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NYT: Rift Grows Between Israeli Leaders Over Relations With U.S.


It seems there's some disagreement as to which Israeli leader can best secure America's complicity in a war against Iran. But here's the part I loved:

"Nahum Barnea, a columnist at the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, wrote Wednesday that the budget has a shortfall of nearly $4 billion and that the only way to cover it is by a significant cut in the defense budget, since alternatives like raising taxes or cutting services cannot be done in an election year."

Funny, huh? Israel needs to cut back its defense budget so as to not jeopardize its own fiscal health, quibbling over which leader is better adept at lobbying for financial support and military cover from fiscally-overextended, militarily-overextended America. No problem, Israel. We don't mind borrowing even more money, raising taxes, cutting services to our own citizens, or sacrificing our own troops in order to help out a friend hell bent on starting WWIII.

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