for the Republican nomination, they had to get the race down to two candidates. This could make it easier to flip the machines in all the states for Ron Paul vs Romney. There's been strong evidence this was done in the the majority of the primary states, which if you didn't notice were all mostly won by "Rominee". I expect they might try to do the same thing this time if they see a particular 3rd Party polling well.

Also, say many estimate the vote flipping to be workable to affect the vote by up to 10%? So this effectively could give Obamney the election? But if they expect the 3rd party vote will be split anyway, all they have to do is merge into "Obamney" and they could win maybe? Remember that handshake in the beginning of the debate, to me, seemed quite friendly - don't you think? LOL

But in the end, unless the 3rd party people are able to think critically about how to deal with the kind of monster everyone is really up against and just quietly vote for the one 3rd partier most believe would have the best chance to win, this is NOT wasting one's vote! It's strategy and it's simply the Globalist Banksters against the people, that's it.

If everyone can't figure this stuff out soon enough before the Cabal manages to somehow take everyone's guns away - everyone is toast. Honestly I don't think people have much time before it really comes down to the guns for food/money programs many are suspecting the government has plans to put into place on a massive scale. So far they have done these programs around the country, but it appears to still be somewhat scattered.

The smart people will decide a need to keep the guns in order to, in all practicality, be able to eat. How can someone eat food that person just gave a gun for, if others just come up and threaten with their gun forcing one to give up the food they just got by giving up a gun? What if, after they took someone's gun, they turned around and also used that gun to not only take the food back, but shoot the person as well so they can set them up and say it was a suicide?

The argument of giving a gun to get food is for idiots. Just look at the grocery store food prices skyrocketing. This is where we're at folks. How much time do we really have? Eventually, even those who manage to not turn in their guns may likely find themselves in a shootout to stay alive. And here we have it, democide in action. So far, all the countries who have strict gun laws show that their people have effectively lost their sovereignty. Either way, people will at some point need to not be afraid anymore as many won't have much left to lose individually anyway.

So let's just do the right thing right now - vote for who most think has the best chance to beat the monster. If one has been paying attention, there is no doubt who this candidate is. Folks, this is BIG. Try your best to make the right decision.

The only other problem is that it seems like it doesn't matter what the voting results are. Those who count the votes may very well lie about the results anyway, right? The media has basically lied to us about everything else - why not election results? Why is it that everyone I talk to says they voted for Ron Paul but somehow he mysteriously didn't win the straw votes?

Studies on the Electronic Voting show that as of now these machines can be largely hacked. So essentially, at this point it seems, the only way to get a good candidate in office is to make sure only good candidates are running who don't have lobbying interests or ties. The public needs to be sure the candidates are not being paid off by the private sector who has been evidently able to infiltrate our elections process and rig the machines... Essentially as long as there is no vested interest to control the elections, this seems would be the only way we will ultimately be able to end the rigging.

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

If my vote counted...

I'd vote for Johnson if Obama was leading.

I'd vote for Obama if Romney was leading.

The first, (if my vote counted) to send the signal that the independent/libertarian voice was strong, while watching Obama stay in.

The second, to keep Obama in, for the same reasons stated at the end of your post.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.


I just think obummer had a bad night and looked past Rmoney. There are still many more dems than republicans and Rmoney still has plenty of time to screw it up...and he will.

Obummer has way too big an ego to walk away and if he didn't want to be reselected he would just walk away...I don't think he would throw the election and lose on purpose.

Obummer does have a record and it is a bad one, the fact is Charlie Brown would be up on Obummer by 10 points if he were the opponent. Rmoney is that effin bad. If I were a betting man I would still put my money on obummer.

Don't buy it

I didn't watch the debate - I didn't need to. I knew Romney would be the clear winner, because Obama had such a big lead. There needs to be a horse race or too many people would court third party or not vote.

Had Romney not had a good showing voter's hopes might have dashed.

If there are three debates the consensus will be that the second is by-and-large a draw, the third will be a pounding by the incumbent. If only two debates, Obama will easily reastablish his competance and his base will be reassured.

Its all about the horse race.

As much as I don't like

As much as I don't like Obama, I don't think it's fair to say he is fanning the flames of the race wars. But I do agree that Obama probably has had enough after four years. I know I would have, too. I actually find it amazing any president willingly takes on two terms.

All roads lead to ROMney

We know he was chosen to at least be the insurance policy when reading the msm during the primary. All primary news lead to Romney somehow.

The President..

. The foreign policy debate will boost the President. Even though the political classes are pushing Mitt hard now, the Democrats are going to hold the Democratic nominee's feet to the fire. He is in an awkward position, reminds me of those classic sports movies where the team leader is compelled to throw the game lol

The utter indifference and disdain for both candidates out there should make this one of the most memorable of elections for not the important reasons.

This is more like American idol, etc in my view.


