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"In a lot of ways Russia also seems freer than America..."

An American Expatriate is interviewed about his move to... Russia.


- Why did you decide to leave America?

- There were a lot of reasons. Politically America seems to me to be a farce. America talks a lot about democracy but it's illegal in some states for a third party to run for office. America says it's a Christian nation but it's constantly starting new wars regardless of what party is in office.

- So, you're ready to give up American Citizenship, why?

- A lot of people are convinced that American citizenship is a wonderful blessing to have; I'm really not... The American economy, and I've worked for the US largest bank, is a house of cards. The nation is deeply in debt to China, and has few resources (human, or natural) to compete. All the US can do is wave a big sword at other nations and hope they buy into the lie of American might.

...a lot of people, and I'm not sure where they have heard this, think that in the future many Americans will come to Russia and that America will be poor and the dollar will be worth nothing.

In a lot of ways Russia also seems freer than America; America, thanks to the heavy use of technology, has become a police state.

Full interview here:


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He lost me after

this comment:

- You wanted to obtain Russian citizenship, how and what for?

- I'd really be happy to join the Russian Army if they'd have me!

Kindda cancels out all his talk about religion.

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