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Neither candidate mentioned the artificiality of our economy - why ?

i'm perplexed that most of my conservative & liberal friends do not mention our economy in the terms that it is artificial and that millions of families have lost their homes, etc.

and during the course of the recent Presidential debate, wasn't even spoken of. looks like we are all slaves to the financial system status quo, even the WH.

This link writes of it much better than i...


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Good article, thanks. Gold

Good article, thanks.

Gold bug Jim Sinclair calls it MOPE - Management Of Perspectve Economics.

Bernanke flat out admits it. In his recent speech he told us that it is his intent to raise asset prices so that we'll all FEEL more wealthy and spend more. Not that we'll BE any more wealthy, unless we manage to pick the asset classes that will rise the most due to the dollar devaluation and divest ourselves of them when they peak. Outbugger our neighbors, so to speak.

Yea, of course Rom and O don't speak to this. I seriously doubt that either understands the true situation and even if they do they can't admit it and still be electable. The electorate for the most part still can't handle the truth.

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MOPE? interesting. i'll read

MOPE? interesting. i'll read up a bit more on Mr Sinclair. Will be interesting or a nightmare after this election. At the least, both Paul's have a grasp on this.