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NASA: Warp Drive Engine for Faster Than Light Travel

Warp drive looks more promising than ever in recent NASA studies

By Brian Dodson

October 3, 2012

The first steps towards interstellar travel have been taken, but the stars are very far away. Voyager 1 is about 17 light-hours distant from Earth and is traveling with a velocity of 0.006 percent of light speed, meaning it will take about 17,000 years to travel one light-year. Fortunately, the elusive "warp drive" now appears to be evolving past difficulties with new theoretical advances and a NASA test rig under development to measure artificially generated warping of space-time.

The warp drive broke away from being a wholly fictional concept in 1994, when physicist Miguel Alcubierre suggested that faster-than-light (FTL) travel was possible if you remained still on a flat piece of spacetime inside a warp bubble that was made to move at superluminal velocity. Rather like a magic carpet. The main idea here is that, although no material objects can travel faster than light, there is no known upper speed to the ability of spacetime itself to expand and contract. The only real hint we have is that the minimum velocity of spacetime expansion during the period of cosmological inflation was about 30 million billion times the speed of light.

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It is a matter of energy

and this would require a source of infinite energy. That is the problem and we have absolutely no idea of how to make our way around this. Time travel into the past has NOT been proven, as someone else said in a comment. In fact that has rather been DIS-PROVEN by Stephen Hawking.

Yes the

Grandfather paradox. Traveling into the future is possible because the faster you travel the slower time passes for you. In fact at the speed of light time stops, so when a photon is created (from its perspective) it isntantly hits whatever is in its way. FTL systems wouldn't have to have infinate energy if this was true then quasars would be flying around the universe faster than light. You need a massive amount of energy and a way to bend space-time.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

well the federal goobermint

got green energy right so this doesn't surprise me atall !

If there were...

... a reasonably Earth-like planet reachable in the near future and someone had a Mayflower-esque private venture to settle it, I'd have a hard time saying no.

You'd die of new diseases

You'd die of new diseases pretty fast on this new planet I'd assume.

Southern Agrarian

It seems like we eventually...

...invent things shown in the past on Star Trek as a "future device". We have perfected the cell phone. Now all we need is the transporter/beamer so we can save on gas and time! Hah...that would be cool. Wouldn't want to know what a manufacture defect would look like though!

Here's some video of a

Here's some video of a transporter malfunction:




All we have to do is travel faster than light is expanding in the universe!

Going back in time is possible, it's returning that drove Einstein nuts!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

For those in the "stay home" camp, I have some reading material

for you:

The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin.

Personally, I like his approach and it is a very libertarian oriented one.

But more important than the science he presents (in a very easy to understand fashion) and more important than the economics of getting the project off the ground (a very free market approach) is the REASON why we HAVE to go to Mars.

His premise is thus:

Man is an explorer species.

If we are not constantly exploring, and if survival is not paramount, where our liberty necessary for our survival is forefront in our minds - then we will turn inward on ourselves, and eat ourselves alive.

Liberty had a huge "re-birth" when Europeans flocked to America and day to day survival was paramount. Liberty was a necessity, because if you weren't free to do what you needed to in order to survive - you died.

Liberty was a life or death proposition.

We've forgotten why we have liberty.

Some would make the case, if survival is not a paramount concern, than you really have no need for or claim to liberty.

Zubrin makes it clear - either we explore somewhere new, either we stretch ourselves thin and again have to fight to survive, either we open up new questions of rights, power, and systems of government, or else we self-destruct.

It's an excellent and easy read. I finished it in three lazy days at the beach a few hours a day. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this general topic, and in Liberty in particular.

So you are saying by the time

So you are saying by the time we set foot on mars or the moon humans will have evolved to be selfless and all our current issues will be gone?

Sounds like Imperial hogwash. Lets go conquer the next rock in our sun's orbit to show off mankind's ingenuity! Then! Then we will truly be an advanced society.

Thoreau was right to abandon the city.

Southern Agrarian

No, it's precisely because we aren't selfless that we

need to do this.

This is how you harness selfish tendencies.

The issues won't be gone. They never go away.

But we don't make advances in liberty unless survival is at stake.

If we get too comfy, then we end up begging for tyranny.

i agree with you on this

i agree with you on this point.

i look forward to reading it

but immediately suspect is the premise that "man is an explorer species".

is this based on the reality handed to me along with columbus discovering america or......or on actual reality?

see there tends to be this persistent problem with human beings......call them crazy if you must...............of finding things to cover other things up - throughout all humanity. family secrets, drug addiction, death and suffering, the significant difference between a life worth living and one that is not, being HANDED a fully paid for life instead of one that you broke your back to barely get by, you have to watch your children starve, your life slipping away, and most all of which is due to a compounded strategy COMPLETELY HELL BENT ON DOING JUST THAT.................

no dude.

i ain't heading to no other planet than the white house to kick suited A$$.

