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Plutonomy Will Win the Presidential Election, September 27, 2012

(On Cryptome)

President Barak Obama’s Second Term :
More Reaganesque Acting or Bold Nixonian Action

by John Stanton

"President Barak Obama will easily defeat his Republican opponent former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

There was never any doubt about the outcome.


Oscar for Best Actor in a Plutonomy, Theatric Election : Barak Obama

And though President Obama takes pride in his wealth and his elite membership in the American ruling class (like Romney) he manages to convince much of the American populace that he is very much the “common man” which, of course, he is not. As with all great actors playing a part, it is nearly impossible to watch a performance and separate the character/role from the actor’s real personality. Such is the case with President Obama.

Conversely, Romney’s demeanor suggests that he should be wearing a crown of jewels atop his head. He comes off as the character Crassus portrayed by Lawrence Olivia in the movie Spartacus. He appears to be certain that 50 percent of Americans are freeloaders. Romney is the quintessential American Plutocrat, part of Citicorp’s Plutonomy (Equity Strategy: Plutonomy, 2005)."

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"Plutonomy, noun.

1. An economy that is significantly influenced by the very wealthy.
2. The study of the production and distribution of wealth.


Blend of plutocracy and economy, from Ancient Greek roots (ploutos, “wealth”) + (nomos, “law”) (English -nomy). In occasional use since 19th century, re-coined 2005 by team of Citigroup global strategist Ajay Kapur to describe economies with significant income and wealth inequality, subsequently popularized."


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