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Alex jones

Alex jones woke me up with fear. Alex jones is simple telling the truth, and the truth is scary. The ONLY thing about Alex is that he can exaggerate at times on issues.

He wants you to do more than

He wants you to do more than wake up with fear. He wants you to submit to it. Google "submit to fear" and ask yourself why Alex Jones inserts the phrase into his movies as a subliminal message.

What he said. Also, just

What he said.

Also, just relax. Stop obsessing over every possible problem and live life. Life is not worth living if worry, fear and caution consume it; especially when many of the fears are based on pseudo-scientific opinions. There are millions living perfectly normal, long, and healthy lives whom eat all kinds of things pseudo-scientists warn us against. I say live with the risk and don't look back.

At a minimum... take a break from everything political for a few months and then come back to it. A few months off isn't going to kill you.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

sugar from beets taste terrible.

stick with the sugar cane regardless. Or stevia! thats a good substitute.

great advice below by pm17brad

I'll just add if you aren't having any fun you need to change your perspective. Make sure you have some fun with your family else it is all for naught.

I like to think about it this way...huge amounts of GMO and other crap can kill you but small amounts might be helpful or even homeopathic. You body needs to learn to fight things off somehow.

Take some advice from Ron Paul...

and stay out of "entangling alliances"!


I just noticed Sierra Mist says it is made with sugar (not HFCS).

It's rough - once you realize most of this stuff really is poison. I have a hard time with the Halloween candy industry ("the pagan festival" LOL love it!) I will look into the Heath Bars (made with sugar). This year I will do some more research and post what I find.

You mean....


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm- What the? >
Strike The Root: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

Yes, eat your poison in moderation...

... what a crock. I'm shocked to see such a laissez faire attitude among my fellow Liberty supporters. You know about the forces that worked against Ron Paul and somehow this is all kooky tin-foil hat stuff? Wake up.

GMO grains are designed to produce a pesticide that breaks open insect stomachs and kills them. GMO plants get sick and die more often than non-GMO plants. Glycophosphate (RoundUp) binds nutrients so cells can't process them. Animals fed GMO grains also get sick more often and have documented nutrient deficiencies. Humans that eat GMO grains and animals that have been fed GMO grains have traces of genetically modified proteins in their blood. This isn't about moderation. This is about yet another massive, legitimate conspiracy between big corporations and politicians. Is a soda/pop every now and then going to kill you? No. But you're one step closer to all of the proven dangers of GMOs... gut issues, infertility, allergies, autism. Again, if you or your kids have health issues just try a non-GMO diet.

I got an idea. Maybe you could make your own candy

Maybe you could either buy some non gmo candy or make your own. Martha Stewart has tons of recipes if you don't know where to start. Then, let the kids trick or treat as usual, then set up a swap shop. let them trade in their HFCS junk candy for amazing homemade confections. Yeah they'll be full of sugar and you'll be wiped out from all the cooking, but they'll be happy healthier and your wife can't accuse you of not being very "fun".

To save some time label-reading

I quit eating most anything with corn syrup years ago, just because I noticed it made me really tired. I now sometimes eat organic whole corn, though.

At the time, I read the ingredients on probably every candy in the candy aisle, and there are 2 that use sugar instead of corn syrup. Those are: skor bars, and heath bars. Plus there are some pastel mints that use sugar only, but they have artificial colors. And the skor and heath bars do have soy lecithin (probably gmo), so I eat them only occasionally now. At least a couple of years ago I did find some mini heath bars during the pagan holiday (aka halloween) candy sales.

I thought I wrote this

as I am feeling the same exact way! Although, thankfully, my wife feels(thinks) the same way too... (except for soybeans, she's having a hard time realizing that those are worse than modern day wheat)


Ok U Krazy SOB.
LOL Me to ;-))) Wife was ready to leave!!! DAMM Almost!!!LOL;-))
Ok then, found out to shut up and listen little more to her.
Then in your case lead by example . Till a garden with the kids and the wife. Raise some chickens ect . All will learn a lot about each other!!!If things go well, then eat them chickens. You will all learn more about life! Kill them clean them
Cook outside, open fire on a spit.Thank the Chicken for your life.OK
Hug each other, play music and LAUGH!!!!;-)
Like my 95 yr old Mother says " Everthing In Moderation"
Yea we eat them chickens when i was a kid!!! Damm hard to do after raising them!;-( But learned alot.

