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Bain's Blood Money: Pieczenik Unloads

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, longtime foreign policy advisor and insider shares his notes on Bain Captial, dishing on where the seed money came from, something that I'd always wondered about:

"I then pulled out my research and notes that I had taken while I was a member of the Senior Policy Planning Staff under the Reagan Administration.  I realized that the names of the some of the  El Salvadorian oligarchs  whom I had been tasked  to ‘track’ for their ‘alleged activities’ in sponsoring the “killing squads” responsible for the deaths of 35,000 innocent civilians in a civil war that cost El Salvador 75,000 deaths were exactly the same names who had initially provided  9 million  dollars in seed money for Bain Capital. "

"Also I was aware that the Democratic Party did not want to bring up the issue of ‘blood money’ lest the present Hondurian Military Regime supported by the Obama administration also be accused of ‘killing innocent Hondurians’. "


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