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Wife thinks I'm losing it...

Sometimes I wish I had just taken the blue pill and can go back inside the Matrix. My wife and I are at odds over quite a few issues lately...GMO foods is the latest. After the French gmo rat study...I don't want the kids near the stuff. This is causing all kinds of friction over sodas, eating out, etc. The argument last night was over Halloween and the HFCS in the candy I don't want the kids eating.

She thinks I'm losing it and have turned into the most UNfun person around. Maybe she's right.

GMO, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, 9-11, coming dollar and financial collapse, etc, etc, etc,....it just never seems to stop. This rabbit hole I'm in seems to be a bottomless pit.

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I'm 29 and I'm healthy, skinny, attractive, and avoid that crap

most of the time although I don't try to be an absolutist about it if I'm out with friends having a good time. Still, because I feel the way I do and am awake I've only had one girlfriend my whole life for 4 months and she was a zombie who ate total junk and would get furious if I suggested she try other stuff. Every time I try to talk to women they are either totally brainwashed and instantly turned off if I even mention politics, Ron Paul, conspiracy stuff, etc or if they are awake (very few) they have a ring on their finger and kids in tow or they almost immediately start slipping into to the conversation things about their boyfriend so Ill stop talking to them. At least you have a wife that you might be able to wake up about this stuff but I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking it might be hopeless. There isn't enough awake women to go around in this community, it's probably 85 percent men. I know I'm a good person, but its like all any available women want is false security and lies and a fake pseudo-extroverted overconfident man that fits this stupid little mainstream paradigm. All the good ones get snatched up real quick and all I'm left with is the sheep. I remember how in high school I used to think things would change when I got out then and women would just magically change and not be so swept up by superficiality and mind games and I'd finally get to date and have girlfriends and stuff and here I am almost 30 and they behave the same way and I've only had one crazy psycho girlfriend and a few other women who only pretended to like me so they could use me for sex or make old boyfriend jealous or whatever. I'm a good person and I'm sick of it. I do have standards, I do want to get married and have a family, but there isn't anyone I go on dating sites and no one on there is awake or even willing to talk to you unless they are 300 plus pounds. What is wrong with our society is it just America? Is it the results of nazi feminism? I can't figure it out all I know is women are using some really sorry criteria to judge what a good man is and the only revenge or satisfaction I may get in life is to see all these unhappy miserable women go through relationships and marriage getting with the same losers and jerks over and over and dying, lonely old women. If any women in Oklahoma read this post and are single and are awake and want a good guy that isn't going to cheat on them or play mind games I'm available and I'm not crazy, I'm just a little lonely.

This world is so backwards it

This world is so backwards it is truly unbelievable.


I'm not going to pretend to know anything about your personal life, however I will say that not everyone is meant to be with someone else (IMO, at least.) Also, rather than trying to find a woman who is 'awake', why not wake up one yourself? You didn't expect it to be easy, did you? Few things worth pursuing are.

Also, if you think women using you for sex is a problem...well you and I have very different definitions of the word 'problem', then. And if you ever get married, expect to be used for everything but. ;)

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I see where your coming from,

but that's only happened a few times, and it never turned into a relationship. Yeah if that was occurring all the time I might sing a different tune, atleast until I got into middle age. hI try to talk to girls who don't get it and wake them up, but they are completely stubborn. Now I've had plenty of success waking up guy friends because they don't have such closed, selfish minds but women refuse to wake up. They have swallowed materialism and the "princess" mentality hook line and sinker. Even older women have told me that they can't stand how bitchy my generations girls are and how selfish they act. I'm also not looking for a woman who is going use sex as a weapon and withhold from me in order to do her bidding. That's very immature behavior and if somebody truly loved me I and I loved them I wouldn't do that to them either. I see decent girls get with the biggest scumbags all the time just because they think he's confident or a "bad boy" and it's like they want someone to be mean to them or something. That's not to say that I go around kissing women's asses all the time either, but I just don't behave in some preordained way. I'm not a perfectionist about how good a woman looks either. Obviously, if somebody is significantly obese they are not eating right and this is stemming from other problems and I'm not interested but I'm not only trying to get 10s. In fact I'm pointingout girls all the time to friends of mine telling em' I think they're hot, cute whatever and they'll be like "eww gross she looks weird" so I'm not picky. Maybe there are people who are just meant to be alone, but if they are like me and lonely a lot of time and want to be with someone then that doesn't really make a lot of sense. I've even had people tell me they think I'd be a lot happier if I had a companion.

