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Ohio ballot now available...and Ron Paul isn't on it as a write-in. Votes for Ron Paul will not be counted.

Ohio's ballots are now available from the Secretary of State's office, and although there are several write-in candidates listed, Ron Paul is not one of them:

Candidates For President Presidential General Election 2012
(Full Term Commencing 01/20/2013)

Constitution: Virgil Goode and James N. Clymer
Democratic: Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Green: Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala
Independent: Richard Duncan and Ricky Johnson
Libertarian: Gary Johnson and James P. Gray
Republican: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Socialist: Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza
Write-in: Susan E. Daniels and Jerry A. Veneskey (WI)
Write-in: Nelson Keyton and Jay Jennelle (WI)
Write-in: Jill Reed and Tom Cary (WI)
Write-in: Platt Robertson and Scott Fall (WI)
Write-in: Randall A. Terry and Cathy Lewis (WI)
Write-in: Mike Vargo and Jeffrey Angeletti (WI)

Votes for Ron Paul will not be counted in Ohio.

If you are a Ron Paul supporter in Ohio, I urge you to vote for the Libertarian Party candidate, even if you don't fully support Gary Johnson, to help the LP maintain ballot access. If they don't get a minimum percentage of the vote, in the next election, all LP candidates will be listed as "Independent" instead of "Libertarian" on the ballot.

The concept of libertarianism is so important to the future of the country. Yes, the LP isn't perfect. Yes, Gary Johnson has flaws. There is no perfect party and no perfect candidate with whom I agree 100%. But as a fellow Buckeye, I'm respectfully asking you to vote strategically to keep the party of Liberty in front of the voters of Ohio for the next election cycle.

If you have issues with Gary Johnson, keep in mind that his chances of winning are, sadly, remote. So please consider it a vote for Liberty, if you must, rather than a vote for that candidate.

And keep in mind that in a swing state like Ohio, with a lot of electoral votes up for grabs, a 6% or 7% vote for a Libertarian candidate will decide the election. Both the Dems and the Reps will be forced to deal with the Liberty Vote once they realize they can't win without us.

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That seems kind of bizarre

That seems kind of bizarre the way they do it there. If its a write in candidate and a write in vote, then why would they print the name on the ballot? If you are writing in your vote logic says they leave a line labeled "write in" and allow you to put any name you want. That's the way its done here in NH anyway. A write in vote is exactly that. You write it in. LOL

Blessings )o(

Will Ron Paul be on the ballot in Pennsylvania?

Anyone know if he registered to be a write-in candidate for PA (as he did for Maine)? Write-in candidates are apparently allowed in Pennsylvania, according to this source:

Update: Found another tidbit of info...looks like Pennsylvania's write-in process is quite peculiar...or at least it was back in 2008.


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I don't have a canidate here...

I don't know if I will vote for Johnson or Stein. I Googled Duncan, not impressed...

Before choosing one...

I would suggest seriously looking at all of the candidates records and pick the one who is the most Constitutionally grounded.

Picking a random Libertarian candidate from thin air does not send the message about what we want our nation to look like.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Vote for

A third party or abstain from voting would be my advice, at least for the presidential elections.

Sitting this one out

I have religiously voted in every possibly election available to me since my first eligible vote for Ross Perot. Quite frankly, the RNC and the DNC solidified the idea that voters don't count and the status quo will go on until the implosion.

it is a sad day for me to do so, but as George Carlin once so eloquently stated, "The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIFGGcX1a5I

Some call it defeatism, but I see it as realism. The corpotocracy will continue until it can't.

Unfortunate, vote Gary then

Unfortunate, vote Gary then in Ohio...

Southern Agrarian