Wait - You Said Mitt Couldn't Win W/O RP Supporters!

Damage control? Obama is ahead in the polls. Based on most news outlets, including mainstream search engines like Yahoo, Obama should pull it off.

No fire in the belly

I think you are reasonably correct in saying Obama is going to throw the election. He was "whisked" in to the Presidency in '08. Now, he is I believe being "whisked" out.
Obama has done a lot of "dirty" work for the Puppet Masters during his time in office. I think he has outlived his usefullness and "they" are done with him. I truly believe that Obama may be concerned if he does win the election, his safety may become a big concern.


Everything you say makes sense to me.
No passion this time around.
Executed the medical industrial/FED-IRS Complex's plan for dominance and controll with total access to data and public funds.

who wants to be the President

who wants to be the President when you would be the sitting President at the time of the worst financial collapse the US and world has ever seen?

I just didn't see this as a

I just didn't see this as a Mitt win! They both danced around the truth, but Obama seemed confident and addressed the nation while Mitt spoke to Obama. Mitt seemed flustered at several points, while Obama seemed to me to remain clam and collected. I don't care for either one and think they are both socialists/communists, but I think this meme of Mitt winning the debate is all media manufactured spin to try to tighten this race up so the media can get more viewers in the last 4 weeks! Did YOU think Mitt mopped the floor with Obama, or is this a media created outcome?

Why are you spamming this on every post.

Seems strange of you to keep spamming these comments on every post. What are your motives for doing this?

Sorry, I felt like I was

Sorry, I felt like I was going crazy! I see the emperor is naked and everybody else is complimenting him on his lovely wardrobe! Guess I was fishing for a fast reply. Don't take it personally, I only posted it 4 times. I don't normally do that.

A Romney win could help to

A Romney win could help to exacerbate the race war during the conomic collapse.

I think obama is pre-occupied with other thoughts

I think that Obama was pre-occupied with thinking about Syria and Turkey throwing shots at each other. We also have to think about Netanyahu, supposedly Obama hasnt been doing his bidding entirely


While Romney (like the last above link) has been ready to lean in and give Netanyahu a big ol' smooch almost. Especially since they are apparently old friends which is definitely news to me. I had no idea.


You do seem right though. He was definitely off from what I saw last night. This goes back to a video I'm sure most of us have seen in the "whos afraid of an open debate?" on youtube. A great big staged mess.

But with the strains and relationship between Obama and Romney and Netanyahu here is something else to consider and I'm sure its worthy of its own post. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2012/09/29/how-the-governmen...

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I don't see it as bad news

Ron Paul RepubliCANs are going to be holding Romney to the constitution.. Rand isn't going to sit back, none of us are going to sit back.

Romney and the RNC woke the GOP up with what they did to Ron Paul and Ron Paul delegates. Committees throughout this nation are now working on ending the RNC as a top down organization. The GOP is very offended that the RNC disengranchised Maine's delegates, that they changed the rules from 5 to eight state plurality, that the refused to say "Ron Paul" during the vote count, and then paid a tibute to him and refused to allow him to speak. No matter what their foundation, fiscal conservative, religious right, constitutionalist, rEVOLutionary or Ear5thquakers.. we all wonder.. "So goes Maine, so goes us?"

And many of them LOVE our mission of Restoring the Republic, least they knew it was gone. So we are winning, and a Romney win empowers us LOCALLY as it empowers our committees, resolutions, inniatives and platform.. we have sized up the cheats, the theives, liars this nomination process and we are not going to do nothing. They will be held accountable to the loyalty oaths we all took to the constitution. This fight is a mission with a goal, and it's doable, achieveable.

Romney is not who we wanted, he's what we got, but that does not stop us, only make us work harder knowing we have a better opportunity with Romney, who is already dripping Ron paul's message in a bucket. It's not much, but it;'s more than Obama.

I'm happy to see Obama leave. As the GOP puffs up.. we are not puffed up about Romney... it's NOT about Romney.. it's about restoring the republic, and this is the message..

Today, at the luncheon with the senatorial candidate, I will say, "Romney did great, now we can get back to constitutional government." That's how we win.

I am sorry to have to jump

on your case again granger but you are truly clueless. "Romney is what we got"? I am not voting for Rmoney and most of the people here are npt voting for Rmoney. Do you actually believe that Rmoney is going to follow the Constitution in any way shape or form? As I said before....You sir..or ma'am, are a damn fool or terribly naive'.

I am voting GJ.

I don't care who you vote for.

This is NOT about Romney. This is about continuing the rEVOLution in the GOP, holding Romney and each other accountable to the constitution.

You already know what I think about GJ in short FRAUD. but if a fraud who is giving you a red herring to chum on is your dish this election, eat it up. Enjoy.

I've got work to do,, and Romney isn't even an issue, merely a speed bump.

Yeah, MMMkaaaay.