You are looking for a girl

You are looking for a girl who is in the minority. To find a woman who thinks out side the box, attend functions where people who think out-side the box will be. For example, consider joining a raw food potluck meetup group if there is one where you live. (They are quite popular in California.) These groups are mostly women and they tend to be very knowledgeable and open minded. Or join a Ron Paul libertarian meet-up group.

If you want a girl that likes the water,

go to the river. If you like a girl that reads books, go to the library. Get it? You are in an isolated bubble of politics? Put politics aside (I know, if it's possible) and go to where you find happiness and you'll find the girl there. Like attracts like. Opposites do not attract.

I'm sorry you're lonely, my nineteen year-old is experiencing this same thing but he's mad about it and no doubt carries around an aura that screams "Do not approach me, I'm on overload of you superficial twits"....you may subconsciously be doing that as well.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer


I'm in somewhat a similar situation as this young man and what you're advising is basically the same conclusion I came to.

With that in mind I just recently moved to where my "river" is in hope to find my girl there too. I'm still settling in so I haven't started the search yet but I believe you are right about going to where you find happiness and finding the girl there too. What's more I just found out Dr. Paul will be visiting my neck of the woods in a few weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone there at the rally. There may be gold in this river after all. If I don't find a Ron Paul girl I have confidence I can persuade almost anyone into one. It's just like fishing. You have to have patience, don't scare the fish, use the right bait, the right time, know when to set the hook, don't pull so hard you break the line and slowly but surely reel them in.

Also you are right about the aura thing. You can tell when someone has that kind of frustrated self defeating aura about them. I believe women especially can sense it. Take a cue from the "over confident scum bags" you see out there that are getting all the women. Be confident stupid! Confidence is sexy. If you don't believe in yourself no one else will. No one's perfect so get over any flaws you think you have. Own yourself, the flaws and all. You are a magnificent beast. Strut your stuff. Women will come out of the woodwork for you. That is the key ingredient I saw in anyone of my friends or acquaintances that got married.

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. . . and, Gosh, only if you, upright bright conscientious men,

knew how many shy, lonely and lovely girls/ women exist in this world! They may act and speak like some mindless TV characters, but most of the time, that is their desperate effort to look "normal" in their TV-induced skewed notion. They will be relieved to be able to peel off those silly masks and become their thoughtful loving selves. . . and that happens, only when they feel loved (by you) and secure.

Happy grateful people DO attract other gracious people. And we have SO MUCH to be glad & grateful for, having discovered the path to LIBERTY :-)

this post isnt about gmo's or

this post isnt about gmo's or about the development of john's personal views, it is about the failure of the experiment of having families without a head of household, a final decision maker, of 'equal partnerships.' it is in the nature of people to disagree. if no party is acknowledged to have the final word it is a recipe for endless fighting, tension, and war on every issue.

Bill3, are you willing to

Bill3, are you willing to forever be the one who acquiesces in any disagreement? Or would you prefer to be the Lord of the house?



So question is, who is the final decision maker?

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ


We all know that GMOs are bad, but when I read comments that liken having a soda to murder or freaking out over having a fucking Twix, then the debate is no longer worth it.

Having a piece of candy every now and again doesn't make someone a 'sheep', nor does it mean they're going to sprout a third ear or get cancer. From the cell phones people use to the very air we breathe, we're all being poisoned; a single Reese's cup isn't going to make much of a difference.

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I so feel you!

I had my dad say to me the other day " Your ruining your life with how much time you spend thinking about this stuff." Then went on to not only laugh at me but make fun of me for my ideas and sharing of these topics. Needless to say that day did not end well.
We, as a people, are faced with a major change in in our way of life. What was is about to change on a level that no one alive has experienced. I believe that "people" are locked in the 1st stage of grief.