You lost me - try again.

I'm not saying this is a mutually exclusive proposition with anything else, or that you or I have to personally be involved.

I'd like to see it happen.

Zubrin contends, if it doesn't, or something like it doesn't, we are doomed to collapse. I'm leaning towards agreement on that point. We've certainly witnessed the spectacle of Europe "eating itself" over the last 150 years, and it is only accelerating.

America is already well on that path.

In short, Liberty is in peril when people are fat lazy and stupid.

The easiest and most surefire way to preserve liberty is kick people off their butts and make them work or starve.

if we can't fix the problems

if we can't fix the problems on our current planet, what makes you think the next one is immune? we'll just drag the next colony down the same path of corruption, so on and so forth. let's fix what's wrong with humanity first, then we can reach for the stars.

I agree with you until you

I agree with you until you said "let's fix whats wrong with humanity".
That's the mindset progressives and modern liberals are in, they believe that by merely changing the phenotype and exterior of man they can cure him of his selfish genes and failings. This is the same logic of eugenicists and egalitarians. If everyone were more equal on the outside then we'll be happy on the inside. It is also a colossal lie.

Southern Agrarian

are you suggesting humans

are you suggesting humans will always be selfish, that we won't progress as a species and reach a higher intelligence?

Yes, I am. We are mammals, we

Yes, I am.
We are mammals, we are not Gods.

Southern Agrarian


I won't say whether or not the other person is saying it, but the fact is, mankind will ALWAYS be selfish.

Then it'll never happen...

Should I have waited to become a perfect person before having my son? Should my ancestors have stayed back East and waited for the problems over there to be resolved before heading out on the Oregon Trail in 1852? Should the Pilgrims have stayed in Europe to solve all their problems there before seeking a new start? Should the first sailors have waited until their homelands were perfect before exploring new horizons?

If we wring our hands out of fear of things not being perfect enough, nothing great will ever be accomplished.

of course it will happen.

of course it will happen. humans evolved from primates, didn't we? it's just that this transition won't happen on your watch, and you're bitter about it. sorry, mankind isn't ready for that yet.

No, the transition will happen...

...on our watch. It's just a matter of whether Liberty-minded pioneers or tyrannical regimes will do it first. Sounds like you would rather yield to the latter.

I can just see you now...telling the pioneers to turn their wagons around because they need to go clean up the mess back East first, that it's not their time to head West.

You will be waiting forever if your standard is to 'fix what's wrong with humanity' first. That is a never-ending battle, until Kingdom come.

priorities: is living a long


is living a long meaningless life through medication and numerous surgeries more important than living a short, but virtuous life?

The point is, this is the only way to fix it.

We aren't going to be pushed to the solutions until we have no other choice.

Voluntarily forcing that upon us is our only hope unless we want to roll the dice with ultimate and total collapse.

My purpose for placing this here was not to promote NASA or...

warp drive. My purpose was to wake up the close-minded, sophomoric individuals on this website who bury us in their skepticism and discourage open discussion on everything from 911 to UFOs. This is a LIBERTY website, for crying out loud, yet we have some of the most obnoxious, oppressive people posting some of the snottiest comments regarding anything or anyone with whom they disagree. I do not vote down ANY postings at this site except those that try to tell me how to THINK or try to get ANY free discussion of ANY subject censored.

Being skeptical is

Being skeptical is close-minded and sophomoric?

Skeptics should never question theorems in inductive reasoning too I guess...

Southern Agrarian

I am skeptical of everything, but I use DEDUCTIVE reasoning.

However, if you take my comment personally, you are not being skeptical and are using inductive reasoning; in other words, if some of the facts do not fit your hypothesis, ignore them or suppress them.

I directed my comments at the article.

Thanks for posting Bob-45!

Free includes debt-free!

I can't understand the hostility to this

The governments of the world have laid claim to every worthwhile speck of land on this planet and seem hell bent on torching the place. I really like the thought of taking a 21st century Mayflower to a currently uninhabited and ungoverned planet, and starting over again, without any of the statist buffoons around to ruin things. I don't care who is inventing warp engine technology, I'll take ten cases of it.

This is one area...

... where some Liberty-minded people can drive me up a wall. The stay home and fix what you already have mentality is disturbing to me. I can just picture some of you protesting ship-building and sea explorers, the Mayflower, Lewis and Clark if you had lived in earlier ages. Hey, I'm all for wisdom and caution when it comes to developing and using technology (eg. the evils of Monsanto), but the neo-Luddite attitude of never embracing space as a possible safety valve for Liberty and civilization to survive (our Plymouth Plantation, if you will) is downright depressing. I'll stick with Jefferson and Franklin and their love of science and exploration and expeditions, thanks.