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Why is Ahmadinejad considered "evil"?

I have tried to Google this question and can't seem to find an answer. I know that Ahmadinejad is called "evil" and "wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth" (which I know is a misquote).

Both of my parents are faithful Republicans who I have tried to speak to about America's horrible foreign policy and the masquerade that is the presidential election. All they know is what Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh tell them to believe, and I haven't had success opening their eyes to these real issues. My father usually says, "We can't just pull out of other countries. We need to stay in Germany and Japan (yes, still) for our national security." They believe the lies about Iran just as they believed the lies about Iraq.

My question, therefore, is why is Ahmadinejad considered evil?

I can't seem to find the proof that makes him so hated. I want to know what bad things he has done before I try to talk to my parents about why there is no reason to go to Iran, other than oil and the dollar monopoly. I know that I will need a rebuttal for whatever "terrible" things he has done, but I can't come up with one until I know the facts. I don't want to go into it seeming that I don't know what I'm talking about.

Thank you for your help. I'm only 22 and found Ron Paul in January, so I'm still learning and building my knowledge base.

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Ahmadinejad for US president 2012

He's got balls.

Others here have nailed it well...

but I would like to add a couple items:
As I understand it, in Islam it's OK to deal with a bank, and it's OK to take out a loan...but it is FORBIDDEN to charge interest!! Islam teaches most of the same philanthopic behavior that christianity and Hunduism teach...but they seem to do a better job of altruism than the christians do as-a-whole. My point is, is that this a partly a war of banking. No Central Bank = Enemy of the System.
Secondly, your folks don't seem to understand WHO or WHAT truely runs Amerika's policies and actions. Take some time to review the information on the following website and I think you'll see why Amerika has become a lap-dog: http://viewzone.com/dualcitizen.html

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Zionist propaganda

Well I heard Michael Savage said he was the "Hitler of Iran".
The lamestream media I used to watch told me he was bad. But now it's clear to me that he is portrayed to be evil because he openly condemns the Zionist government of Israel. I've learned a lot from David Duke.

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You don't have to defend him.

This is the trap that Republicans set up about many things. If you don't want to "lock up casual drug users, you must be for drugs." If you don't want to go to war with Iran, you must love terrorism. If you don't want Guantanamo then you must support our enemy.

It's all ridiculous. Evil, not evil, doesn't matter. Has he attacked us, or initiated a war against us? No? Then leave him the hell alone. Period.

Non-action is not the same as support. What is right, is right, and what is wrong is wrong and don't let them trip you up by bringing in emotional externalities.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

It's all about the petro-dollar

That is the one and only reason we are in the Middle East. Nixon saved the dollar back in his day by taking the dollar off the gold standard and arranging to provide military support for all the nations (OPEC) in the Middle East in exchange for trading oil in US currency. That became the new gold standard. The only way out of the Middle East is to go back on a precious metal standard again. Follow the money and you will find your answer. It's always about money.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

Must see this news clip/video

Is everyone here aware that Gaddafi was attempting a move to a gold standard before the war in Libya that took him out? And, Saddam Hussein announced he would not trade oil in US dollars any longer but in EU's before we went into Iraq. It is indeed all about the oil and money. This is a must see video:



You nailed it! Thanks for posting.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Know thy enemy.

Ahmadinejad is a straw man. The Zionists are using him to divert attention away from real issues and the crimes they are committing. Don't let yourself get distracted and pulled into debates about how "evil" Ahmadinejad is, keep talking about the real threat.


.maybe it's the way he wears his jacket...but I've got a total crush on him..

Because Iran won't let gas pipe across Iran&won't back US dollar

Plus he wants to defend fellow Muslims , the Palestinians and save them from their suffering in Israel. Same with Saddam,he wanted to help the Palestinians. Almost everything the Muslims do is to save the Palestinians. And it is because Israel is "so good". And because "God loves" the Israelis "so much". The Israelis want to push the Palestinians into the sea. On one Israeli map, the Israelis left the Gaza strip blank and as water cause the Israeli artist wished the Palestinians would disappear.

Jesus called us all evil.....

Jesus said..... you...being evil. I believe Iran's President Ahmadinejad before I believe ours....their record is the reason. He was targeted and demonized by "McCain The Warmonger" constantly and at every turn till the press accepted it as fact...( like the WMD)...and it catches on....The elitist power mongers need to blame him because they want control of the world's economy.y and Iran, Cuba, North Korea are all in the way....They have no Central Bank....He is more a Christian than Clinton, Bush or Obama...though he is not yet saved. He doesn't curse, smoke, drink, watch TV. He has a calm and polite demeanor. I am with you ..can't figure out why anyone thinks he is bad because he has done nothing but open doors for dialogue.