The Five Stages of Grief, includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kübler-Ross_model

From wikipedia "Denial — "I feel fine."; "This can't be happening, not to me."
Denial is usually only a temporary defense for the individual. This feeling is generally replaced with heightened awareness of possessions and individuals that will be left behind after death. Denial can be conscious or unconscious refusal to accept facts, information, or the reality of the situation. Denial is a defense mechanism and some people can become locked in this stage."

This is what I seam to run into over and over again. I am waisting my life by spending a few hours reading the "alternative media" , the internet, but it is just fine to spend 4-6 hours a day obsessing over your favorite football team.

I think the only thing I can to is to keep tying to get people to see the bigger picture, but not with a sledgehammer, its just to much for people to take.

As for you and the wife, I would suggest showing her some movies on the topics. Try to gain some understanding with her. Don't try to force, educate. I can give you a list of movies, but I but you know them too. It seams to be easier for some people to accept all of this than others with out going into the OMG OMG and sticking your head in the sand.

Anyways, Have hope you are not alone.

I'm currently in the

I'm currently in the depression stage... :( But yes, society, at large is two steps behind.

Hey, I'm that wife and I'll tell you . . .

Soon after we got married in 1991 my husband wanted to put dry texured vegetable protien into our LDS food storage. I could see that soon I would be cooking it so that it could be rotated and not wasted. I blocked that one sucsessfully, wineing that I wanted to eat fresh meats and not all this dried food. I, on the other hand, freaked out when he was giving our baby honey graham crackers because I heard that some honey somewhere was tainted.

Fast Forward to 2008 when he introduced me to Ron Paul - that was an easy transition, I even pulled ahead of him, made him become a PCP with me, and I went to the RNC as an Oregon Delegate (without him - he refused to stomach the contention)BTW Oregon Delivers! About the time we become PCP's he starts to go Paleo with his new hero Mark's Daily Apple (he wants me to read it but I don't want to). All the kids are home around the dinner table and he is there telling us all how sugar causes cancer, how the bread products are toxic, and how it is better to drink your water at room temperature. I'm thinging GEEEEE, we already buy "happy" meat from New Seasons, have chickens, and only drink water. PLEASE, but he kept eating that way, trying to stay away from the potatoes, corn, tortillas, buns.

After the RNC I was so upset, I decided to protest diet and now I am day 36 Primal and lost 10 pounds already. If you are around someone long enough it does sink in, so keep being that person in their space that has better habits - at least she is tethered to you. There is hope because you and your healthy ways aren't going anywhere! Try doing a mini toy shop or fruit stand for your kids to trade their Halloween candy in for. No force, just good humor. The kids would LOVE to have chickens (my husband kept saying we were going to get them - finally I put my foot down and said we could only get them BEFORE the kids all started leaving home - oldest was 14 at the time - so that they would benefit too)

I think I am mostly on board now (we are working on solar panels now) but he doesn't like me to call it a diet - "it's a way of eating" and I say, Sorry but I LOVE chocolate - even though I can't eat it!

Can't eat chocolate?

These 3 ingredients. Mix them and put them in small confectioners paper cups.
Best chocolate you'll ever have. Use a double boiler to liquify the cacao butter.

raw cacao powder

raw cacao butter

raw honey

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Before all this was

Before all this was happening, over 35 years ago, I always told my kid candy was not good for her and allowed her like 10 pieces every year. We would dump out her bags, she would happily pick 10 and I would drag the rest of the crap to my job. But you just can't get really absolute about anything.
It is harder to constantly struggle--not only with the STUFF, but with someone else who does not want to hear it all. A happy medium--an even keel--needs to be found, or the ship will turn over and your love will drown. The grass is never greener on any other side of the fence.

Nice post! Primal dieters can

Nice post! Primal dieters can still have some chocolates!

Great post : )

Great post : )

I feel for you, brother. In

I feel for you, brother. In a similar space.

The thing is--the sad thing is, you're perfectly sane. This GMO thing makes fluoride, aspertame, BPA, etc., look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. This is a serious issue and literally would make the eugenists of the Nazi regime drool with envy. If only they had the infrastructure of the entire food supply at their beck and call!

