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Wife thinks I'm losing it...

Sometimes I wish I had just taken the blue pill and can go back inside the Matrix. My wife and I are at odds over quite a few issues lately...GMO foods is the latest. After the French gmo rat study...I don't want the kids near the stuff. This is causing all kinds of friction over sodas, eating out, etc. The argument last night was over Halloween and the HFCS in the candy I don't want the kids eating.

She thinks I'm losing it and have turned into the most UNfun person around. Maybe she's right.

GMO, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, 9-11, coming dollar and financial collapse, etc, etc, etc,....it just never seems to stop. This rabbit hole I'm in seems to be a bottomless pit.

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It's certainly possible to

It's certainly possible to enjoy life and eat healthy foods at the same time. Once they get older and leave the house, they can do whatever they like. They are my responsibility until that point.

As a child, the biggest thing I resented was being forced to go to church...that, and my mom smoking during pregnancy...and my dad smoking non stop till i left the house! Surprised I'm still standing from all that second hand smoke. LOL

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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Time and money

The things that really get in my way, and they will probably sound pathetic, is time and money. Non-GMO food does cost. I know the argument, pay now or pay later with your health, but it is hard when there are times you're on a shoestring budget to buy that raw milk. Pretty much the message I've gotten is that the healthiest thing is to do everything yourself. Grow everything yourself, cook everything yourself, etc. I have 5 children, a 6th on the way, an ailing mother 1 hr. away who I am trying to find a place for right now (we tried taking her in but things didn't work out) - - I can't do everything myself. I do die of guilt when I serve certain things and resort to processed food. Sometimes I just can't handle it, though, there are too many other struggles that seem more pressing. Maybe some of that is factoring into your wife's reaction.

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You need to consider that sometimes

It really is you, not them, and not her. The people here sometimes are exasperating in their willingness to believe every conspiracy theory or pseudoscientific claim that is made. Everyone else isn't always wrong and uninformed, sometimes it is us.

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I agree. HFCS is not great,

I agree. HFCS is not great, but I don't think it is totally bad for you either. It's just a cheap form of sweetner that corporations use to make more money and mass produce it cheaper to cut costs. I still think we should have more choices, but I don't think people should be paniced over it.


from ur lips to ur own ears.

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a little overboard

hfcs a few days a year won't hurt them any more than the exhaust they breath everyday. aspartame is the big one you want to avoid. (as i sip a throwback Pepsi)

don't even mention 9-11 until she has woken up to the simple stuff and has a basic understanding of red pill reality.

start small with something you both agree on and go from there. don't start with 9-11 unless you are just looking for a fight.

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actually, 9-11 is easy...all

actually, 9-11 is easy...all you have to do is Q up the Architects and Engineers for Truth video and it's pretty self explanatory.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

is easy or was easy?

not sure i follow you. are you saying your wife is on board with 9-11 conspiracy theory's and has a problem understanding the science behind hfcs?

or maybe she's like me and thinks what is crazy is worrying about hfcs one or two days out of the year. something i would call extreme as your body is exposed to much worse things on a everyday basis.

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Ya it sucks doesn't it

I feel for ya man. Dealing with it with my family too.

Stop telling her this stuff

Choose your battles wisely ... or else you will end up like me ... my wife filed.

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Throw your TV out the window!

Throw your TV out the window! And get a good water filter to filter out the fluoride. I know its hard, let her know its your job to protect the family and that is what you are doing. Tell her its not a matter of " belief" it is a matter of facts and evidence and get her to watch the video.

But you can't force just try and educate sometimes you have to put your foot down though and have the fight. Ok you think I am losing it then prove me wrong here's the evidence you show me where its wrong or fake etc?...

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yup, already have the Big

yup, already have the Big Berkey with flouride filters.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Sadly, your wife is terribly wrong.

I AM a cancer survivor and I can tell you for a fact that you must stand your ground on these very issues. Your children's lives are at stake. I would include fluoridated water and vaccines and flu shots right at the top of the list. Just tell her you would rather be safe than sorry.

Ask her to read www.mercola.com and naturalnews.com on a regular basis. I'm gonna say a prayer for your family. What else do you have when you don't have your health? Let me tell you from experience, NOTHING.

