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Wife thinks I'm losing it...

Sometimes I wish I had just taken the blue pill and can go back inside the Matrix. My wife and I are at odds over quite a few issues lately...GMO foods is the latest. After the French gmo rat study...I don't want the kids near the stuff. This is causing all kinds of friction over sodas, eating out, etc. The argument last night was over Halloween and the HFCS in the candy I don't want the kids eating.

She thinks I'm losing it and have turned into the most UNfun person around. Maybe she's right.

GMO, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, 9-11, coming dollar and financial collapse, etc, etc, etc,....it just never seems to stop. This rabbit hole I'm in seems to be a bottomless pit.

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Educate and let them make their own decisions

Be the example. Praise when they choose correctly. Express disappointment followed by encouragement when they choose poorly. Incentivize good behavior if you must. Show them the great alternative foods choices available to them. Eat them yourself and offer them to your family regularly. Don't get frustrated if they refuse at first. Every persistent offer will bring them that much closer. Make those foods more appealing than the harmful ones. 9/10(source:myself) people will eat the food that's most readily available and convenient for them. Have it near ready to eat, in the cupboards and the fridge, on the table in their lunch sacks. Soon they will grow accustomed to it and actually request it. Patience, long suffering, love, example and optimistic persistence is the key. Demanding, forcing, ranting, criticizing, forbidding, ridiculing, arguing and fighting even if you are right will never persuade anyone and will only steel them against you. Keep at it, they'll come around. Good luck my friend.

You and your wife are just in Different Stages..

Watch these 5 vids on the 5 stages of awakening to understand. If she's willing, watch them with her, but if not, it will help is just you watch them. Maintain empathy for your wife - she is hurting and frightened. She'll need you're love an patience to get through the denial stage and confront the truth. It is hard to be loving when in the anger stage, but we who know must evolve past fear and anger to have a positive view of the future we will consciously create when this all crashes down. That positivity will attract others and give them courage - your wife included. I wish you all blessings in passing through this process. Here's the 1st vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vxY3ljK4ow&feature=plcp

very nice

thanks for the post... I will be using this. :)

Oh, but...

It sounds to me like you are actually in the 3rd or 4th stages. Hard ones, especially for dealing with people in stage 1.

No she is NOT right

YOU are the one who is right. I feel sorry for you because I too have gone through this and still am, and its getting worse due to all these disasters. It's hard to avoid eating and drinking poisons and toxins, etc... I too have been called paranoid and that I'm losing it. It's hard to go out with friends and I even sometimes get yelled at "DAMMIT Todd! We always have to watch EVERYTHING WE EAT because everything is bad!" or "I'm sick of this shit!!!" This is how get yelled at sometimes when I go shopping or trying to find something to eat at a restaurant. It's a huge burden to live with. I say "Well I'm just trying to avoid poisons and toxins in my food, and this helps you too you know?" I cant help it that I want to stay as healthy as I can, and I want my friends and loved ones to avoid these things as well.

I feel the exact same thing as you. HFCS, GMO's, MSG, fluridation, chlorine, BP Gulf of Mexico contaminated seadfood, now radiation from Fukushima in the Pacific ocean, concentrated in vegtables and other foods from HI, CA, WA, and other western states(not as bad in eastern US), etc... The list is becoming endless. It is true everything you say man. Just be patient and do what you can. I quit using microwave a long time ago btw. The night I found out about GMOs I was livid and threw out ALL GMOs in the cabinets and refrigerator. This was hundreds of dollars worth of food. Let's just say my roommate was pissed at me for months.

And I agree, once your awake you CANT go back. But understand it may be hard, but you are a blessed person if you are actually awake and aware. I get so mad watching tv and listening to the news now. My roommate and some of my friends and family also complain about how I always have to bring up deep/dark topics and debunk things.

Oh the one last thing I want to add is that at least my closest loved ones and friends are becomming like me slowly but surely. They may get frustrated with me but now they too want to avoid these things, just not as determined about it as me. lol so thats a good thing.

Has she not seen what you've seen?