The sad part is, by the time the masses fully awaken to this -- that is, people like your wife who don't see the harm of giving a "piece of candy" here and there to the kids, we will already see mass sterility and an epidemic of fatalities due to all kinds of cancers.

hey buddy

Why don't you have the kids pick what candies they like, you as a family make the candy homemade out of pure cane sugar, let the kids go out for halloween, throw away the bad candy, and fill their bags with the homemade candy for them to eat. The red pill, can be pretty devastating, but don't allow it to become arguments, practice self discipline, pick your battles and come up with creative solutions that make both you and your wife happy. Soda stream is a good solution for those soda lovers, there are limitless ways to apply the free market principles we stand behind into our everyday lives. I will tell you this, being in the liberty movement is a lonely decision, losing your wife over quasi understandings of issues and allowing a difference in opinion to bubble into fights is not only selfish, but the loneliest decision you can make. best of luck.

You just got PAULED!

by the way....

I got them hooked on the Big Berkey water filter with the additional fluoride filters. It's been a few weeks and that is going great....water now tastes much better than filtered water out of the fridge. The kids like it with the sliced lemons we keep on hand.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

My wife listens.

GMO foods are Great.The world according to Monsanto.Check out Gary Nulls video that came out today.GMO Ticking time bomb on NaturalNews.com.I read about the GMO corn developed to make animals sterile .I didn't know Monsanto bought the patent rights to this type of GM corn.If you don't want kids eat GMO corn. Monsanto figured out most Americans will eat anything with GMO/Aspartame/MSG/trans fat,teflon ECT ECT.There just like Mikey in a old cereal commercial.He will eat anything.

Money talks and dogs bark

Hey, Mikey!

You're wrong. Mikey hates everything. Have you ever seen a Mikey ad, or are you going by what you've heard, or just making stuff up?

"Let's give it to Mikey!"
"He won't eat it, he hates everything."

[astonishment] "He likes it! Hey Mikey!"

When I was a kid, we used to eat almost a tablespoon of refined white sugar with our breakfast, ususlly some on a half a grapefruit, and the rest on a bowl of Wheaties or Raisin Bran. But then we had to walk about 1/4 mile up the driveway to the school bus.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I forgot what that old commercial was about

Mikey didn't like anything.I forgot the message about that commercial. I got that commercial wrong Maybe they should make a new GMO cereal commercial with a new Mikey that likes everything GMO.`

Money talks and dogs bark

Mikey Likes IT......

You had IT right blueman. In the old commercials (70's) he did like everything.

The way things go here now on DP I can for see (or is it foresee or 4 C) a new thread develop just to argue this point.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Keep fighting

People joke around the office that I'm the "tin-foil hat guy", but when push comes to shove, they know if they have a question on the real issues they come right to me. A guy asked me about why the Fed is so important and wanted me to educate him. This is the payoff for all those times called crazy.

I started dating this girl a year ago and she is ex-Marine officer, "rules are good" type of girl. I have shown her another way to look at the world and she even admitted it was hard for her to let go of her traditional orthodoxies but now she has the same mistrust of bogus authority and rules that I do. She voted for Ron in the primaries and even asked me where money comes from months ago.

If you can change one person's life by showing them the truth, then you've done your part.


you are probably angry and no fun to be around.

Right after I woke up to the Zionist attack on America on 911 I too was angry and friends had to ask me to lighten up...I even turned off a few people that I may have been able to reason with had I not been so worked up.

It is hard to control your attitudes and emotions when you wake up to the truth. I have become more laid back about how I broach these topics...and now I even laugh and have some fun with it...and instead of always telling people how it is I just ask questions and let them figure out the answers....just get them thinking...in the meantime take a break from it...and lighten up.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

I feel for you. My wife and I are NOT on the same page about much of this. I give her credit for allowing me to do what I think is right, as long as it does not burden her too much. I try to keep most of it to myself, which is hard sometimes. Occasionally I will share a story or article with her, but only rarely so as to not overreach. This is a very tough issue--blame it on the powers that be for further destroying relationships.