How do we change America if we don't change our own homes?

Don't worry that's happened to all of us

Stand for what is right, try not to force things with her but try to discuss them, and when the opportunity arises, show her the videos on everything you know. She will change!!! Be patient.

My advice would be to not

My advice would be to not focus so much on the bad things. You know the government is bad and does awful things already. Start focusing more on the positive by focusing on libertarian theory. It is not enough to tell people all the evils of the world. You must also tell them how the solution would solve these problems and how positive of a message it is. I'd recommend reading these books if you haven't already.

Libertarianism Today
For a New Liberty
The Ethics of Liberty
The market for Liberty
Democracy The God That Failed

I had a similar problem in the past as you are having. It is once I started to focus on the positive issues and how wonderful the libertarian philosophy is that I started to make some headway. The message of liberty is a very positive message. If people are finding your ideas depressing then you need to work on your delivery.

That's one

of the reasons I don't listen to Alex Jones anymore. He always rants about the evil things that are going on. Then he'll say he has a solution after the break. After the break not one solution. Oh well, I still read the articles on prisonplanet.com and watch the documentaries he produces.

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Don't push the envelope too much

(Just my polite advice/own experience)

Don't push the envelope too much, my wife had hard times too because of my "over awareness", sometimes.

Just push gently the questionable pieces of information, either way, to her ... but don't try to force/push your own theories a priori. Two brains are always better than one, and it's best to get other opinions and view points as genuine and unbiased as possible. Our spouses love us, they are already biased, there, after all, aren't they ? ;)

But here's yet another recent example of reaaaaaally strange things she'll be glad you bring to her attention / intellect, that way, coming from her "privileged you" :




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Lighten Up on the Ladies, Fellas!

I'm a woman minister who is a liberty-loving, Constitutionally-minded Dr. Paul supporter (sort of in the vein of Chuck Baldwin). I'm "awake" to the globalist agenda to set the world stage for antichrist and his one world dictatorship. I tie-in current events concerning secret societies, central banks, and aggresssive militarism (with false flag events triggering them)to biblical prophecy, foretold with pinpoint accuracy in the books of Daniel and Revelation, coming to pass as we hear it reported on the evening news. I don't need the "red pill" (I know the Truth and He is a Person, Jesus Christ)....it only exposes the plans of the enemy of our souls. How about getting into a discussion on GMO's, depopulation, and global servitude to the elites (satanists) with a woman who sees the spiritual battle that is parallel to the earthly struggle for liberty. Might see a few eyes glazing over then....God speed.


The red pill has been the hard choice for me too. I have the same conversations with my wife, I just don't argue about it, I try to make her aware of things, my children too. In some instances I find it better to stay optimistic about it all. I definitely make sure to grow what I can in the garden, and prefer to catch fish from a friends pond.(makes for great family time too) Try to take reality in small doses it may be easier for her and provide less argument/ disagreement. Good luck and don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

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All my friends

Think I am crazy and they say I am delusional. I used to love candy but stopped at an early age. I even convinced my mother and sister to stay far far away from it. And now they do. I know my friends know I am right in so many ways, they just are so scared of the fact that these things are happening. Some people I know say they like to be asleep. Because if they wake up, life will start took horrible. Especially people I know that have kids. People say I am way over paranoid but Hey I been healthy.

I lost a girlfriend over taking the red pill too...

Once I started educating myself on food, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame & GMO's, there was no way I could continue to consume this poison. Let me throw Fluoride in there too! My thinking concerning her was that once she heard the truth OF COURSE she would accept it as fact just like I did right! Vaccines are good for you, otherwise why would they be offered!! It got to the point where I couldn't mention anything to her about those things and I found myself thinking how stupid she is for not accepting as fact the information I provided her, and if you don't believe me watch this video and listen to the experts! She still wanted to believe that her vote meant something and that Iran is bad, & Libya is bad and Assad is bad and since we are the "Good Guys" we should help those poor people be free and have democracy. I told her all they want to do is kick the Pale Faces out of their country so they can control their own natural resources. But since they don't explain Operation Ajax or The Gulf Of Tonkin on Fox News or MSNBC, why I must be crazy. Why would they put fluoride (Toxic Waste from China with Skull & Crossbone on each bag!) into our drinking water if it was harmful to us she asked. I show her the warning on her toothpaste CALL POISON CENTER IF SWALLOWED. I tell her it's because of the fluoride. Her eye's glaze over and she say's it doesn't make sense. I tell her it's not calcium fluoride that appears naturally in nature, but

