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You People Are Major Losers

The good people have all left DailyPaul and now I will too. Good riddence you pathetic catty too dumb to even understand whats going on losers. Fuck all of you.

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A real jobs plan for

A real jobs plan for America:

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Interesting ideas. Needs a little tweaking...

That's thought provoking and quite a long thought out proposal. I commend the effort, I really do. We need more people who do this kind of work to get to the root of issues so they can be fixed.

Unfortunately, you seem to have taken the socialism path on many issues.

I considered going item by item (including the second item number 3) but I think it will be a easier read to just give an overall reply.

It is never going to work for the government to tell people or companies what to do. Incentives are the only thing that works effectively and long term. Ok, so you've got lots of incentives, but again you've got the government picking winners in who gets special treatment. What you need to keep in mind is that the government is not your friend. They are a conglomeration of frequently bought off disparate interests. Sometimes they'll be for you and some vote will be close but in the end, there will be some few swing votes that were lobbied hard enough and the vote 'missed it by that much'. The effect, the government and all laws they get their hands on are going to go exactly the way the banks want them to. (By "banks", I'm including the heads of the major monopolistic corporations of every field which do their bidding.)

No, the answer is not to fix taxes, tariffs, trust or anything else from the top down. The answer is to implement a small, grass roots, sustainable system and work out all the bugs which allows corruption in, put this into place and spread the word.

You make good points about the angels being something to support but you miss the role that two groups could be playing. The first is the IRA/retirement group. These people are currently getting scammed hard. Their life savings goes to some far off place, gets 'managed' for a high fee (proportionally), invests in some companies they have extremely little decision over, collects the worst returns (common vs. premium shares) and then has to compete with inflation. For their pittance 3-5% 'return', that's lost in the unreported inflation. Much better to hold sound money and sleep better.

However, if they invested in a small local startup, they could be close for accountability, they could wave the massive overhead restrictions that angels have on startups - making it more competitive, they could give the entrepreneur an easy exit strategy where he doesn't lose his shirt and shoes, and do all this while receiving a different pittance 30-50% return. Hmmm.

The other group is the crowd funders. This group is still small but immensely passionate about helping others. They can quickly raise no-strings money in a matter of days (see: http://www.indiegogo.com/upriser which is at $11k in 3 days or http://www.indiegogo.com/teslamuseum which topped $1.3M in 45). If you want the government to change something to foster r&d or startups, give these donors a tax break.

All one really needs to look at how to 'create jobs' is to see the costs involved in doing it now. The traditional path means that of the final sale price, only an average of 6% goes to labor. About 11% goes to materials/parts. Around 3% to the upper management. About 20% to ad/marketing/sales. About 10% to legal/insurance/fluff overhead. And the worst of all... the original investors (often called shareholders but including fund managers) get 50%. Keep in mind that they hide this in many ways so it's tough to track it down.

My question back to you is: What would their business model look like if the investors ONLY received 20% ROI until paid off (like a loan); if labor received 30%; if all marketing was left to the employees via social or word of mouth; if the customers received 10-40% in the form of price cuts?

Isn't this more along the lines of a free market?

This sounds much like Obama's

This sounds much like Obama's "jobs" plan. Protectionist funding for certain sectors. I agree with the MBA thing and revoking the H-1B and not much else, there are too many people who thought, "well if I get an MBA everyone will want to hire me". Now the value of the MBA has plummeted and the market is flooded with them much like getting your JD during the recession. We cannot right the ship with more of the same policies that tilted it. We need to take our hands off of what we want America to look like and let the market decide with no more government interference. They messed up before, they'll mess it up again.

Southern Agrarian

If you can't figure out how

If you can't figure out how to make a living in the US without someone giving you a job, something is wrong.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

You can tell an Engineer

You can tell an Engineer wrote this because there are two #3's, always thinking about data and not presentation.

Southern Agrarian

Its like buying a new couch to put into a burned down house

I dont want jobs. I want sound money. I want the end of the extorted theft called tax. I want a govenrment that is from and by the people a government that does not have the authority to steal from others. If it cant be funded volentarily its not worth doing.

Keep your debt slave job and and corporate debt slave company store.

I want a government that asks me for permission and dont think they have such an authority to require me to ask any gov for permission.

Jobs are a bogus bandaid on an enormous open wound.