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Video of the nomination papers being submitted for Dr. Paul & Nevada's vote from the convention floor.

Jim Uprichard, Nevada Delegate, shot video of the nomination papers for Dr. Paul being submitted, as well as Nevada's vote from the floor. Before he could get the video up on youtube, he was in a horrible motorcycle accident. It's taken weeks to try to sort out his stuff, besides his medical care, and my husband finally got the video downloaded & up on youtube.

For those who were there, you will get goosebumps seeing this all again.


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It was VERY tense the ENTIRE TIME!

What people might not gather, who weren't there, is that it was scary to pull out a Ron Paul sign. Security was on you like white on rice. That's why I waited till the last minute & stuck the RP sticker on my cheek. They took two signs from me earlier. It was very Gestapo-like. Also, "security" had people constantly walking down our aisle, getting in our way, blocking us from the convention cameras & being downright intimidating.