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How CNN spun its poll to make sure you don't vote for a 3rd party

So I was watching the debate and on CNN right after, there was a poll that said, "Who did debate make you more likely vote for?" The results were:

18%- Obama
35%- Romney
47%- Neither

So 47% want someone else or would vote for someone else if they had that choice! The next day I went to look for the poll and I found that they changed it from "neither" to "no effect on vote."

Matt Larsen posted a video right after the poll to show the 47% don't want neither Obama or Romney.


Now look how they reworded it in their next day PDF release. All the media outlets used this spun version. click the link, download the pdf and look on page 8.


I know to some its "so what," but I think its important to expose them on all the crap they are trying to pull.

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I was polled

I was polled an hour ago from some agency. They first asked if I was registered to vote and would vote. After I told them I was they asked, "If the election were held today, would you vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?" I told them neither. He said I had to pick one or the other. I then said, "I am voting for Gary Johnson." He then told me that there was no way he could record that answer, thanked me, and hung up.

That should tell you a little about the polls out there.

I saw that...

And more and more of my 'republican' friends are taking the test at www.isidewith.com and coming up with the most conservative candidate they agree with as Johnson.

After this horrific speech by Romney, I wonder how it will affect this vote.


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Random sampling?

Just saying that before I became a registered Republican last year, I never got a single call for a poll. Now I get them every couple weeks or so.

Oh, and the presidential polls are Obama, Romney, or "other", just like you said! I say "other" of course.

Anyone who gets there news

Anyone who gets there news from CNN isn't interested in facts. As a matter of fact if msm were in the fact business they would be out of business.
The truth is not given to us we have to find it. which I am sure you all know.

Thanks for the Info

I didn't see the poll or the change. No wonder they didn't let Gary into the debate and they keep on trying to manipulate RP supporters. Ron should have run third party. Does even a part of 47 percent sound like you would be "throwing away your vote"!

Page 8

on the copy I downloaded, it was question 8 on page 7.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

This spin conceals the origins of two party system

These figures are typical of polling where, in legal terms, ballots are used to defeat the franchise". The "no effect on vote" spin reflects the simple fact that governments everywhere use ballots to defeat the franchise by having ballots which do not provide for voting against candidates. The reason is obvious when you add the 47% to each other count. 18+47% means 65% would vote against Romney. 35+47% means 82% would vote against Obama.

There have been several suppressed court cases since the one in 1919 when when the judge voided a disputed election using the words: The ballot exists to protect the franchise and must not be used to defeat it. Since [at least] then the origins of two party system have been suppressed by all mass media, but the evidence is spreading via the Internet.

End the fraud - report the Fed and its complicit media to an FBI office near you. For more details go here: http://www.nolanchart.com/article/print.php?ArticleID=5928

I Agree!

"I know to some its 'so what,' but I think its important to expose them on all the crap they are trying to pull."

But for "some its 'so what,'" I would say it's for most.

I'm glad you are paying close attention. A+

I think the poll was asking

I think the poll was asking whether watching the debate has made them more likely to vote for either candidate. In other words, if you're already planning to vote for the candidate, you wouldn't say that the debate made you more likely to vote for them. Obviously, Obama is not at 18% or even near that number in national polls, so it's clear most people interpreted the question as it was intended. I understand wishful thinking but let's not kid ourselves.

Vote Merlin Miller 2012!

Virgil Goode was our nominee but we were too late! So Merlin Miller, a Ron Paul activist, accepted the nomination.

Merlin is a fine man, West Point graduate and Vietnam Vet. A true patriot.

Merlin Miller is a reputable third option to consider. America First!

I like Virgil Goode but I work for Merlin Miller. Any alternative option is superior to the two-party nonsense.

I'm going to vote for Gary

I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson!! He's not Ron Paul, But he's still better than the other two.

For those of you who are voting for Gary Johnson

Why are you not voting for Ron Paul? Let me answer my own question. You are not voting for Ron Paul because he is not on the ballet.

Okay, why is Ron Paul not on the ballet? Let me again answer my own question. RP is not on the ballet because rules were violated by the Romney Campaign and Ron Paul delegates/supporters were regularly ignored, treated unfairly, physically assaulted, etc.