I can't believe we're at the point at which we're complimenting communists and other leftists... They are not standing up to the problem, they are part of the problem. Ahmadinejad himself called for a "New World Order". Intervention is not the best solution, but we should hope and pray that the current regime collapses by itself.

The UN/liberal/neocon rivalry with the communists/extreme leftists/islamists is merely a minor disagreement. Both have the same goal - authoritarianism.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

re: "New World Order"

Just because somebody uses that phrase doesn't mean they're part of some global conspiracy. I took it as him referring to the fact that the US/UK is bullying the rest of the world, and that it should be different.

Not saying Ahmadinejad should be running for sainthood or anything like that, but I've never seen him as one of 'them'.

Just my .02FRNs

A signature used to be here!

extreme islamists vs. communist or extreme leftist

They are both threats to the free world and will leverage each other until one of them wins out. My dollar is on the Muslims. The question is, can the free world hold on.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

oops!!! to many clicks.

oops!!! to many clicks.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

If Ahmadinejad cared about his country he would step down

immediately, allowing someone else to 'take charge', which would at the very least buy some time for his people as the new leader was demonized, which would take some time.

But, unfortunately the power trip has gone to his head, demonstrated recently with his visit to the U.S. and subsequent interviews on our TV.

Last word - he's not humble about his position, and that's always a bad thing.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I wonder if you thought the

I wonder if you thought the same about Bush?

people who are Great or in a Great place who arent humble

aren.t so Great after all.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I consider Ahmadinejad evil because:

He is head of a very totalitarian state. He is very totalitarian. He is willing to use aggressive instituionalized violence to get everyone to behave his way. Really, it is beyond me how any libertarian can defend Ahmadinejad when it is so very obvious that he stands for everything the libertarian movement is fighting against. This is not to say we need to bomb Iran or anything, I'm just saying that if any of you guys lived in Iran you would be so fed up with this guy you wouldn't know what to do.

If Ron Paul said the things he did in Iran, he would go to jail and be tortured and executed. And so would the majority of the people on this site. Ahmadinejad is head of a terrible terrible regime that none of us here would put up with. Let's not forget that.

In Iran women must cover their hair when they go outside or the moral police (sic!) will come and arrest them. How many here would accept the government telling you what to wear?

You don't have to bre pro-Ahmadinnejad to be pro-peace, in fact I think the only sane position is pro-peace but anti-Ahmadinnejad esepecially if you claim to be a libertarian and advocate civil liberties, voluntarism and free markets.

The US Cold War Bureaucracy Was NOT Dismantled

After the end of the cold war.

It continues to identify the most non-aligned countries, and use influence, money, arms, spies and covert operations to disrupt, dismantle and destroy each identified or perceived hostile country one by one.

The US cold war bureaucracy is swayed by various aligned countries to a certain extent. But it continues to advance US interests, pretty much at any cost.

Cuz Glenn Beck said so and Zionists demand his blood

But really, the global rape needs to continue for Banker Inc.

Ever wonder who really killed Yitzhak Rabin, Anwar Sadat, and the Kennedys?

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


Martin Luther King and even Ariel Sharon. (who made a lot of enemies after the Gaza pullout)

He marches to a beat of a different drummer

Don't you see? Everyone must do what THE USA UK say!

Read up on Iran.

Watch this


they just wanted a small increase in their cut off the oil BP was sucking out of their country and the UK could have none of that Thats when this all got started in the gor ram 50's. Shit

He is labelled as evil

He is labelled as evil because he is too individualistic and doesn't care what people think of him. He can't be bought and FINALLY, he is NOT AFRAID of the USA. And will not do the USA's bidding.

The USA HATES people that don't cower in fear and don't do as they are TOLD.

Are you kidding me?

Too individualistic? Doesn't care what people think of him? are you kidding me?

Rather he is an extreme collectivist and doesn't care that people don't want to belong to his collective. So no, he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks, he is going to force them anyway. That doesn't mean he is indiviualistic.

He is evil because......

the Isreali govt and AIPAC says so.

The oldest extant population of Jews are Iranian Jews

The oldest extant population of Jews in the world are the Jews of Iran, who have been living in the north and central parts of Iran for over four thousand years. They are counted as one of the oldest tribes of Iran.

If you shout 'Pogrom' in a crowd of Iranian Jews, they won't understand you, even if they speak English. Iran has the third largest Jewish population in the world.

The Israeli government offered to pay $10K to each person in the Jewish communities, if they agreed to move from Iran to Israel. En-masse the Iranian Jews offered a public refusal.

Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity is Not for Sale

And the Jews are only one tribe... there are 8 or 9 other ancient tribes... each enjoy their own distinct cultural heritage and dialect but all know themselves as Iranians.


