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Ron Paul endorses Ted Yoho for FL-3

Here's a list of endorsement Ron Paul has made in 2012:

Ted Yoho is the Republican nominee in Florida's 3rd Congressional District. He defeated a 24 year incumbent in the primary and is heavily favored to win in November.

If you don't know much about Ted, please read this great article:

It lays out some of his positions, such as:

-Against preemptive war
-Against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya
-Wants to bring our troops home from Germany and Japan
-Against NDAA
-Against Patriot Act
-Against SOPA and CISPA
-Pro life but believes abortion is a states' rights issue

The Young Americans for Liberty PAC also endorsed Ted and they listed more of Ted's positions, including opposing the federal war on drugs, here:

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He seems above average. Hope

He seems above average. Hope to hear more from him in the future.