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The Tragedy of the Trespass

It is clear that when private property rights are honored by everyone, there can be no misdeeds nor misunderstandings. However, when someone decides to violate private property rights, to trespass willfully or through ignorance, more often than not the consequences can have tremendous negative impact on both parties. For the trespasser, the negative consequences can range from fines to incarceration or even death. What of the property holder?

The following is a fictional detective caper from Masterpiece Mystery Videos. If you care to watch the whole video, it is about Nordic Police Detective Kurt Wallander and his pursuit of answers to two seemingly unrelated cases. If you can excuse the pretense of the police state surveillance cameras for our protection woven through the story, the storyline is quite interesting.

If you want to get right to the topic at hand, check out the clip starting at 34:00 until 37:00. Here's a lead into the clip: The detective has a hunch that the man is hiding something and wants to gather evidence from his private property without a warrant...

There are three videos in this Wallander series; the first is good, the second has a quicker pace and is quite good and the third is passable. BTW, the first video is available to watch until 10/09/12.