No one is going to hold Romney to anything, other than the bankers holding him to bailouts, stimulus, printing and other corporate welfarisms.

what is Romney dripping?

I have followed your comments for a long long time, since I found out you had a deadhead background. I've noticed that you get a lot of downvotes lately... and just want to say, I admire what you're doing in the gop, however I also admire what others are doing outside of the gop. I don't think there is one answer on how to move forward. We can be individuals and go our own ways, because its not the avenue but the message thats important.

I'm curious, in what way is Romney resonating Ron Paul? Honest question, I may have just not noticed it. It seemed like romney was backing away from free market stances last night, which is bad because he never really had me convinced he believed in free markets anyway. and of course he is still antithetical to RP when it comes to foreign policy. Thanks Granger

What Romney said is

Asked for specifics, Romney listed "the subsidy for PBS, the subsidy for Amtrak, the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts" and "the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Humanities."


Those of us who remain in the GOP, someplace many of us never imagined we would be, are fighting to restore america to constitutional government. Those who have not joined the GOP have other issues, such as open debates.. thre's nothing wrong with that, but to think that is going to restore America to the constitution would be incorrect, where restoring america to the constitution would open the debates.

for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf9ppX5uMPA

Those subsidies add up to

Those subsidies add up to some millions? We are Trillions in debt!


But if we don't get in there and work with what is there, whether we like it or not, who will?

No matter our affiliation

if we are spreading the same message of liberty we are moving forward. imo... kinda like the song, we gotta find our own way home.

Just like Ron Paul said in his debate analysis, Romney isn't going to 'cut' anything. Mitt said last night that he understands and supports 'regulation' in the negative sense (as if regulate meant to impede rather than to make regular - the same idea as O). Gov't regulation leads directly to the problem of corporatism on both sides of the aisle. I don't see where Romney has any similarity with liberty. Cutting pbs and arts is fine, but it would be nice if it was a real cut not just spending the $ elsewhere.

Romney doesn't have any simularity with liberty personally

It's up to those of us who are in the GOP to make it an issue for Romney. I don't see anyone doing that in the Obama camp. But I do know there are many in the GOP more than ready, willing and able to do that in the GOP despite Romney.

So basically you see the scenarios as

A. Obama wins and he continues to go unchecked by his base to do the things we all know are in the plans.
B. Romney wins and a diverse coalition of conservative minded folks hold his feet to the fire when the time comes.
(not trying to put words in your mouth)

If thats correct, I guess I am reluctant because of the various assumed unilateral powers the president has, these days. I mean, when an 'emergency' pops up, they don't sit around, they have emergency meetings and decisions are made. Any criticism will come only after the damage has been done. Mitt just doesn't strike me as the type to call up the grassroots and committees and ask permission. I don't even think he would bother talking with his lawyers like he famously stated, that was debate talk.

I understand staying within the GOP and, again, I think it is very honorable. I also think it is less honorable to stay within the GOP as a sort of undercover leninist-type, saying we support Romney while waiting for the day to reveal ourselves in the way that the Neocons did. I'm scared all that work would be lost if Mitt wins and the predictable events happen and our problems are once again blamed on too much freedom in an already fascist society. That would probably happen regardless, though.
So I guess I see it as what will happen will happen regardless of who is president, and the liberty movement within the gop will remain because we have been permanently awoken by Ron Paul, But we will remain regardless. I am left wanting to just take 4 years of medicine and try to do better next round... And if the medicine kills us before then, it surely would have happened either way.

for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttTqY82r-uM&feature=related

Thank you for the vid. AWESOME!

Without love in the dream it will never come true... yeah!

I'm not undercover, and at this point, I don't know anyone who is. The sec of state published national delegates names on her web page, so those who were stealth were outted.

Yesterday I went to a luncheon where the GOP candidate came. When it was time to ask questions, I asked questions, and while the only think it seems she's got is "I'm not Diane Feinsteien", the points I made were well recieved. I saw people in the GOP who are hungry for representation.. so I think mnay of us have a huge opportunity as long as we continue to show up, speak up and be willing to lead. My fearlessness is because I BELIEVE the US Constitution IS THE ANSWER. Ron paul is so RIGHT ON.. I could that as a blessing.. there's no way I would have been able to do what I did if not for the education WE HAVE HAVE from him. We need to exercise it.. and I think the fact, I am not alone, there are so many AWESOME RP CANs.. they make these meetings, events FUN. WE ARE THE FUTURE


No, I don't either...

I've heard a lot of talk show hosts after the convention rile up saying what the RNC did was wrong. Some of them even had to choke on their words a bit because they knew they had to support the Paul supporters to see that they were being disenfranchised as well. I talk to quite a few die hard Reps from back home all of the time and they are actually turning Paul minded right before my eyes. Folks, I don't think this fight is over.

Terrific comment, Granger.

Terrific comment, Granger. Now this is how you get your point across. Thumbs up.