Or does she just not believe it? My wife was the same way and so I asked her what she would need to see to believe it not knowing how she would answer. When she told me it was so easy to provide it to her that it freaked her out too and she's totally on board now.

I will say this, you can't go hide in a hole. We still go out to eat here and there. Remember that life is killing you everyday. That's just the nature of time. Just try to partake in things like GMO food and and playing outside while they are chemtrail spraying as few times per month as you can without it driving you crazy.

If they want you dead then you will be dead at some point. So enjoy each other when you can. It's better to live a short life having fun and being with the people you love, doing the things you love to do than a long life always staying on guard. For us, this whole awakening has opened us up to so much more than just the bad stuff that is trying to "get us". We now are talking about things like astrology, our spirituality and all sorts of other stuff that has been really fun to learn about.


The first thing you need to understand is that she does not understand. You identfiy the problem then try different teqniques to get the message to her. By bashing the idea down her throat will make her defensive. Let her feed your family the poison, then slowly educate her. Eg there was this medical program I watched where this guy had super bugs floating around his gut due to the anti-biotic fed beef. His gut leaked and they operated cleaning him out, but he had to fight for his life because they had no anti-biotic that could fight the bacteria. Sitting down with your wife, flicking the switch with this nicely msm produced program will make her start buying organic meat, food etc, then slowly wean your family off the poison.

I have health problems, all the suger, salt processed food, gluten (40% of the population have anit-bodies to gluten as they intolrant). Trust me this is ALL POISON, you are right to stop this, but there is poison in your wifes head, you must find the right way to get it out.

I understand your position...

I too feel that way some days. It is unfortunate that your wife and family are not on your side with this, but you are right. HFCS is nasty, nasty stuff. When my wife and I quit using products with that in it, we felt so much better. Then we ditched all grains and legumes and we are losing weight every week and feeling great.

Look up the Paleo diet, that is the road we are travelling down right now. Our next step is to suck it up an spend the extra money on grass fed meat so that we can finally get away from grains (especially the GMO crap they feed livestock) permanently. No one is saying that they cannot have sweets, it is just a different kind of sweet. Instead of a snickers, you eat some dark chocolate and some fruit. As a chocoholic it is satisfying. As for soda, that is a tough one to kick. We finally managed to do it, mostly by substituting iced tea instead. After a couple of months I finally feel ok having it on occasion, but nothing with HFCS, only cane sugar.

Keep up the fight, it is worth it. Food is one of the most important things we can do to change our lives. Did I mention that I lost 30 lbs. so far eating this way with no exercise? Did I mention that I don't feel bad eating bacon, every week? Eating good food is worth fighting for.

The Paleo Diet rocks!!!

My results are similar to yours. I've shed 29 pounds in just 9 weeks, with no exercise. I sleep better, less stiffness, less inflammation.

The drinks are the hardest. All summer I made peppermint sun tea, and lemonade from scratch, using pure cane sugar in moderation. If I have a glass of white wine, I dilute it with club soda, add a lemon and voila! A Spritzer!
Another trick you might like is to mix organic apple or cranberry juice with club soda.

I really don't miss the wheat or carbs. No cravings now. No suffering with a "diet."

yep, that's pretty much where

yep, that's pretty much where I've been for over a decade..paleo diet but not always organic meats and eggs. I've recently made that transition though. More expensive but worth it.

I've been getting organic meat now from Costco and http://vermontgrassfedbeef.weebly.com/

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Hold your ground

You have the right ideas.You need to show your wife the documentation & proof that her government is NOT looking out for her best interest.She just needs a wake up call.And even in her sleep state,if she is willing to take a risk with the GMO's & your kids,knowing that France is banning them,and other countries already have.....she needs a reality check as well.If there is just a POSSIBILITY that you may be feeding your kids poison,she should be jumping at changing their diet!Your kids are the most valuable thing you have!!!!

