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Seek Out All Liberty Candidates! It's A Numbers Game!

Dear Friends in Liberty,
WHAT TO DO now??? Friends of liberty...there are currently liberty candidates running in all levels of government. This is a call to all of you! We need to support ALL liberty candidates...remember that this is an endurance game and we will prevail, if you don't have liberty candidates in your area, seek the nearest county or district with one! I am in Texas Congressional District 34...we have one running for congress here!!! Message me... we could definitely use any help we can get! Here is her website http://www.texansforjessica.com/ Remember it is about numbers and although it'd be nice to have a liberty candidate in every district, it's smart to push the ones on the verge of getting elected! The more we have in Congress...no matter where they are from, the faster we tip the scale!
Love you all!!!
In Liberty!

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