My mother kept pestering me to listen to Ayatollah Kamenei speeches. Finally, I gave in and sat down to listen. He was addressing a predominately younger audience. After a while she asked me why I was crying. I told her, I'm jealous of the Iranian young people for they have at least a few people in their government that genuinely care for their survival and future. Headdress and sexual preferences not withstanding.

I have grown up in the west, I'm used to hearing empty platitudes slip from the lips of knaves and liars...
i know only types like bushes, clintons, obamas, blairs and harpers, with the exception of Chretien who kept Canada from joining the murderous coalition that destroyed Iraq.

Recently, Jack Layton a very healthy man, leader of the opposition party, sure to be the next prime minister of Canada, a strong advocate of Canadian sovereignty, succumbed to a fast acting cancer that killed him inside of a year. I have to say it, because it has crossed my mind...was he murdered? He was anti-war and he was very very popular.

I'm accepting of religious beliefs but disagree with theocratic forms of government. Imagine that...here i am accepting of repressive antics of the mullahs, because i think this repressive institution has the cohesion needed to prevent the type of destruction that was meted out to the Iraqis.

I wish you too, could hear first hand and understand Iranian government officials. They have been extremely rational in the face of extraordinary irrational actors in charge of the American death machine.

If you haven't already noticed, the American military has been going after secular governments in the middle east....so it is somewhat out of character to attack an autocratic regime. This may be because this autocratic regime is very much keeping up with the times and has been rather successful establishing treaties with various countries worldwide. Iranian government may be chock full of religious types but it is not isolated. By virtue of geography, the Iranians have had to be cosmopolitan to ensure their own survival.


I will share with you an account of a conversation I had with an Iranian woman who was angry at the oppressive rule of the mullahs. I agreed with her on all counts. I also reminded her about what happened to the Iraqis. I asked her, would you rather be whipped a few times by an Iranian goon, or do you want to try your chances with American soldiers?

American soldiers went postal in Iraq. In one instance, they gang raped a 13 year old girl, killed her, killed her entire family, then burnt down their house. Women in Fallujah are giving birth to grotesquely deformed babies. If you see the pictures, you will cry. No women should ever have to deal with such a thing. Not too mention, all the gold, treasures and valuables stolen from the Iraqis by American soldiers.

I suppose it is to be expected, as stated in a previous post... I heard from a military researcher, most of the rank and file in the military belong to drug gangs and/or hate groups. The military brass is either doomsday sayers or satanists with a predilection for sex with children.

Evil is for religious people. But consider this

Why CIA pays $6B to Pakistan but not a penny to socialist government of India. Both have nukes. Answer: CIA tries to keep somewhat secular government in Pakistan, since mullahs are worse than communists.

In Iran many presidential cabinet positions are appointed directly by the mullahs. Rational people cannot trust mullahs. Iranian president on CNN made it clear: even if Palestinians recognize the two state solution (which they do not), Iran would not recognize the right if Israel to exist. He even avoids mentioning "Israel" by name.

Now, RP had said that Israel has the right to decide on its own about its security and deal with Iran on its own. Israel does not parrot Pentagon. Instead of secret prisons, torture, nation building and debt, Israel performs clean strikes and offers no visas to "students" from countries it bombs. Israel was ready to bomb Iranian facilities in 2009 before they went deep underground, but Bush and Obama prevented Israeli planes to fly over Iraq. They had promised Israel that USA will contain Iran on their own. Israel is waiting, but for how long????

If mullahs are so irational,

If mullahs are so irrational, why don't they trust that Allah will grant them victory in a conventional war? No one has proved that the Mullahs are any less rational than Western leaders on this one issue. Fact is, Iran has not invaded another nation in over 200 years! How many nations has "rational" Israel invaded, bombed, etc.? Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD, has a way of making folks rational, regardless of their ideology.

Ahmadinejad made it clear: He would support whatever the Palestinian majority decided to do about the two state "solution." Prove otherwise, and please don't show us mistranslations.

Of course Israel has the right to make decisions, but not on our dime! Israel wants us to do its dirty work however, which should be obvious even to people like yourself.

Um, your ignorance about Israeli brutality, torture, use of white phosphurus, and the continuing illegal Jewish only racial colonization of the REMAINING 22 per cent of historic Palestine is quite sad, but not surprising.

Your beliefs are why they hate us.

You miss the point

It is not what I think. We in America are safe from mullahs. Or what mullahs think. But Ron Paul himself is on record saying that Israel has the right to bomb Iran if it determines that it is in its national interests. We are not talking about killing civilians - clean strike like Israel had done in Iraq and Syria before.

Now regarding Israel itself, I do not want to argue. You might be just a muslim student, Ukrainian immigrant or something. Just keep in mind that "P" sound does not exist in Arabic alphabet.