I had parents who were really

I had parents who were really over-protective. I started to resent the parental control by the time I was eight or nine years. I wish they had realized nanny parents are almost bad as nanny government. Looking back, it wouldn't have killed me to have a soda every now and then. A little thing called moderation is the best advice.

Hey gigibyte

just playing with you here. How much murder is in "moderation"? Child abuse? Wife beating, husband beating? Cocaine? Theft?


Perhaps it depends on the

Perhaps it depends on the child or there somehow must be more to it than that.. As a kid, I was never allowed soda. I was told it wasn't good for me. I listened to my parents. To this day, I don't drink soda. I think it's disgusting to drink a strange unnatural chemical. Water or fresh juice for me. I'm glad I was raised this way; it's probably saved a lot of weight off my frame that I might otherwise have had I been a soda drinker (I do have other food issues..and I love coffee). It's funny because people try to force soda on me as a joke and will swap out my drink so I drink it on accident. I can't even swallow it, I have to spit it out. When someone tries to get me to drink soda I like to ask them, "What IS soda? What are you even drinking?" I'm raising my 7-year-old the same way. She is not allowed soda and she has never cared to drink it. I'm hoping she thinks it tastes gross too since she's never had a chance to develop a liking for it. She also loves broccoli and veggies and plenty of natural things since that's all she's ever ever had. I really don't think it's about being "over-protective."

As a kid, I think I resented

As a kid, I think I resented the most being forced to go to church....that and all the years my dad smoked around me. Surprised I'm still standing from all that second hand smoke.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Churches/religion is one of

Churches/religion is one of the largest hording mechanism of our time... People seem to dodge the conversation though.

I think it's significant to debate religion. But whenever it comes up, people tend to shy away as if to protect themselves from outside criticism.

Any thoughts or tips regarding this?

Keep digging then.

Keep digging then.

Southern Agrarian

It's funny to think.....

What others see as "losing it", is actually because you're "getting it".....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm- What the? >
Strike The Root: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

That's why you have a wife.

It's all about balance. Your alright, just avoid all extremes. Your wife is just trying to calm you and bring you to a healthy balance. Bring her flowers and thank does wonders!

As much as we hate to admit it

It's all about the art of compromise. By that, I do NOT mean giving up on your beliefs. What I mean is, pick your battles and take baby steps.

1) Prioritize: Which of those issues you mentioned do you feel is MOST important and causing your family the most harm right now? Is it something you can personally change? (i.e. chemtrails would be very hard for you, on your own, to eliminate).

2) Find something that is important to your wife (that you can live with, even if you don't love the idea), and then make a sort of trade. For example: You will agree to let your kids eat "nasty" halloween candy they get from uninformed neighbors for TWO weeks per year (Halloween time), and you will work to find sources and/or recipes for and encourage the kids to eat homemade snacks and candy that are made withno HFCS, non-GMO and other healthy ingredients. In exchange, she will 100% back you up on this with the kids, and you will back her up on her idea.

3) If everyone is agreeable, pretty soon the healthy snacks will become the "new normal" instead of the HFCS and GMO crap. You can reinforce this with your kids by emphasizing some other benefit--i.e. we can have dessert more often as long as it doesn't contain the "junk" ingredients. Now you can move on to the next most important issue.

4) Don't forget that if you make the junk 100% against the rules, no one will go for it. Let them keep about 5% of the junk, and they will be 95% healthier. In time, they might make their own decision to eliminate 100% of the junk. That is the "art" part of the compromise--getting them to believe they are still getting what they want!

We did this with soda. We only drink it when there is a birthday party, or on the rare occasion we go out to eat (in fact, they only order soda about half the time!). They can live with that because it is not completely out of the question. I can live with it because it eliminated so much sugar and HFCS from their diet.

You can also be the example instead of the lecturer. When I decided to go mainly "primal" and grain-free in my diet, I announced what I was doing, then just did it. I did not require it from anyone else in my household. Six months later, I brag to them often about how great I feel, how fit I look and how horribly my body reacts now when I occasionally overdo the grains. The kids and hubby are now asking me questions about it, they are trying my primal meals (which are made with pretty normal stuff) and they no longer balk when I limit pasta to once per week. It is becoming the new normal, and my habits are rubbing off on them by osmosis.

Don't forget: Take baby steps, and give up some things that are less important in order to get what is more important.

Good luck!