From Wikipedia

The majority of the hexafluorosilicic acid is converted to aluminium fluoride and cryolite.[4] These materials are central to the conversion of aluminium ore into aluminium metal. The conversion to aluminium trifluoride is described as:

H2SiF6 + Al2O3 → 2 AlF3 + SiO2 + H2O

Hexafluorosilicic acid is also converted to a variety of useful hexafluorosilicate salts. The potassium salt is used in the production of porceleins, the magnesium salt for hardened concretes and as an insecticide, and the barium salts for phosphors.

Hexafluorosilicic acid is also commonly used for water fluoridation in several countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland. In the U.S., about 40,000 tons of fluorosilic acid is recovered from phosphoric acid plants, and then used primarily in water fluoridation, sometimes after being processed into sodium silicofluoride.[

Well as you can see this can cause problems in a relationship, let alone mention The Fed and Fractional Reserve Banking, False Flags etc...I wish you luck my friend...it's hard man.

Her eye's glaze over and she

Her eye's glaze over and she say's it doesn't make sense.

Some people are not able to handle this stuff.

I went through my own "this doesn't make sense" phase in early 2008, shortly after I learned about Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's statements about us being involved in undeclared/unconstitutional wars resulted in me buying a pocket Constitution for reference and going into major research / taking the red pill.

It was a complete shocker to say the least. While believing I was quite informed (actually not so informed) I used to give the gov blind faith, but learned that they never deserved it.

I've long been past the shock phase. Although, I can still understand how many people cannot handle this stuff. It doesn't make sense because it truly is hard to believe. Stuff like Nazi Germany using fluoride in their water in order to have less trouble from the populace.


What is the

Alternative for toothpaste?

Unfluoridated toothpaste like

Unfluoridated toothpaste like Toms and others are available at most stores. Baking Soda mixed in with listerine works well too!!!!

Toms without flouride and Power smile from Jasons

Toms is a good price you can buy most anywhere but be sure it has no flouride and

Jasons is Organic but a little pricey and can buy at health food stores or health food grocery markets.

get a glass jar, half coconut

get a glass jar, half coconut oil/half baking soda, and add a few drops of mint....homemade toothpaste.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Alternative 1and2

Baking soda. or an Organic natural toothpaste that does not contain flouride.

The first of my ancestors arrived in 1687, Indentured to serve another for 4 years, we fought in the Revolutionary war, Civil war, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and Served during Desert Shield/Storm, Now my Family and I serve The "Revolution"

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Us woman are not that hard to

Us woman are not that hard to work with...Make her a deal. tell her you will cook all of the meals, or clean the dishes or something you know she doesn't like or have time to do...if she will try all non-GMO foods for 1 month. Only organic, all natural, whole foods. No GMO food for 1 whole month. If you can get her to do this, she won't want to go back. and if she does, it will only take 1 meal for her to know there is a huge difference in the way you look and feel when you are non-GMO. You both will probably notice huge changes in your kids too.

great idea

and when she goes the whole month and has lost 10 pounds you will soon be her hero again...
don't give up to fast..and now you get to grocery shop to make sure it's organic.
After the month, if she goes back, she will have a horrible gut ache and wonder why, then bring out your proof--printed.

Not everyone is ready for the

Not everyone is ready for the red pill. And I'd bet that a good 75% or more will still be in denial when it all comes crashing down and are forced to wake up.
I'm already the kooky uncle in my family for suggesting that much of the official explanation of 9/11 violates the laws of physics.
It is frustrating but I've found it is best to question things rather than try to explain, no matter how much I believe it to be true. Allow them to find their own way out.
Many refuse to see the truth. Especially truth that is hard to swallow.

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