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New TV ad: Republicans Blow the Whistle on Romney


For those of us that plan to have even the slightest future participation in ANY kind of party politics, the 2012 Presidential election comes down to one choice above most others: Do we want to A.) set a precedent of capitulating to cheaters, letting them know that they will only be hurt by their own incompetence, or B.) set a precedent of letting cheaters know the WE are the ones that hold the power of determination? Our answer will define how people treat us far into the future.

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/PFW1z-QSlSs

It has little to do with who you think will win this election, or whether or not Romney "needs our help to lose". People like Reince Priebus already knew that we weren't going to vote for Romney. They already knew we would fight for fair elections along the way. And guess what? They probably knew that Romney was a poor politician and a likely loser. You don't effect change in people by showing them that all their predictions were correct. You do it by showing them that there were key variables that they DIDN'T take into account. A Republican, national anti-Romney TV campaign, aired in swing states, during the general election, will be a shocking show of self-determination that never even crossed their little minds.

But it's all on you and me. Are we talkers, or are we walkers? Please post this video around the intertubes, vote up, and go to http://www.grandoldprinciples.com to donate for airtime. There are no limits on the amount of money you can donate.

One last thing: In case any of you have fading memories and your blood has gone from boil back down to simmer, I ask that you at least spare 35 seconds and watch this old Reality Check from 0:40 sec to 1:15 sec to refresh your memory of just ONE example of what we're fighting.

For detailed answers about fundraising/strategy/etc., see http://www.dailypaul.com/256321/finish-the-fight-video-anti-...

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for evening people.

My understanding

is that proles can't embed youtube videos on this site, so if a party member would like to change the link to an embed, that would be doubleplusgood.