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NASA: Warp Drive Engine for Faster Than Light Travel

Warp drive looks more promising than ever in recent NASA studies

By Brian Dodson

October 3, 2012

The first steps towards interstellar travel have been taken, but the stars are very far away. Voyager 1 is about 17 light-hours distant from Earth and is traveling with a velocity of 0.006 percent of light speed, meaning it will take about 17,000 years to travel one light-year. Fortunately, the elusive "warp drive" now appears to be evolving past difficulties with new theoretical advances and a NASA test rig under development to measure artificially generated warping of space-time.

The warp drive broke away from being a wholly fictional concept in 1994, when physicist Miguel Alcubierre suggested that faster-than-light (FTL) travel was possible if you remained still on a flat piece of spacetime inside a warp bubble that was made to move at superluminal velocity. Rather like a magic carpet. The main idea here is that, although no material objects can travel faster than light, there is no known upper speed to the ability of spacetime itself to expand and contract. The only real hint we have is that the minimum velocity of spacetime expansion during the period of cosmological inflation was about 30 million billion times the speed of light.

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that's all cool with me

as long as you don't do it with other people's money

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

Fine, why force everyone else to agree with you?

I neither find it interesting nor compelling to drive toy cars on Mars.

Th Mayflower was a private venture. Turns out Lewis and Clark Team was the first official US expedition to the Columbia River. Private traders were already exchanging Native goods globally.

At the very least such risky expenditures for yet unknown benefits should be made from surplus funds not borrowed Money.

The closest the US Treasury has come to a surplus was 1835 when the National debt meant each unique group of of citizens owed one Silver Dollar.

It's been downhill ever since.

As must fun as it was bread and circuses might have been prudently left unspent.

The Presidents going deeper in debt are well regarded. Those Presidents watching declining debt are not well liked. (Only Gold and Silver are Constitutional measures)

The Debt is heading in the correct direction for people. We still owe 3.2 ounces of gold each to be collected at a later date with interest.

Time to get out of debt while the getting is good.

Free includes debt-free!


...the private vs public funding is an important debate (I tend to agree with Dr. Paul on there being some national security aspects to space exploration that may warrant some public funds, although the scope of that could be argued). But that wasn't really what I was trying to focus on.

It's the general scoffing, naysaying attitude of some towards things that they don't appreciate or understand that bothers me. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown? Fear of change? God-willing, the expansion of humanity into space will happen one way or another. If Liberty-minded people aren't going to be the pioneers in this case, because of some neo-Luddite aversion to it, or because they despise people as some kind of curse-spreading cancer that needs to be contained and stifled, then who will take their place?

I think even the naysayers really have a bit of a Tookish side to them -- they just need a little nudge out the door, perhaps. ;)

exploring earth is one thing, leaving the planet is another

your logic doesn't follow. of course folks explored the planet back then with complete disregard for others, it was an uncivilized time and people had to fend for themselves, plus it wasn't hard to navigate earth (ancient tribes came to america on small boats). nowadays, i think we're enlightened enough to realize that exploring beyond earth is not a priority when our own country is in shambles, not to mention the whole debt thing; it takes a tremendous amount of resources just to even leave the atmosphere, not to mention start another colony.

We can't even feed the people

We can't even feed the people in our nation, and people are thinking about playing spacemen?

Talk about priorities.

"WE" are not tasked with feeding anyone but ourselves.

If you want to help someone eat who can't feed themselves, be my guest - go right ahead.

But to claim that it is somehow the responsibility of the group to feed each individual member is patently absurd.

It can't be done that way.

Any attempt to do so will fail miserably.

Have you learned nothing of the failures of collectivism?

The priority is to feed yourself first. Otherwise, you are useless to anyone else if being useful to them is your goal.

Second, TEACH others how to do the same.

Doing it for them just breeds dependency, apathy, slavery, and finally tyranny - for the REST of us.

Those wishing to help may if they have the opportunity.

Congressional borrowing redirects resources and leaves everyone in debt.

Government interferes with the opportunity. Investing in a local market is one opportunity that could benefit customers and shop owners.

There are plenty of potential markets on earth without looking for martian markets.;-)

Free includes debt-free!

I'm not defending taxation funded space exploration.

I'd prefer we do it privately - commercially.

It isn't about new markets or new products.

It's about survival being forefront in people's minds.

When survival is a daily concern, your entire outlook on government is far different.

There is more tendency to defend individual liberty because it is necessary, than because it is "nice to have."

There is also less tendency for total government control. Where it is tried as a means to survival, people die. Quickly, everyone figures out - big government = death and/or poverty, small government = prosperous life.

The advances made for liberty on Mars (or wherever) will eventually make their way back here, just as America's advances made their way around the globe. (though not everyone implemented them correctly or took up the torch on the subject yet)

Had our ancestors never ventured out and stayed in Europe, life would suck really really bad right about now. That is, if we would be here at all.

Space-X is pretty cool.

Space-X is pretty cool. Unfortunately all the big government folks are currently saying, "well they wouldn't exist unless NASA or massive government subsidizing existed," which is a truly fallible statement.

