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Here it comes

Iran is falling apart...Iran's currency lost 40% of it value in one week!!!! Desperation leads many to do many desperate things.

Here is a google search of it to show multiple sources:


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Mitt Romney knows about this--

Obama probably does, too--

this is all planned, I 'fear'--

Dr. Paul told the nation that sanctions are an act of war--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Here what comes? War is what.

This is called the classic one-two punch. First screw their currency, then next is to attack. The question is will this happen just in time for after the elections versus even sooner, i.e. an October surprise? I guess that we'll have to wait for the post-debate polls to find out when the next undeclared war will start. (unfortunately only half satirical)

Here what comes?

Another victory for the U.S.? You may be right. Watch for something to occur that will be blamed on "Iran's desperate actions" which will be reason for retaliation. Iran will be subdued and Russia and China will do nothing. Just like Syria firing mortars at Turkey, wink wink, because they are desperate and loosing control of the north.

This makes me sick.

I work with a guy from

I work with a guy from Turkey, and he is out the past three days because family are visiting. I'm wondering if they're worried about an impending invasion.

Southern Agrarian

Exactly. I can only imagine


I can only imagine what the poor and lower middle classes are going through.

When I was stationed in that area...so many people were already hungry and this was right after 9/11.

Iran, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Russia, China.....the pieces on the chess board are set.

All it takes is for someone to do something really stupid....

Wait are you saying Iran

Wait are you saying Iran might do something desperate to avoid economic collapse? Are you saying the embargoes FDR enacted on Japan forced them bomb Pearl Harbor as well?

This wasn't on Fox so it cannot be true.

Southern Agrarian

I think the world will do

I think the world will do something desperate to avoid economic collapse, but cooler heads will not prevail...only hot, itchy trigger fingers.