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Surprise! Obama is going to throw the election

"Mark my words; Obama is going to throw the fight for the same reasons a prize fighter does it."

"The difference between throwing a fight and quitting in one is all about premeditation and motive. If you go into a fight planning to lose in order to reap some form of reward, that’s throwing a fight. If you go into a fight with a messed up mind and a general lack of motivation that leads to you tapping out when you really didn’t have to, that’s just a sign that you either need to reevaluate or find a new line of work." Barracuda Trader

I am surprised but with a little thought it was obvious this was coming.

When Michelle O. makes the rounds on recent talk shows saying she "doesn't mind being First Lady..."

That's code for I'm ready to move on and make the big money... get out of the firing zone... let the kids have a normal life... and not have everything she says and does scrutinized by the unwashed masses.

Obama was stumbling and bumbling and even someone like myself who can't stand the sight of the guy knows he didn't utilize his public speaking talents.

Mark my words; Obama is going to throw the fight for the same reasons a prize fighter does it.

~ He will be livin' large like Bill Clinton with the time to enjoy his loot.
~ And he will "work from outside D.C." to continue fanning the flames of race wars and class warfare.
~ With perpetual Secret Service 'protection' and all the post presidential VIP perks without the headaches.

That's great news for Romney and Ryan.

But it's bad news for the Republic.

Obama had the ability to collapse this country quickley and open the door for The Great American Renaissance.

Now the Republic is poised for 8 more years of;

~ Endless, bankrupting wars, that escalate the highly profitable "War for Terror"
~ Continued debt slavery and tax bondage to the FED/IRS Complex
~ Loss of states' power to big central government
~ Further erosion of personal liberties. You WILL have a national I.D. card or RFID chip.

The good news is sooner or later all top heavy empires collapse under their own weight.

At least we'll have "certainty" for 8 years.

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Well, I guess that's looking at

the bright side should Romney win. (It's just the first debate and, to be sure, pundits raised the fact that incumbent Geo Bush also did poorly the first go round.) Either way, yes, it's quite possible that Romney/the GOP went... one step too far... in disenfranchising Maine's delegates, because it's true. That move had a deleterious effect on the authority of all state chapters. In any event, I appreciate the efforts of those working within the party.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Romney is already owned by the 8 biggest banks in to world.

He is already spoken for, and he will take his marching orders from them, just like Obama. No grassroots, just NWO astro-turf.
Romney Top Contributors:

Goldman Sachs $891,140
Bank of America $668,139
JPMorgan Chase & Co $663,219
Morgan Stanley $649,847
Credit Suisse Group $554,066
Citigroup Inc $418,263
Wells Fargo $414,750
Barclays $403,800

I have no doubt you are correct

The difference SteveMT, is that Obama's committees were seated with Clinton Democrats who had no qualms about the 8 biggest banks.

Romney has to deal with committees that have Ron Paul RepubliCANs, Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, Earthquakers, Fiscal Conservatives and Religious Righters who have qualms and stuck with the GOP to get it back on tract to constitutional government..

This is a very good time in history to be a RepubliCAN. We are winning. It may not be as fast or complete as you like, but it's still better than Obama's.

Granger, you are delusional!!!

Romney doesn't have to "deal" with any Republican "committees". He couldn't care less about about Republicans who don't support him or his mission. Look at what he did at the caucuses, and to the delegates in Tampa. Look at how he steamrolled over Jim Lehrer. Romney may not be from Chicago, but he is still a thug.

One way or another

The RNC was a wake up call and if Romney doesn't deal with the committees, who every congressperson and Senator are a part.. he's going to have an inside rebellion and it won't just be RP CANs.

We may be little fish, but so are pirahna.

Granger, I've read many of your post

and find wisdom in most however I think you might ponder this....do you think Obama will do more harm to this nation in four years than Romney and crew can do in eight?

If not us than who?


Please do not underestimate Ron Paul RepubliCANs and our mission to restore America to constitutional government. It's a big job, and we're going to do it THANKS TO RON PAUL!

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How about the RP Repub. equivalent? The Tea Party republicans?

A lot can happen in two years. Where are they now? You seem so sure that the RP republicans will be there. We thought we could depend on the Tea Party people, and that they would be a positive influence. The deficits and the national Debt are both larger than ever, but they seem to have disappeared this time around. I not as sure as you are.

The idea is to build on what we have in common

The Tea party and RP CANs both love the constitution, and this is great because that means they are willing to do what our agenda requires, restoring America to constitutional government. We CAN count on them. They oppose the UN Agena, so we CAN help them with that. Where we differ is war. But I have found that reminding them that Ron paul's foreign policy is the same as Thomas Jefferson breaks the ice. And I also think, as wars carry on.. Romney wins the anti-war face will rise up, and that empowers us.

I think the only reason I am so sure is because I trust Ron Paul, and I love the RP CANs.. they are smart, strong, really great people to work with, be on a committee with. I love going to committee meetings and GOP events because we see each other and have a good time facing down those who have "lost their way".

I'm not sure

I'm not sure if Obama wants to throw it exactly, but they do prefer a close race as a way of motivating people to get out and vote. It also makes people less likely to vote third party.

