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Roger Stone is Gary Johnson's Jesse Benton


Karl Denninger, Secretary at LP of Okaloosa County, in response to Roger Stone: "This is flatly unbelievable. For OUR STATE PARTY (and National) to be out SOLICITING Ron Paul supporters while Johnson's hack is running around trying to disrupt Ron Paul's event and dissing both his supporters and him is an outrage. We deserve to get ZERO Ron Paul supporters' votes as a consequence of this stunt -- ZERO -- and everyone involved who failed to heed the warnings that Stone was going to be trouble (and there were a few) deserves to lose their position within the National Party and the LPF. Period."

You don't go soliciting people for support at the same time you're kicking them in the balls.

"I’m not concerned about Gary Johnson becoming president in the 2012 election" - Roger Stone

I would imagine Mr. Stone (NOT Gary Johnson) had something to do with this: http://www.dailypaul.com/163209/donations-to-gary-johnson-ap...
The link has since been removed from Johnsons website, presumably because Gary found out about it, but here is the article that Johnsons website at one time linked to: http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/angry-white-man#

[Roger] Stone was a key cog in that piece of dubious political machinery [Watergate], which encompassed two floors of the 1701 office building. He [Stone] recalled going across the street to the Nixon White House in the morning for official business, only to come back in the afternoon with a bag full of cash in his hands.

"I have no allusions of [Johnson] him winning." - Roger Stone


It's not too late for Governor Johnson to fire his hack...If he had the slightest expectation of Paul supporters to help his campaign, he would have already done it. I agree with about 70% of what Johnson says, but he has made the very same mistake as Dr. Paul in surrounding himself with potential traitors. Roger Stone does not seem to care too much about furthering the Liberty movement.

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Are you insane?

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. We were kick in the you-know-what in Tampa. Gary Johnson is the only Liberty candidate. Many of my friends are telling me to "write in" Ron Paul, but I feel that those will never be counted. Reality is that a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Liberty. Ron Paul supporters like myself should get behind Gary Johnson.

As for Roger Stone, he seem so be a sharp guy and is trying to advance Gary Johnson who will help out the Liberty movement. I am tired of personalities dictating who, what, how the the Liberty Movement operates.

Why couldn't Ron Paul speak at Paul Fest? I was told that Ron Paul manager doesn't like people who set up the event, even though they did it for Liberty!

When QE$ comes, thank the jerks that spend more time throwing rocks at the liberty movement than tyranny.

Maybe we should ask why?

"Why couldn't Ron Paul speak at Paul Fest? I was told that Ron Paul manager doesn't like people who set up the event, even though they did it for Liberty!"

That to me is a huge questions. Why were they not liked? Ron Paul says Liberty is an unbrella for us all to meet under, so who set up the even? Why are they not liked? Is there a rational answer?

Roger Stone

So what is the basis for Karl Denninger’s attack on Roger Stone? He’s calling Stone a disrupter and a sell-out comparing Stone to Jesse Benton. I was following the Ron Paul campaign and saw nothing about Roger Stone disrupting any event. The GOP and Paul’s supporters did a fine job doing that on their own. Now, as to Stone’s comment that Denninger quoted, "I’m not concerned about Gary Johnson becoming president in the 2012 election,” Denninger got it wrong (intentionally wrong I would suggest). I know for a fact that Roger Stone was committed to Gary Johnson’s campaign. In the face of overwhelming odds, Stone joined the campaign to bring awareness and legitimacy to the Libertarian party’s Liberty Agenda. And to force the inclusion of third party candidates in the political process. These wannabees like Denninger would like to have the fame - or notoriety, whichever way you want to look at it - that Roger Stone has.

You All Are Misinformed

You state that we deserve NO Ron Paul supporters because we are attacking them- yet your article shows no proof of attack. This seems like a personal vendetta against Roger Stone.

You are misinformed. Roger Stone is the one that convinced Gary Johnson to leave the GOP and run as a Libertarian. Without Roger- we would have NO Gary Johnson - so we should thank him for bringing us the best candidate we have ever had.

Secondly, Roger Stone is NOT being paid by Johnson. He is working for free and he personally switched his party affiliations from Republican to Libertarian to show his true support. In fact, Roger has invested thousands of dollars into the Johnson campaign to help the cause - and not been reimbursed.

Thirdly, you might not agree with Stone's tactics but he has had a very successful career in politics and a track record of getting people elected. I may not like his tactics either but I'd rather have him on our team then against us.

If your upset over his comments about Gary not winning then your not being realistic. Johnson has no chance of winning but he does have the ability to influence the people and spread the Libertarian ideals to people who wouldn't have otherwise known about it.

