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Ron Paul Would Have Crushed Obama in the Presidential Debate

After watching the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney (I live blogged the entire debate for PolicyMic), I couldn't help but think how different the debate would have been if Texas Congressman Ron Paul had been the Republican nominee and had the chance to debate President Obama instead.

While Romney appeared more aggressive and assertive than the president — who looked tired, shaky, and noticeably rusty after nearly four years of no primary debating — there was much more rhetoric and half-truths to Romney's attacks than substance.

So while we will sadly never know how a debate between Paul and Obama would look like, here is how Paul would have likely responded to the debate questions and actually provided Americans a real alternative.


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That was my hope

To see Paul and Obama in a debate. And to perhaps begin to change the conversation in this country. Sadly the chance was lost for now. But like a previous poster said we need to continue educating - even if it's just asking the occasional question to get others thinking. I have to go through TSA a lot and I enjoy asking my fellow co-workers why did Homeland Security buy 450 million rounds of ammo earlier this year. Gets the conversation going and them thinking.

And you're right. Even in

And you're right. Even in Paul's sometimes rambling style - he would've wiped the floor with Obama.

Obama is no match for Paul and Romney will lead the US into WW3

And this IS EXACTLY WHY THE MEDIA FILTERED ALL OF DR PAUL's ads. This is EXACTLY WHY the GOP changing rules and manipulating the election.

I am afraid that the intent of the gop is to place Romney in office. I see a hacking democracy replay


DEMANDING that the election be fair

Question for my RP friends. IF VOTERS ASK FOR A PAPER COPY OF THEIR VOTES do you think this could possibly prevent vote count manipulation?

If this would help then
BILLBOARDS on Main freeways in each city could relay this message to the public

A message such as
" Keeping our voting machines honest. ASK FOR A PAPER COPY OF YOUR VOTE"

Also reaching out to reporters at our local news stations. Asking that they also help inform the public

I would be willing to hit the streets and try and make this happen in my area
I know it's late in the game but it is NOT OVER I can no longer sit idle and let the gov rule my world rule my finances and control my children's education. Voting is NOT enough anymore. We have too all Do much more

If ONE man, Jason Russell, gained worldwide attention using Kony2012 THEN American Citizens can restore our rights one issue at a time. Starting with a fair and just voting system!

Feedback please

I am an Independent American I am a Libertarian!

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Ron Paul would have crushed Obama and Romney simultaneously.

They both have spoon-fed, child-like minds that are no match against Ron Paul. If only.

Unfortunately only about 10%

Unfortunately only about 10% of the people would have understood what Paul would have been saying. We still got a lot of work to do. Parents -- are you educating your children? Children -- are you educating your parents?

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"Crushed" ? Correction :

"Crushed" ?

Correction :

Ron Paul would have...

intellectually and factually...


Obamad, in such a debate.

Or, for that matter, any of the other crooks who had been running earlier.

And that is PRECISELY WHY they, both Reps and Dems, did EVERYTHING they possibly could, with accomplice MSM, and "liberal medias" or "intelligentsia", to ensure Ron Paul wouldn't be part of the finish.

Finally, the GOP carries the HEAVIEST part of this betrayal and infamy, against one of its members, our good Dr. Ron Paul.

We'll remember that.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Ron Paul would have crushed Obama

I agree, Ron Paul would have crushed Obama in the debate.

But Ron Paul would have crushed Mitt Romney in the debates too, had he really tried to.

But he didn't. Ron Paul chose to just treat Mitt Romney with kid gloves when he had the chance, and he never went after him.

As a consequence, Mitt Romney is standing there on that stage instead of Ron Paul.

So before you speculate what would a debate between Ron Paul and Obama look like, I want to know....what would a real debate Ron Paul and Mitt Romney look like?

Ron Paul never let us see that!

Ron Paul would have smoked him and then had him for lunch!

I love Dr. Paul, we need to clone him a million times over.

Please can you support this effort to help this National Delegate?


Please facebook, bump, meetup, and put on all forums. He really needs our help. Thank you.

Yes right on

This has been my thought all day. If Romney was able to beat Obama with half truths and after filfloping so many times you can't count them, then the president would have been flat knocked and crushed out by a consistent truth teller if Dr Paul had been the nominee!

Fine link

If ole flip flop Romney could somehow look good debating Obama, then Mr Consistency Ron Paul would clean his clock.

damn straight

You're damn right he would have. And it would've went something like this... http://youtu.be/GTQnarzmTOc

That is the long overdue debate America should've had last night. Way to go Republicans!


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Great vid

Thanks for that video.
2 million views - WOW.

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Ah, well... Nothing can be

Ah, well... Nothing can be gained from guessing what would've happened. I did enough of that last election. All that can be done now is work with what we have now and what is in front of us.