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Isn't it about the issues, not the man?

Can we all please unite and vote for Gary Johnson? Not sure sometimes to which extent the elections are rigged, but nevertheless.

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When history speaks of these times we are in, I in no way, shape or form- want them to think Im a doosch because I had the chance to vote for Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul- and did not.
and not only that, GOD FORBID THEY KNOW I ended up actually voting for a moron like GJ.

You must be out of your mind to ask others to vote for GJ.
Dont you realize there are millions around the world that would give their right hand to be able to write in for a man like RP, and you want us to substitute with a fraud like GJ???


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

you had a chance to vote for

you had a chance to vote for ron paul in your primary (or become a delegate for him). was that not enough?

It's about both

Seems an easy answer but so many don't get it. This is why we keep getting the same crappy people.

How could you focus on just the issues without knowing the person you're backing is honest enough to carry those out.

How could you as well focus on the guy.. ya know.. how nice he is if he's wrong on the issues for you?

Nope.. the common sense approach is to focus on both and if one doesn't fit.. then pass onto the next one until you find one that does.

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it IS

It IS about the man. Ron Paul is by far the most trustworthy human involved in U.S. Politics right now.

Gary Johnson is better than Obama and Romney, but why shouldn't we choose the BEST man for the job(provided that your state counts Write in Votes)

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Educate the masses, and win in the end.

It IS about the issues....

and CFR Johnson is wrong on way too many of them. WRITE IN RON 2012!

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It's not about the issues,

It's not about the issues, per se, it's about MOVING THE COUNTRY IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Romney and Obama, as a whole, will both take us in the wrong direction.

It is about the issues

which is why many choose not to unite behind Johnson. He's wrong on many issues and principles that Ron Paul is right on. It's not about Ron Paul the man, though the man amplifies the message, it's just that he's right on all the message, at least to me.

Some are capable of holding their nose to varying degrees in order to accomplish a number of genuine valid purposes. I say do whatever you feel is best. Others refuse to hold their nose and will only support that which they feel is right, win or lose. Ridicule and desperate pleas for them to change their mind have little effect and are all but useless against such. I've read a number of good arguments in Gary Johnson's favor but none of them have swayed me. I wish him well and appreciate that he is keeping the debate alive and a large chunk of the liberty message going. He will not have my vote though. I feel support for more local candidates is more effective at this point.

I don't see it that way. If

I don't see it that way. If it were Oblabber or Rmoney with the message, I wouldn't believe it. The man does matter.

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Unless the man really believes the message, it is just pandering. I think Mr. Johnson believes in his message more than Obamney.