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If Ex-Addicts Can Become Drug Counselors, Why Can't Ex-Cons Become Cops?

Seems like the crime rate would go down considerably.

In Switzerland everyone is required to have a gun and use it, and there's hardly any crime.

A policeman's arrest power is just an extension of citizen's arrest power.

Citizens who have been arrested and put through the 'correctional system' are similar to drug addicts who are clean - they are good at helping others get 'clean' as they've been there themselves.

So, why aren't ex-cons and non-ex-cons alike considered equal to police?

Why don't cops treat other non-uniform wearing citizens as their equals?

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Peace officer

You are correct. Literally anyone can deputize themselves on the spot if they see someone breaching the peace.

People with uniforms & badges are play-acting to create an illusion that there's something justifiable about their pretense of authority. They are Blue Lodge dupes whose NWO handlers have their own NWO handlers (and so on until you get to the pretend dragon-bloods).

The pretend dragon-bloods consider police to be d-o-g-s trained for attack. They will sit back and laugh as the dogs and humans rip each other apart -- because, hey, they're pretending to be dragons so it's all good.

The Swiss myth

1) Every citizen isn't required to have a gun. They're required to do compulsory military service, which is very authoritarian. They're allowed to buy their rifle after completing their service, but the fully automatic functionality is removed.
2) American gun laws are better than Swiss ones pretty much everywhere but Washington DC.
3) The USA is the best country in the world for gun owners.

However, Switzerland is still a good case study, as since they brought in strict gun control in the last 15 years, crime has gone up.

One difference between the USA and Switzerland is that gun laws are continually becoming more relaxed in the USA, while they are continually becoming stricter in Switzerland.

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Thanks for clarifying the Swiss-tuation

only just added that line to help demonstrate the point of the post...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.