You are being a nutjob if

You are being a nutjob if you're blocking your kids from those kinds of things.

Nearly all the food in the world has crap in it, you can't stop eating. Speak against it, educate against it, support products without it, but completely banning it in the household is just silly.

I liken it to the whole Chik-fil-a thing. Listen, I support gay rights and all that, but I'm not going to refuse a casserole from my right wing Aunt Sally.

I mean if there's reasonable alternatives, sure, go for it, but sometimes there's not and you have to live with it. A lot of people have eaten a lot of that stuff and they are just fine, the key is to keep it in balance.

The worst thing about all this is that while you holding your ground may be noble in your own mind, perhaps even in reality, it is going to make you look all the crazier to her and push her away if you continue to cling so tightly to unrealistic things such as this.

Think you're paranoid now? Go watch "Genetic Roulette"

My wife and I are big natural/foodie advocates and this GMO stuff is TERRIFYING. And its all the direct result of massive agricultural corporations like Monsanto buying out Washington DC so their toxic products remain on the market. They've been poisoning us for decades and Americans are finally waking up to the truth. It's mind-blowing when you start learning what they've done to our food supply. Animals fed GMO grain had higher smaller babies with higher death rates, and the offspring were sterile within 2-3 generations. That's why GMO labeling initiatives like Prop 37 in California are so critical. If CA can force Monsanto to label GMO foods (like Monstanto is required to do everywhere else in the world EXCEPT the US) then other states will follow and the gig will be up. If the public outcry is loud enough and people start avoiding GMO's, the companies will adapt. Its all about money and if they will produce what the people WILL buy. If you or your kids have allergy issues, gut problems, autism spectrum, fertility issues, etc. PLEASE look into the GMO issue and at least try going on an organic AND GMO-free diet. If nothing changes, you can go back to eating what you want if you wish.

He that believeth and is

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink ANY DEADLY THING, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
(Mark 16:16-18)

Try not to worry so much. They can try to poison us all they want to.

Take heart

A lot of us here are going through the same thing. I'm practically being disowned by my in-laws who think I've gone off the deep end. I'm finding it hard to paste on a smile. Yet, I know my husband works hard all day and it would be really nice to come home to a cheerful wife (unlike the gloom-n-doom wife I've been lately).

I'll just repeat some of the same sentiments that have already been said here: enjoy time with your family and don't forget that no one can handle a steady diet of hard-hitting truth without a break once in a while. Even though my mother and father in-law will probably never be won over, my husband, slowly but surely, is coming around as I give him a little here, a little there. If I notice resistance I try to lay off and give him his space. Usually, after a while, he'll start asking honest questions about what I shared if I've tried to show him some respect.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Your wife is right

Those who have suddenly found the "truth" usually go hyper, feel anxiety and overreact.

Testing on rats usually have many unnatural elements - special rats with reduced immune system, overly large dose, pure chemical compound instead of natural mix, desire for the research team to produce sensational result to get ahead in life, etc. False alarm was found many times before - in MSG, Vitamin C in cabbage, etc.

But idle "researchers" long for publicity and government grants. Hysteria is their main tool. Thus, USA "researchers" had "proved" the danger of Chinese export glass, by grinding it into the powder and finding lead. But wait - all quality crystal glasses from Europe have 7-27% lead. It is simply bound.

My wife and I went through the same thing

it took months to finally get her going in the same direction. She would come home with all of these "snacks" and "cereals" and I got to the point to where I just started throwing it away little by little! Luckily there is a Trader's Joe's not to far away from us, which has made it easier to shop. Not easier on the wallet but a better piece of mind knowing that their brand excludes gmos from their products. This summer I'm finally going to start a GARDEN!! You'll get there my friend, just have patience and slowly give her info and your concerns about why your kids should not eat something that was made purely for profit. Good Luck!!

You are a good father and husband...

...hold your ground and save your family. Your wife will love you all the more for it one day.

John C,Seek some counseling

John C,

Seek some counseling for your marriage. Your union means that the GOALS of you and your wife must be the same for your marriage. No, you don't have to agree on everything, but your GOALS must be the same. Write down the goals of your marriage, e.g. raising the kids, etc and seek agreement with your wife on those goals. Focus on those COMMON goals and put other issues secondary to those COMMON goals. The secondary issues are still important, but secondary to your common goals of marriage. Best wishes as marriage is like walking a tight-rope sometimes...