More importantly, we should be asking ourselves where all the money in the Johnson campaign is going??? They raised $1.8 Million dollars and only took out1 paid media ad - one tv commercial. If you go through the campaign reports on the FEC website, Ron Nielson, Johnson's campaign manager is pocketing all the dough. That should be what your focusing on. Perhaps Johnson would have a chance of winning if his paid staff wasn't stealing all the money...

go work the liberals and neo-cons for once for christ sake..

we built this movement from the ground up, from zero, zilch, nada. we converted people. don't fuking come around here pestering us. try people who don't buy into the idea of liberty at all. wtf are you doing here? you are like that kid that raises voice to his parents but squirm like a worm once outside the door facing strangers

freaking pathetic

and the guy making this accusation is a renowned LP member Karl Denninger.. wtF are you coming here accusing us of misinformed for? god gj people are stupid

like i been saying gj arouses zero interest

remember when paul campaign news broke with how jesse benton might have fouled up and everybody was speculating, there were literally hundreds of comments per thread every topic related to that question. look at this now, even in case of gj potential foul-ups, there's not even enough interest to post a pea whether this is a non-issue or not. it's not even whether this particular campaign manager has issues or not, but the fact that no one (except a few) even cares enough to comment is the sad part of this commotion.. my comment alone is probably around 10% of this thread's content.. miserable.

on a separate note related to this campaign manager, nick gillespie alluded to johnson having serious flaws in his campaign early on as reasons to why he wasn't able to arouse the same interest on the scale of paul, now i know what he may have been referring to.

Big difference: Roger Stone is NOT stupid.

I cam only measure Roger Stone's influence by how effective Gary Johnson's campaign has been so far verses how quickly Jesse Benton squandered Ron Paul's political capital.

Ron Paul says of Gary Johnson, "I think he is wonderful," yet must have signed a statement of intent to get on the Maine ballot (according to reports, at least).

WHO is being duplicitous here? May I suggest, you should trust NO one, but use reason, not prejudice to decide what is best for the liberty movement. A Gary Johnson presidency in 2012 is unlikely, but a Ron Paul presidency is nearly impossible. Since either man is simply acceptable, not ideal, to me, I'll play the odds and continue to support Gary Johnson.

wait.. you're saying they hired someone from watergate?

lmao.. another reason why he is such an epic fail


Roger Stone is correct. The likelihood of Johnson/Gray winning in 2012 is slim, especially when people consider wasting their vote by voting on one of the two-evils just because they are afraid of the other coming into power. Think Big. Think Long-term. Think 2016! Liberty can win today, but even more so in 2016. Even if our candidates dont get into the White House this year, by getting 15% or anything above 5%, we have won, and wont be ignored in 2016! VOTE LIBERTY!

Liberty Bella


Gary Johnson would have left the Presidential campaign after the first debate if Roger Stone had not agreed to help his campaign. Mr. Stone is the only reason GJ has made it this far and the only reason the Libertarian Party has any voice in this years Presidential elections. Without Stone, the Libertarian Party (and R. Paul supporters) would have been forgotten about long ago.

Stone is the primary reason NY LP does not have ballot access

Stone's hateful, libelious mailer opposing the NY LP Gov. Candidate is the most likely cause of the NY LP to miss gaining ballot access by less than 1600 votes.


Ridiculous, i agree! Roger Stone is the ONLY reason Libertarian Prez nominee, Governor Gary Johnson, has gotten anywhere from 5 -9% in National polls. The Liberty Movement needs Roger Stone's expertise, especially if we want to be on the ballot in all 50 states this election and if we are ever going to elect the first Liberty President and bring back what our forefathers outlined in our Constitution! Denniger is obviously jealous - he wishes he was Roger Stone. Denniger is a dummy! All i can do is laugh at that idiot!

Liberty Bella

Can't forget Johnson's CFR

Can't forget Johnson's CFR buddy Doug Turner too. GJ needs to divorce himself from the neocons. If he did that, I'd consider him as a candidate. At this point though, his bad judgment in surrounding himself with these idiots doesn't leave me much hope for him. It reminds me too much of Palin who talked like she was "one of us" but who in the end had Kissinger et al behind her. Birds of a feather . . .

Blessings )o(


Johnson has surrounded himself with the best grassroots team i have even known. I'm one of his volunteers; I believe in the Johnson/Gray platform. I believe in Johnson carry on the Ron Paul message. Their platform does not change just because of a political strategist. If you are stupid enough to vote for one of the two evils just because a) you dont think a Lib candidate can win, or, b) you dont like the particular person greatly assisting and offering his decades of experience, then you are just plan stupid and dont understand the fundamental right of voting!

Liberty Bella


Has anyone every spoken to Karl Denniger?

I was unfortunate enough to be caught in a room where I was forced to listen to this lunatic's crazy diatribe about absolutely nothing of any substance. Karl Denniger (Deranger) is a whole bunch of hot air and a disgrace to the Liberty movement overall. More important, he is a disgrace to Ron Paul's and Gov. Gary Johnson's movements and names. Denniger's negativity and stupid posts about nothing of any substance is all aimed at hurting the Liberty movement - and probably to elect a Rep or a Dem - it certainly does not help LIBERTY!

Liberty Bella

What makes you think Gary

What makes you think Gary Johnson isn't playing you?