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Help to debate!

Hello, I am Psychoworld of DP. I may have not sounded like one, but I am a highschool student.

Tomorrow, I would be attending a debate at a regional school, it is student Congress.

In those events, I would defend or try to reject some bills. And those that I found to be the interest:

A Bill to Privatize NASA

Abolishing Plea Bargaining

A Bill to make the Electoral College Proportional, all vote counted and implemented in all 50 states.

A Resolution to Abolish Debt Ceiling

A Resolution to urge President Obama to Intervene in Syria

A Bill to build Infrastructure in Afghanistan

For Syria, I have some pretty good ideas such as quote from CIA on Blowback, Establishment of Al Qaeda in Iraq because of our intervention, but what about some other points?

For Building in Afghanistan, I would quote that there are still terrorists, and it's none of our business to build other countries, economy is in shambles, and Afghanistan never wanted anyone in there(The Graveyard of Empires it is called)

Not too sure about plea bargaining and NASA though. But I think Plea bargaining can be argued to that jail is to get people ready to be in society, and honesty shows it may be so, and does not waste more money.

NASA not too sure really...

Please recommend me stances/sources to argue on these sources, maybe some of the students may get he message of liberty through this debate.

I hope you can help, thank you.

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Would like help is there are any!

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.