I just reminded my wife about Lots wife turning into a pillar of

salt because she had to look back at Sodom. No one likes change, and good change is rough. My wife and I came to the same conclusions 12 years ago when we both had dreams of angels telling us not to eat the meat. We are still vegans, and we love it. I do it for my spirituality , my wife dose it to keep the cancer away without chemo. The Angels gave us some good advice. We became more socially aware as a side effect. My advice is lead by example. We never stopped our kids form eating what they wanted, never lectured to them about their diet, and they made themselves vegetarians. My kids with the exception of the older one,( who now weighs 300 easy) are fit to a T. My oldest who loves all food, thought we were full of it. He blames his health problems on everything but his diet. I love my family, but I don't want to dictate to people. A piano could drop on your head, good eating wont necessarily prolong your life, but it will make the quality much better. Well thats what my tinfoil hat wearing Angels tell me any way. :D

This is something I think about a lot...

On one hand knowledge is power but on the other hand ignorance is bliss.

Lucky for me my entire family and most of my friends including my 12 year old son are freedom loving liberty minded Americans who stay away from GMO's and HFCS. So unlike you I don't receive any restence at home but I do sympathize with you. I was one of the last converts in my family so I guess they had to tolerate my ignorance for a time and not the other way around. Your wife will eventually see the truth in your message and she WILL come around. That is the beauty of being right.

"first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." -Ghandi

It sounds like your somewhere between the laughter and the fight which means the next stage is "you win"

Good luck

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

My wife moved out

and divorced us. Over food. She wants her refined carbs and that is about all she eats. It's like a drug. Brings pleasure. And like a drug if you don't get a constant supply you get anxious, sore, insomnia, etc. And like an addict she blames something other than her preoccupation with junk food. Yes she is a democrat too. Lost 2 sisters to cancer and yes they were junk food junkies too.

So I make alliances with none. No processed foods. GMO or otherwise. GMOs could be a problem and I'm almost certain that the gluten and mycotoxins present in grains are. I eat no wholewheat anything. No crackers, pasta, chips, bagels or any other processed food. No candy at Halloween or otherwise. No soda with sugar or HFC. No caffeine and no cereal.

I eat fats in bone broth, coconut oil, butter. Protein from animal meats and eggs and well steamed low carb vegetables.

I know what you are thinking and I have read some of the other comments and you can try 2 things. 1)Look carefully at the package of refined foods and look for fat and protein (both important)content and look for vitamins and minerals. 2)try going without refined foods for 3 days and watch what happens. You will probably be climbing the wall after 1 day. It's an addiction. And addiction lead to crashes.

I wish I had some advice for those households at odds with the food thing. Myself and 2 daughters have had significant changes for the better related to our health.

Good Luck


The new GM semi-dwarf wheat introduced in the 60's

has a different protein (gliadin) that is an opiate, which "binds to the opiate receptors in your brain and stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year." So, you are correct, it IS a drug, and she has an addiction to it. An enormous number of maladies are connected to this distortion in the wheat protein.



It is well worth the hour spent to listen to the Red Ice interview.

Sometimes food is used to satisfy mineral cravings.

American grain and produce are fed three minerals in their fertilizer. Even farmers have to give their livestock minerals.

Humans require at least 60 minerals to thrive. Many who have struggled with eating issues are calmed when they get the trace minerals they were craving.

I also add dark chocolate and recently raw chocolate to what you listed.

The chocolate nut told me about raw chocolate:

Good Eating!

Free includes debt-free!

It's my understanding Paul_S

that the consumption of grains reduces our body's ability to takeup the minerals in food. I do supplement both calcium and magnesium and in a 1:1 ration instead of the common 2:1 ratio. I also eat only sea salt which has all the trace minerals. The theory is that we are in fact low in minerals and so are our soils. Our body robs minerals from our bones and teeth to run the major organs. We are left with rotting teeth and porous bones. Know anyone with lots of dental work and osteoporosis?

I watched some of David Wolfe and I am somewhat skeptical (though thanks for the link)of his fruit tree planting. Fruit is another sugar that in moderation to a healthy person occasionally might be OK. I'll watch more later.

Thanks Paul_S



I find myself doubting that the food was really what spoiled your marriage. But hey, don't trust me, I'm no Alex Jones and I don't have books to sell.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Hey Pauling Is My Hobby.

