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Banksters Kill! JFK murdered by the Private Banking Cartels

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You gotta ask yourself...

why would they seal the crime records for 30 years? Who does that? Same for 9-11. No public scrutiny needed, they said. We (the criminals) have this under control. It's amazing what we put up with. Barney Fife could figure some of this stuff out. Don't forget the young JFK and his unlikely plane crash way out at sea, which the "government" investigated and found to be accidental. Would it be because the JFK records were coming unsealed, and this guy might have been a shoein for a Presidential contender? You bet it was!

alan laney

Political Action, found it-;[sort of]

found the title but not the content on Davy's web site with this information:
Google banned it and the flag suggested I watch cartoons with a link to them [laughing] I'm not kidding.
In the title archive from Devvy, said it was taken from the WND site, by Geoff Metcalf.
Link to WND got this:
archives Published- 3/11/2001 He in turn got the article from Anne Williamson
Lead in archives to article:
INSIDE THE ALL POWERFUL FEDERAL RESERVE Geoff Metcalf interviews Anne Williamson. Veteran researcher and journalist who has written for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times has authored a definitive and eye opening..............more

Inside the all-powerful Federal Reserve <...inbed

The article would not load. All the others I tried did but not this subject. You try it and if successful, let us know what she said please


In hindsight of what we know about the FED today

I believe this is indeed the No.1 Reason (of many others) that JFK was killed. Too many other factors would have been severely impacted such as the Military Industrial Complex that relies on the printing of limitless funds to keep the Machine grinding away.

The day is close when we all ICELAND this S#!T

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Chilling viodeo.

It always traces back to the ruthless central banks. Anything and anyone that threatens their wealth has to be destroyed, and that includes other countries!! like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iran.

Watch Lee Harvey Oswald at 2:05 where he says "I don't know what I am here for. I didn't kill anybody sir." THEN THEY SHOT HIM.

It sounds like James Holmes when he says. "Why am I here? Why am I in jail?"

What evil business these predator bankers and CIA are in! Another good question: why was a BANK MANAGER on the commission investigating the death of JFK?

Why Indeed

He was more than a Bank Manager .........He was John J. McCloy, who at one time was President of the World Bank, the 2nd one, from 1947 to 49. He was selected by LBJ to serve on the Warren Commission in 1963.

Then there was Allen Dullas, who was head of the CIA who also sat on the Commission but had been fired by JFK in 1961.

Does anything seem wrong here?

They are so in our face!

wasn't this disproven years ago?

Devvy Kidd I believe wrote about this.

yes, G. Edward Griffin also refers to the

JFK "myth" in his book Creature From Jekyll Island

The link I gave above is where he thoroughly debunks this nonsense.

thanks for posting-Interesting!

I read about this many years ago but it was quickly debunked by those who claimed the time line of events with Kennedy's death and the notes didn't pan out and that Kennedy had already given up on printing money. Quickly hushed up. There was no way to check it out then, no Internet. Nothing was ever said about it again. According to this video,he had signed exec. order 11110 on June 4th and had printed 4 million notes. He was killed 5 months later. Sounds like a good time line to me! It was brought up in an expose' e which claimed Lincoln was also killed by Bankers because of his printing of Green backs to fund the war. I was just a teen then [that's during Kennedy, not Lincoln] :) The anger then from the people [after the shock] was pretty intense! I'm sure if the one or ones responsible were known then there would have been millions of people going after them with a rope.

Jackie Kennedy wrote about everything but it was to be sealed until her children and grandchildren had lived out their lives for fear of retaliation by those responsible. Remember thinking at the time, Geesh, will be so old by then ....if still alive! Hard to wait that long to know. I have always hoped I knew before I too was history! [laughing]


post hoc ergo propter hoc.

It's a logical fallacy.

Essentially, it means "after this, therefore because of this"

Just because his death followed an event, does not mean the event caused his death.

There could have been another event that caused it and be completely unrelated.

You Are Mistaken

Kennedy had not given up on printing money. I remember using them when I first came to America in November 1963, right after the assassination, and well into 1964.

It was Johnson, who took them out of circulation.

Had Kennedy lived, they still would have been pulled

from circulation.

That was the plan all along.

Kennedy did NOT issue any non-FRNs.

He delegated authority to.

His policy all along was to increase the use of FRNs, not decrease them.

He signed a bill to authorize the FED to print ONEs and TWOs for the first time. Before that, the smallest they printed was a FIVE.

He did this because they were going to remove US Notes from circulation via depleting the silver stockpiles and then remove silver from the coinage.

This was all in the works long before he died. He was implementing the end of silver in our monetary system - not reversing it.

Thanks Reenie

Not I, was repeating what I read. Personaly, didn't know. Thanks for the information,