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Why is Ahmadinejad considered "evil"?

I have tried to Google this question and can't seem to find an answer. I know that Ahmadinejad is called "evil" and "wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth" (which I know is a misquote).

Both of my parents are faithful Republicans who I have tried to speak to about America's horrible foreign policy and the masquerade that is the presidential election. All they know is what Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh tell them to believe, and I haven't had success opening their eyes to these real issues. My father usually says, "We can't just pull out of other countries. We need to stay in Germany and Japan (yes, still) for our national security." They believe the lies about Iran just as they believed the lies about Iraq.

My question, therefore, is why is Ahmadinejad considered evil?

I can't seem to find the proof that makes him so hated. I want to know what bad things he has done before I try to talk to my parents about why there is no reason to go to Iran, other than oil and the dollar monopoly. I know that I will need a rebuttal for whatever "terrible" things he has done, but I can't come up with one until I know the facts. I don't want to go into it seeming that I don't know what I'm talking about.

Thank you for your help. I'm only 22 and found Ron Paul in January, so I'm still learning and building my knowledge base.

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Because he has too much oil

4 largest reserve in the world & he's not trading that oil for dollars to prop up a ponzi scheme aka the Federal Reserve scam, like all the other puppet OPEC regimes do.


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my brother seams thinks that

my brother seams thinks that iran is crazy! why? well becauses he drives a lot for the buisness he has and all he does is listen to talk radio. hannity, rush ETC. he said that iranians are crazy because the women have no rights and the want to kill americans and jews. lol i showed him the video of ahmadinijad hugging jews and he then went on to say that those must be crazy jews lol.

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...and what did he say?

Did you tell him that Iran has the largest Jewish population in the Mid-East outside of Israel? A population that seems to call itself "Iranian" and that is in no hurry to leave? Weird how none of this is ever brought up by his chosen sources of information. Ain't it? Naaaa.

The place I'd like to learn about, is North Korea. Now there's an enigma without access to a Paul Harvey.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I told him that over 30,000

I told him that over 30,000 jews live their in peace and he said ohh yea right! i tried to exlpain that only the zionist are hated and he didnt know what zionism is. so i told him and he did not seem to care much.

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site will get you going...bunch of facts about Iran etc.


Don't take offense to the title....its got really good info.

Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 200 years.

Also...Ahmadinejad doesn't have authority over whether or not they go to war....that power lies with the supreme leader of Iran....which he is not.

Great video to give you a little Iranian history...Iran info starts around 1 min 30 seconds:


We overthrew Irans democratically elected gov in 1953 that re-installed the pro-American Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to the throne, where he remained until overthrown in 1979. Hence the hostage crisis in 1979 that everybody seems to remember so well...but they forget that this crisis started because we overthrew their government and then in 1979 the people finally revolted against the illegitamate regime that we forced upon them (this was all because of oil $$$).

I'd say the best book to get to open their eyes on american foreign policy is "overthrow":


If they need to understand why people hate us and die via suicide terrorims then Robert Papes "Dying to Win" is a must read. He studied all suicide terrorist attacks back a number of decades and collected all the data he could compile to figure out the motivating factors. Great book.

I've wanted to ask the same question--

even on DP when I try to explain that I think he just 'looks': (pick one) wacky, crazy, goony, kooky, not handsome--

and that Netanyahu looks sort of 'normal' and almost 'American', whereas the other guy (CANNOT spell the name) looks 'foreign'--

I get my hand (well, words) slapped and told that the "A" person is a monster, and I should know that--

but when I say, "why is he a monster", I am told that this person knows Iranians, and believe me, "A" is a monster, and Iranians are leaving Iran--

and I'm thinking, "yes, they are; it's gotten scary there, with all the threats of war, so, yes, wealthier Iranians might just leave"--

I think that most people (even DPers) believe the guy with the "A" name is 'evil', because he's a Muslim, and because Iran is a theocracy, and that isn't good--
but then Israel is some sort of theocracy, as well--

so . . .?

Why is the "A" man worse than Netanyahu--

and is that a real name? Whenever I see it I think "net" and "yahoo"--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Slaps your hand?

Who? Anyone who knows anything about Iran knows that he won his election in a landslide and that the riots in Tehran were what has now become known as "astroturfed" by those same forces who "astroturf" in other countries (including ours). That anyone would want to leave Iran is quite understandable given the rhetoric and drum beating that has been going on. Wouldn't you be frightened for life and limb...especially of your loved ones...on the chance that the US, or, Israel and the US is about to deal out its well known form of truth and justice?

Ya know, I'm probably on some freakin' list because I read, and in reading, form opinions that don't fall into goose-step with the official narrative...the one you're supposed to adopt. But that's hard to do when you go for the Paul Harvey that exists beyond the official narrative. Its hard to stay hating everyone and everything as you are told.

This information isn't hard to find. Mr. "A" drove a lot of resources into the rest of the country (outside of Tehran) and where the vast majority of the population who voted for him live. I think I've only seen one dolt as of late, and here on the DP, who, in support of his view of the "A" guy, showed some "Iranians" in New York attacking Ahmadinijad"s diplomat on the street...as if noone knows the history of Iran and the large influx of "Iranians" to America following their revolution...pretty much those who were "elites" in Iran who backed the Shah...and who are now powerless refugees in a country that vilifies all things Iranian. These people, when asked, call themselves Persians lol! Is it any wonder that they want "their stuff and power" back?

I have no great love for the Muslim religion, nor any other for that matter...preferring to have my own self-defined and governed relationship with "God"...within the confines of my own head and heart. And I really hate to see police beating, maiming, and/or killing protesters in any country (especially right here at home) But sheesh. They do it in every country on earth, when set like dogs on the people, and now probably far more in our country than in Iran.

So many still seemed trapped in their dogma and wholly corrupt leadership. Aren't we here somewhat beyond the constant barrage of propaganda emanating out of the AP?

We are all seemingly fully "awake" (as it is put) to the machinations and usurpations of the bankers to all things American. And most of us fully understand that this usurpation is hardly confined to our shores. So, why would anyone assume that they would be in some way "hands off" and innocent when speaking of a country, and its figurehead, that lays claim to the 4th largest oil reserves in the world...reserves that said leadership, under attack from the hegemonic bankster owned west, now refuses to denominate in, or sell for, US dollars?

I swear, the freakin' idiocy...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The best three reasons.

1) Israel wants the land
2) The neocons want the oil
3) The Torah Jews living there and in the US like him

He hasn't done anything

but he is not friendly towards the leadership and pursuits of Israel (which usually go hand in hand with the US's interests), and has dodged questions on whether the holocaust happened. Though I've never heard him outright state that it didn't happen. Just look what they did to Ron Paul, an American and a Congressman, to label him a racist to try and smear his reputation. So the media and various gov'ts have essentially worked to turn Amhidenijad into a radical Muslim bent on the destruction of Israel. He's been branded an anti-semite, without any regard for the fact that there are more Jews living and practicing their religion in Iran than any other country in the Middle East except Israel. Why hasn't he had these Persian Jews killed, deported, or even simply ban them from practicing Judaism if he really wants to wipe the Jews off the map?

We are good

Therefore all who oppose us are evil. That is the prism through which we are expected to view world affairs.