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Rand Paul Interview on Jon Stewart's Daily Show (10/3/12)

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Ive noticed that too

almost making me want to limit watching his show...i like the guy...but would prefer a little less bias.

Jon Stewart can't drink

pasteurized/homogized milk because he is lactose intolerant, but I bet he would have no problem with raw milk. My child had that experience-20 yrs of raw milk(and no health issues) and then moved where no raw milk available-voila-lactose intolerance.

Good job Rand.

That's exactly what I thought


I hate giving Rand the

I hate giving Rand the benefit of the doubt, but I keep hoping he will realize that compromising principle for party advancement will most definitely end badly... They will take advantage of him.

Link to Youtube

in case anyone is interested:


Let me summarize

Rand says "I am not opposed to regulation, I just want smart, efficient regulation."

Nothing about civil liberties, foreign policy, the FED, the drug war, NDAA, or the debt crisis.

Also, what is this "we" business? Does Rand think he is royalty now?

I truly, fully, can't stand this guy. Stewart is getting on my nerves as well. Why don't you have Tom Woods on, John? He'll knock some economic sense into your well-meaning, yet empty, noggin.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran

You are just a

Rand hater, obviously. (sarcasm intended)

So you basically want him to

So you basically want him to act EXACTLY like Ron? Maybe Rand figured out that its impossible to explain the intricacies of Hayek and Mises in a 5 minute blurb where a comedian brushes over every point you make. Maybe he knows that we Paulbots already "get it" and he is trying to incrementally introduce the masses to our philosophy? Every time a point was made he would say, "for example" and drive the point home. To me that is a much more efficient way to win sheep minds than just saying unequivically "All regulation is bad."

You have to remember that these people are programmed and brainwashed and clamouring for "safety," "protection," and "regulations." They are begging the master for chains. Going to the extreme opposite is not going to convince anyone. There are currently 278,000 registered Libertarians in this entire country, if you think we are going to win a single election by advocating purely 100% Libertarian ideas, then good luck to you.

who's talking Libertarian?

who's talking Libertarian? I'm talking Republican. The best we can hope for as republicans is romney and anyone supporting his criminal enterprise gets voted out and crushed in the election.

Any republican in colorado who endorsed or is supporting the lying,cheating and stealing by romney,rnc and gop establishment and supports this by voting obamney. Will not get my vote! take that to the federal reserve!

republican holding the corrupt gop est accountable with my vote, Remember Nov 6th and vote accordingly.

Ron Paul 2016

Rand is the self appointed leader

I noticed before, Rand often uses "we" as if he is the representative of everyone in the Tea Party and libertarian movements. (although I didn't watch the linked video)

Thanks for summarizing! I don't really have the inclination to watch the Rand interview, and came here to read the comments for reaction so I don't have to watch it.

i will just say i agree with

i will just say i agree with you and that person is not even on my 2016 option list.

Ron Paul 2016

Rand must have had a mouse

in his pocket. The traitor thinks his dads admirers are now his because his name is Paul. Gotta wonder what he was promised to sell out his own dad.


a little Gerald Celente maybe?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Naa... I'll pass.

The GOP's shiny new trophy-wife can keep his "Romney (insert praise), but Obama (insert criticism)" garbage. If I wanted that... I'd go back to listening to FAKE-conservatives Rush/Beck/Hannity/Beck/Levin/FOX/Clearchannel/Townhall/Hotair/Blaze.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I am disappoint.

Rand Rand Rand....

The free market IS a regulator! To Stewart's point about the public disclosure of restaurant grades, consumers should take it upon themselves to boycott restaurants that do not disclose it. Still that requires a Health Department to conduct the audit, so an even more free-market approach would be to eliminate the department and for consumers to demand a third-party audit of a restaurant before becoming a patron.

Yes, regular third-party audits are an expense to an establishment, which will be passed to the patrons in increased menu costs, but the people are already paying for this via taxes anyway.

So you have a choice. Those who don't care about food safety can take their health into their own hands, eat at an unreputable establishment, and save a few cents. I do that every time I step into my local family-owned Chinese restaurant. And it's a delicious risk.


Rand is a honey guy

He did not go on to make enemies with Stewart. He came on to have a fun lively discussion. Rand actually has to deal in this thing called reality.

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Rand is the APPROVED Paul

No threat to the existing statist paradigm. No question that there must be state regs, just "good" ones, administered by wise overlords who will not abuse them. Right.

Stewart is becoming really pro big gov lately....

The closer the election gets.

"Freedom is never easy in a world of tyranny" - ME


Jon Stewart totally won the argument on the wetland embankment. If the case was decided on by a jury and the defender was flooding the neighbor's land than the justice system worked perfectly to protect property rights.

He then basically argued that as long as legislators use common sense than everything will be fine.

I keep trying to give Rand the benefit of the doubt so I won't be dubbed a 'hater'. It's tough.

you put way too much trust in brainwashed sheeple

if a jury was told that emitting CO2 was a pollutant and that Potassium chloride is an illegal substance, they will convict you for breathing and eating a bag of chips.

Just laws are a necessity to keep a mob of people in check. JUst because a group of people say so doesn't make it right.

He doesn't come across as

He doesn't come across as very likeable to me.

I just cant stand Rand.

He aint his old man, and the acorn fell far from the tree.

If we bring in the Clones, will you be happy.


Free includes debt-free!

I was really

Bullshit after he endorsed Romney, I'm still pissed but he makes it very hard for me to stay mad at him. My opinion, he is a work in progress.

Pipeline story

Rand talking about his investigation into the pipeline regulations was very interesting. I think we have ourselves a real Senator!

"We" sure do!

Just like the rest of the crooks.

Yes. There is at least one Senator who actually READ the Bill.

Don't care what anyone thinks about Rand Paul. I just want representatives who READ and COMPREHEND what it is they are voting on every time a vote comes up; who communicate with the people they are supposed to be representing; and who reject lobbists' influence, no matter what or how much they are offered!

Is that too much to ask?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Don't forget much regulation is written by the companies who are

being regulated, its a function of the lobbyists. So loop holes and special accommodations are incorporated into the regulations to protect special interests. That problem won't be solved until the corrupting influence of money in politics is corrected.

I think Rand should have gone more against federal regulation

With issues such as raw milk, which you can purchase legally in WA state, some issues are much better handled on a local level.

The federal government steals the money from the states residents through federal taxes, devalues that money, than makes the states jump through government rules to get "federal money" for local projects in such areas as transportation and education.

Rand should also have pointed out that a lot of these "regulations" are written by corporate lobbyists, and are not in the interest of the people at all.

Rand's next book should be about how states seceding from

the union is nothing more than the pendulum swinging the other way. That is what Ann Barnhardt says should be done.States need to have the fortitude to stand up to Washington and SECEDE. States, with their own currency could nullify all the tyrannical federal power grabbing and even stop or slow down inflation with their own currency.