Nice observation. You sure you don't have a book to sell? Here is what I have noticed. People are attracted to one another for reasons. As I look around I see many (if not all) relationships bound together via food. That is not to say that love is not there but it has been distorted like our food.


Sorry to hear, but good for you for standing your ground

It's like alcoholism addiction. The addicted will do anything to get their fix, despite the pain and hazards to the family. You did the right thing and raising your daughters healthfully. Good for you.

Hey silverngold

based on my personal experience you are dead on. My daughters are 15 & 17 and though there were complaints early on (remember it's an addiction) both girls have done well and actually had many improvements. I should have mentioned that my former wife and I share the girls 1 week on and 1 week off. She lives with her father and step mom. Between the 3 adults there in the home is a missing prostate, lung, hearing, fallopian tubes (our girls are adopted)teeth and common sense. The father has lost 2 daughters (my former wife his third)and they still can't add it up. At my home everything works and we have cat/dog (both eating raw meats) Gecko (raw crickets)chickens, sunflowers and a dad that is not going to compromise on their health. I'm pleasant and will it backfire? Maybe but I can't change now after learning what I have. It is like holding ones nose and voting for George or Bill or Barack. Once you have met Dr Paul you realize why you were holding your nose.

Isn't that one of the reasons we like the good doctor? He is steadfast and doesn't compromise. He is pleasant and knows his stuff. He is willing to lose his time trying to help us and after decades he has a bigger audience than ever. 5 years ago I really didn't know who he was and now I find myself agreeing with all that he says.

Good luck folks.


What do you feed the cats? I

What do you feed the cats? I feel bad that I am not taking good care of them!

Hello paulitesociety

A little history if I may and maybe more than you want to know but it is a community. Right? It was 1996 and my wife was gone to Italy. I was the father, mother, get the girls to school and do my work and did I mention the water heater broke? The cat at about 5-6 years old had lost weight and some of her teeth were sticking out of her mouth and loose. I took her to a vet and they pulled some teeth and gave her shots and told me there was not much more they could do. That I should bring her back later and they would clean teeth and pull some more and give her more shots. The math will tell you that was 6 years ago.

Like many of us do I started doing research (and whom do you trust)and decided I would get rid of the grains. So I bought dried food without grains and added cod liver oil and coconut flakes. After a few more months and watching her health improve I decided to go wild and served only raw meats and chicken liver. I still added CLO and other fish oil. Some granulated garlic and brewers yeast flakes. She resisted at first and then hunger drove her to the real food. It didn't take long for her to devour the livers. She takes them from her bowl and drags/carries them somewhere and eats them. Just like a wild animal. I refer to her as "My Black Panther". After the change she lost weight and then put it back on. She also went through lots of scratching and flea bites and left flea eggs wherever she laid. This concerned my daughters and it was a perfect lesson. Why? because I believe that many of us are full of toxins and in her case it was probably the flea treatments we gave her and combined with cheap food. See the theme?

Here is my theory. Ready? Fleas are attracted to animals like flies are attracted to a manure pile. Because that is where the food is. As nature works they are there to clean things up. When the animal gets healthy "bugs" are not attracted for the most part. Kinda like the reason bank robbers rob banks. Because that is where the money is. I suspect it is the same with all our other "diseases". Cancer being near the end if not addressed. I am also suspicious of the cancer gigs. We have been throwing money at it for 60 years and no cure? More than ever? Striking younger people (I lost 2 sisters in law). They were in the hands of doctors who cut, poisoned and radiated. It does provide lots of jobs looking for this mysterious disease. So take your feelings of "bad" and turn it into some chicken livers and see what happens. One more thing on the cat. She had lots of grey hair and I recently brushed her with a Furminator comb. I pulled off a wad of hair that was as big as her and her remaining fur is soft, shiny and black. She still has a few flea issues and I would place her 90% cured and doing well for an 11 year old cat that 6 years ago was almost written off. Needless to say I did not go back to the vet because folks as my name implies, The Doctor Is In. In us.