Southern Agrarian

The point I always retort on them is:

you are right. Space-X wouldn't exist.

We'd have evolved WAY past that by now if government hadn't gotten involved and then artificially locked out private investment and innovation.

If we had waited for government to build the airplane, the automobile, or the power distribution network, we'd still be unable to fly, drive, or turn on a light bulb in our homes.

NASA is a waste of borrowed money.

If people want to volunteer their won money, I'll let them.

End US funding of NASA.

Free includes debt-free!

I agree. We should perhaps maintain launch capability though

until sufficient private replacements are available.



Southern Agrarian

I want this

and don't want us to get this at the same time, I don't Think Aliens out there will like our brand of friendship very much.

They already have a tested engine that would do a quater the

speed of light. A major limitation is traveling at that speed..particles of dust become demolishing factors. That and the human body could never stand that kind of force exerted on it without something to counteract the strain.

I think this is more about building hype so they can get more money or keep their budget.

I think science is important. Even the idea of being able to travel the universe is very appealing to me but not at the expense of taxpayers.

We have too many issues right here on earth. That's the nature of man though it seems. Let's toss away or ignore what we have that may need to be fixed so we can shoot for the next shiny object. Never asking if it's the right thing to do.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Warp drive is

possible, however, the way it works is to compress space in front of the ship and expand it behind it; you said that. But to achieve this would take the power of a fusion reactor and a way to bend space-time. We are about 10-15 years away from sustainable fusion reaction they say. The way you would cause this "warp" of space is most likely going to have something to do with quantum physics. Having a warp drive in the next 50 years is not likely unless NASA gets a good budget and it is like the 60-70s were everyone was inspired by NASA to become engineers and scientist. I am going to be a Astrophysicist and engineer.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Or until we remove the prohibition on private actors in space.

Then as long as there is a return involved, which there certainly is, private companies will find the resources to make it happen, and undeniably at a lower cost.


is launching their rocket to resupply the ISS tomorrow on the 7th. They have already lauched it once before just to test the capsule.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes I wonder the

Sometimes I wonder the priorities of man when we cannot even obtain some basic form of Liberty in "advanced" civilized "progressive" forward leaning countries but we sure as heck will build the next nuclear weapon, cradle to grave drug or robot, or some other shiny object for man to oogle over.

Leave me out of it.

Southern Agrarian

Science is

nothing to leave yourself out of, many people use science and technology for control and war, most scientist have good morals and are good people and all this crazy tech and crazy science is because some politician is funding it. If you want to change the science culture then elect people who are science literate and know that science is good for humans but politicians and global controllers are only going to use it for their means instead of the humans. The Earth cannot sustain the human population and we need the water and all other materials from the cosmos to survive. Sorry but I am really passionate about science like I am about liberty. I invite you to look up civilization classes not poor and rich but like Class 1 civ 2 civ etc. I believe we are still classified as a Class 0 civ, now I am just ranting so I'll stop before this turns into a 10 page paper lol.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

There is no need for it

The fact is that there is no need for all this "science" except to try and get away from the planet that "science" is destroying. Talk about job security.

Science isn't

destroying our planet a handful of globalist billionaires are. If there is no reason for all this science then sell your computer, sell everything made by a complex machine and go live in the woods.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

I'm actually planning on

I'm actually planning on doing this when all is said and done.

Southern Agrarian

Sorry but your beloved science

and supposed advancements have made that impossible. No matter how much you rebel against it you are eventually forced to conform and the natural way is lost. You have a very simplistic view of reality. Science and technology are what is destroying this world and then you claim we need more science and technology to fix the problem or to find a way to colonize space so you can destroy it also.


You Idiot! That is like saying guns kill people, they dont, people kill people.

Science is a tool, Simple! It can be used either for good or evil.

I know you are but what am I!

Just think of all the advancements in science and technology and where it has gotten us. It is in no way like saying guns kill people. Where do you think they get the parts and material needed for all their "achievements"? They get them from factories that destroy the environment and omnipresent corporations that make us slaves.

I don't want to hear you speak out against corporate slavery, nuclear plants, salt dome collapses, WTC buildings, chem trails, voting machines etc, etc... because they are all made possible by technological advancement and since you love your slavery and the destruction of our environment then you have no room to complain. So go back to your television and mush up your brain a little more.


What is your problem.

In this controlled and dictated world, Yes correct, key word though, Controlled, They are in control! But with a free market, your little "They get them from factories that destroy the environment and omnipresent corporations that make us slaves." speal just makes you sound like an ignorant communist hippy.

Without the internet, none of this would have started and expanded as much as it has. Plus the fact that you are using a computer to network with people about Liberty and how to save it, makes everything you say to be a little ironic and hypocritical.

Science is a Tool! Same as guns are a tool, its the hands in which they are in that make the difference.

It's not the science...

...and technology that's the problem; it's the lack of wisdom of those in charge of deploying. Should there be no money since some people abuse monetary policy? Should there be no theology because some abuse religion in one way or another? Should there be no medical research because of the abuses of big pharma?

I guess they will

build all this stuff after they kill off most of the population.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.