If one candidate wins too great a victory there might be a slim chance of the
victor actually enacting policies that would be in the interests of the public.

I haven't seen the debate, was the war on drugs or MJ legalization mentioned at all??

I've watched about 30 miutes this morning

So far, I have noticed at least 4 times that Obama could have flat out said, "here is when Romney agreed with me on that" and didn't. Maybe Romney is the new puppet.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Romney Was Already Chosen at Bilderberg

Mark my words, this has all been decided before the plans were laid. Romney is the anointed one that 'they' are going to seat in the Whitehouse. We the people have no say, our government was hijacked by offshore banking elite a long time ago..I wish more people would wake up to reality!

I won't be voting for either

But I do think Romney beating Obama could be a blow against the liberty movement. If the republicans win, they will believe they got away with murder. They will have little incentive to pay attention to the liberty crowd next cycle.

Makes perfect sense.

Once a President, always a President. 4 years or 8, it doesn't matter about that part, unless you really, really relish the limelight. But just like Clinton, Obama will move on to mega book deals, and lucrative speaker slots. He'll amass $50 million in no time flat. Then, just like a rapper, he'll be living BIG & LARGE without the headaches. This will fit the Obamas to a TEE.

alan laney

Very Sensible

Whoever wins will be the most hated US president in history within six months.

lol so so true


Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I think the next debates will be different.

I think Obama could be using the first debate as a scare tactic for his supporters so they will get up off their butts and vote for him. Most of the 18 yr. olds that voted for him in '08 are 22 now and probably aren't very enthused about voting this time. If people are scared enough that Romney could possibly win, they will put down their video games and go vote.

Presidential elections are completely stage managed

That's why they wanted to get rid of Ron Paul post haste.
I think the winner is chosen many months in advance and I bet every line uttered at the debate last night was scripted and rehearsed. I heard that Romney and Obama were actually rehearsing with teleprompters, and apparently, all the best lines were written for GMO King Romney. That way, when the rigged diebold machines show that Romney won, people will believe it due to Romney's "superior performance" at the "debates." Presidential elections are a joke and I really hope that more people than ever avoid the polls in Nov to send TPTB a strong message.

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It sure seems that way. The banksters decide elections.

No doubt about it.

Romney Top Contributors
Goldman Sachs $891,140
Bank of America $668,139
JPMorgan Chase & Co $663,219
Morgan Stanley $649,847
Credit Suisse Group $554,066
Citigroup Inc $418,263
Wells Fargo $414,750
Barclays $403,800
Kirkland & Ellis $393,667
Deloitte LLP $355,390
HIG Capital $338,000
PricewaterhouseCoopers $333,600
Blackstone Group $308,725
UBS AG $308,130
Elliott Management $281,175
Bain Capital $268,470

If Romney wins, it probably

If Romney wins, it probably wouldn't be until 2024 until Rand gets a crack at the White House. If Obama wins, Rand could be looking at the White House in 2016. Rand is no Ron, but he would still be better than any President since Grover Cleveland.

I think word has come down from above

I have said for months that if "they" give us Romney it is because they are afraid of the awakening and want to put the Tea Party and Rush listeners back to sleep.

Guess that's the decision.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I think they want Romney

in there, his expertise is liquidating bankrupt corporations.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I laughed pretty hard at this

until about ten seconds later when I realized there is probably a lot of truth in that joke.

He causes bankrupt corporations. The question is who

will take us over and what country do the assets go to?


I'm going to take a wild guess

and predict that they don't go to us...

"his public speaking

"his public speaking talents"

please show me a video showing his "speaking talents", no, not READING talents, the speaking ones. Not kidding, show me a video with this guy talking relaxed, to the point, being natural.

Doesn't mean jack, Bush Jr sat there talking about his 'wood'

With Kerry and he still won easily.

Incumbents are set up to win.

They'll just chalk this up to him not being a good debater and move on to victory.

If Romney didn't win this the whole election would be so ram-rodded and rigged the sheeple might start to see through it or become angry. This debate couldn't have had a better outcome if Don King ran it.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Barack and Michelle Obama will be moving to Hawaii


Barack and Michelle Obama will be moving to Hawaii in January of 2013 and preparations are now being made to purchase an estate in close proximity to land owned by the University of Hawaii, where the Obama presidential library and “political center” will be located.

Here in Chicago, it’s pretty obvious that Michelle does not want to move back to this city and its winters (for any reason) and Michelle’s mother, who’s been living in the White House with her daughter and her family, will be happily making the move to Hawaii as well.

I have a friend whose family knows Michelle’s mother; they have been crystal clear that the elderly Mrs. Robinson regularly says that she’ll be in Hawaii next year permanently with her daughter and granddaughters. There is neither talk of returning to Chicago to live nor of living in the White House for another four years — instead, there’s a sense of “it was fun while it lasted” coming from Mrs. Robinson in her talks with her Chicago friends.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Makes sense

the guy never had a real job before - these four years have reminded him why. He just doesn't like to work.


He and his family will have the free Obama Phone for life! They will be at the top of the free stuff for life without working!