An unknown number of votes for Ron Paul were not counted. Many were disallowed. Some were "lost". Ron Paul Delegates were not treated according to the rules as they were written in the rule book. The RNC CHANGED the rules SPECIFICALLY to marginalize Ron Paul just days before the RNC.

There are many documented accounts of illegal procedures used at local precincts to negatively affect Ron Pauls vote totals. Intentional efforts were made by the RNC to make it impossible for Ron Paul to be nominated at the convention.

There can be NO DOUBT that Ron Paul was not allowed by TPTB to have any chance at being nominated as the Republican Canidate for President.

Explain to me, after watching "The Nomination Process" and Dr Paul being systematically eliminated from contention by whatever means necessary, YOU THINK FOR 1 SECOND, that your vote for Gary Johnson will amount to ANYTHING more than TPTB laughing and joking amoungst themselves about how incredibly stupid so many of their tax livestock really are?

So brainwashed are some, so gulible are the mindless serfs, that right after Ron Paul has his campaign ended through unabashed and nationally broadcast telepromter confirmed FRAUD, there are STILL some tax livestock that will keep on sticking their hand into the blender and praying for a miracle that THIS TIME, THIS NEXT VOTE, TPTB will FINALLY allow the votes for a libertarian canidate with polar opposite views of the establish, to be accuratedly counted and if he wins the most votes, he will allowed to become PRESIDENT!

Wake up to what you already know. Stop wasting your time with pointless fantasys. We need to use all of our combined brain power to figure out a way to regain control of our country from the tyrants. Since your on this site you should be more aware than most that tyrants do NOT allow their serfs to VOTE themselves FREE.

The winner of the 2012 Election HAS BEEN PRE-DETERMINED. YOU KNOW THIS!


Gary Johnson

I to am going to vote for Gary and I have lots of friends who are doing the same.....go Gary!!!!

I think this is a reach on your part.

The question clearly isn't who they prefer, but "who did the debate make you more likely to vote for?"

Or, since you can't see it clearly - "did the debate change your mind about who you were already supporting and in which direction?"

Certainly, anyone who supported neither candidate, would be in that "neither" category. But the question doesn't count them at all as separate from people for whom the debate didn't change their minds.

This question doesn't measure who supports who, it measures who switched sides.

18% of those either undecided or supporting Romney (not likely) now lean Obama.

35% of those undecided or supporting Obama now support Romney.

47% of those undecided or already supporting either Romney or Obama were not swayed either direction by the debate - meaning, they are still undecided or they remain locked in to their choice.

If he, me, and many others

If he, me, and many others interpreted it this way, who is to say the surveyees did not?

It is a poor question to be sure. Since I on first reading

took it to mean something different than what you thought, that means the question was ambiguous as to the information sought.

That makes the survey essentially pointless.

Any survey should have very clear questions that aren't leading.

"Who did the debate make you

"Who did the debate make you more likely to vote for?" Is pretty straight-forward. You can't skew that to mean what you are saying it means. You simply can't. It means, which candidate are you likely to vote for after watching this debate?

I don't think you have any legs to stand on with the whole "it means the same thing" line of (il)logic.... but even if you did, it really doesn't matter.

Changing one of the options on a poll AFTER the poll has already been conducted is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. It is COMPLETELY irresponsible journalism! It doesn't matter what you change or how you change it.

I do agree with the last part.

There's no cause to change the option when reporting it.

The actual options given should be the ones reported.

I still beg to differ on the question though.

I've read it over and over, and even the first time I read it, I saw it as asking people to find out if the debates changed their mind and if so to whom?

I don't see it as a clear cut "who do you support?" question.

If that's what they were after, they knew how to ask it as they've done so before.

That wasn't what they asked though now was it?

+ 1

CNN is a joke.

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It was the market Ron Paul was supposed to tap.

It was there for the asking. Ron Paul is the guy who could have done this, had he chosen a more capable campaign staff.

alan laney

Media manipulation

You have to give them credit, they have it down to a science.

According to Layon

...former reporter for CNN she admits they manipulate the news.
It's done by all networks, not just CNN.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
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