Now, wanna read my dog story?


My cats will thank you!

I am going to try this, thanks for responding - details are good to have, I'll buy the comb and oils and search for the food and ask the meat guy where the livers are. Are the coconut flakes the same as used for cake making? Our vet was giving cortizone shots to one of our cats to help with her skin itching, claimed the regimen needed to continue. The guy at the pet store told me that it causes the animals skin to get thinner over time, What! I never got her another shot and it went away on its own. I have seen myself how natural recuberation can be better.

Paleo, it is the only way to go...

Sorry to hear your wife divorced you over food, luckily mine wanted to join me in eating Paleo (basically no grains or legumes). It is been an interesting ride. I thought it was going to be harder than it was. Sure, we still eat some refined garbage every so often, probably more than we should, but we are now miles away from where we were a few months ago. Level is the best way to describe how we feel. No ups and downs, just hungry and not hungry. We do our best to avoid GMOs as much as possible. Unfortunately, we are on a tight budget and meat is a staple of paleo so affording grass fed anything is difficult. Although, I suppose if we went without a meal out full of crap we could afford the extra cost... I suppose that is our next hurdle to get over. Good luck with your dietary choices and know that you are not alone in your quest. With 30 fewer lbs. on my frame, I am never ever, ever, ever going back to eating refined garbage on a regular basis.

Good for you OriginalEMZ

I remember eating 4-5 times per day. Rice, beans, raw vegetables, juice, almond milk, fruit, nuts and I was always hungry. After changing I went from 165lbs to 123lbs in a few months and I assume my body was ejecting all the junk that a high fat diet allows to happen. I have since gone back up to 150lbs. Fat is the compound that allows our body to chelate out the junk. What junk? Mercury, lead, fluoride and decades worth of junk food and its waste that are stored in our cells waiting for the right condition to exit. If the right condition does not come along we end up with cancer, diabetes, etc. And all of these conditions are our body trying to get clean.

Alone? Yeah baby it feels that way sometimes. And here is what keeps me going. My daughters health and this little quote: "we are born alone, live alone and die alone and if you can find a few really good people to hang with great, but it is not necessary".

I'm going to hold you to the "never ever" thing.


You chose steamed vegetables over your wife?

Holy shit.

I hope it was worth it.

Yo Mark

Actually my shit is much better and thank you. Another symptom of junk food is a poor elimination system. Constipation, diarrhea, long times on potty and lots of TP. Some of us now like Gary Johnson and he has Celiac Disease and another disease of junk food. That broken leg bone he advertises (think poor mineral absorption). Even the good doctor has a knee replacement. He promotes raw milk which I believe is superior to processed.

Let me make this clear. It takes two to say yes to marriage and only one to say yes to divorce. I didn't choose it, she did. Have you ever tried to change the mind of a person unduly influenced by junk food? Give it a shot sometime. You can test my theory by convincing one of your democrat friends the value of RP. Let us know how it comes out. It's possible but not everyone you speak too will get it.

Was it worth it. Even though I didn't do it? I'll write "yes" because I now get to be myself and feed my daughters (half time) real food. My former father in law has buried 2 daughters at 49 & 55 years old.


Sorry to hear that.

But if you forced her to eat the food you think is healthy, and she refused, then it sounds to me that this was your choice as well.

You don't have to answer because it is none of my business, but would she have divorced you if she had your approval to eat however she wanted?

Hey Mark

I'm a Ron Paul supporter and how do you force someone to eat something? You married? If your spouse fed your children pasta 3 times a day would you support that? How can a mother eat whatever junk she wants and not have it affect your children?

With respect to my former wife I suspect that she ruined her fertility system with the consumption of junk food and we had the pleasure of adopting two girls. This is how nature works. Those that are not strong enough will not be able to reproduce.

And to further answer your question, she left her first husband she says because they couldn't have children. I know what you are thinking. What kind of marriage was it if children were the only thing holding it together? I'm thinking that too.

Now I'm worried for her health and the impact this has all had on our children but what is a father to do?

I think I'll have a cup of bone broth and hit the straw.