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Wife thinks I'm losing it...

Sometimes I wish I had just taken the blue pill and can go back inside the Matrix. My wife and I are at odds over quite a few issues lately...GMO foods is the latest. After the French gmo rat study...I don't want the kids near the stuff. This is causing all kinds of friction over sodas, eating out, etc. The argument last night was over Halloween and the HFCS in the candy I don't want the kids eating.

She thinks I'm losing it and have turned into the most UNfun person around. Maybe she's right.

GMO, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, 9-11, coming dollar and financial collapse, etc, etc, etc,....it just never seems to stop. This rabbit hole I'm in seems to be a bottomless pit.

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gps1976 - I'd say don't get married or wait for a few years

also, research the facts around a marriage license. If I had it to do over again I would probably not get married. For SURE I would not get a marriage liscense. I've been married for 24 years and I've never been happier but I now feel stupid that my wife and I unknowingly entered into a 3 way contract with The State by getting a marriage liscense.

Like RP says, if you want to get married it should be handled by a church or just by having a ceremony in front your friends and family and making a public committment to each other.

By allowing The State to become a part of your marriage (when you voluntarily get a marriage license)...you have given The State a legal way for them to take your children if they determine you are "unfit" to be a parent.

The dept of children and family services cannot take your children, force them to attend public skeul, or force them to receive vacinations if YOU don't sign a legal document that says they can.

(And for the record, I'm aware that there are always exceptions and since The State uses coercion and violence...they can and will do whatever they want if they really want to) But, most of the time people who have children and did not get a marriage license cannot have their kids taken from them by The State. However, most are tricked into signing a release form or are threatened in some other way into allowing The State to have the final say about things like vaccines, schooling, or if they can be taken from you. But without The State being 1/3 of the of your marriage...its much more difficult for them to force their will on your offspring.

I've certainly advised my daughter to only make a commitment to the man she wants to live the rest of her life with. I remind her constantly that she has to be very careful that she does NOT sign ANYTHING that will create a 3 way union between herself, the man she plans to marry, and The State.

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You should take some time

It's not like your going to meet someone and have 10 minutes to decide whether to marry them or not. Have a few chats before tying the knot.

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This is important

This is an important question you have raised. Your partner needs to have your beliefs, otherwise it turns ugly. Especially when it comes to raising kids. It's always best to give the women last say in raising the children but the men offer input everywhere they can. Negotiate contentious issues but make sure you're both on the same page before taking the plunge

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Take it from me...you shouldn't bother...

Marriage is a difficult enough endeavor, ad the kids and you can bet you'd better see the world in the way your wife does. Why spend the rest of your life in strife that you can see starting out.

Once the lusty fun stuff recedes, you'll be left wondering WTF? Stay single until you are positive that you have the right one. Its more fun anyway...and you have nothing vested.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

first thing....

listen to yourself.

and you've done that. that's what you're doing right now.

this doesn't mean that your wife, or anyone else for that matter, is going to jump on board.

i've been working on my parents, my siblings, the rest of the entire family around us.

i share your plight as we ALL here MUST do - unless there are those (like the comments directly below this one suggest) who pick and choose what to take seriously or not.

the food issue is the most important issue i think because you are literally voting for the vote by going to the store and buying it straight up.

i will NOT let my 2 year old or any children that come along in my life EVER be touched by poison - if i can help it - do help me god (if there is a god?) - and i implore you to remain diligent on this front.

it's really hysterical to my wife and me - thankfully i do not have to fight my wife on ANY issue as she is the one who was at this table long before i ever was - that so many fellow paul supporters still eat total and complete horse crap every damn day and yet they find it necessary to tell you that you are going to end up being your own family's dictator should you put yourself between them and the poison that is so prevalent in our nation today.

that's really great you guys. keep sucking up the rat poison - keep pretending that a little is okay - that halloween is just a ONE TIME A YEAR DEAL.....

i know you walk into 7-11 every morning and grab you a nice $hit filled corn dog, a bag of corn nuts, and a slurpee to boot. i know what you people do. but don't tell this guy that he need not care for a few minutes or hours or days about his family and their health.

sir - you have indeed lost it.....but what "it" is - is not your mind like that would suggest.

you have lost only the glue that kept you firmly stuck to a mirror that once dislodged you can see yourself and what you do to yourself.

congratulations. welcome to hell on earth. there are many of us here to greet you and we welcome you with open arms. our mission is not to remain here however - it is to turn this wretched mess into what it deserves - what we deserve - it to be.

Don't make yourself a nervous

Don't make yourself a nervous wreck. Someday, I feel like I'm like that. Remember to take it all in stride. There are some things we can control and others we can't. Those you can't, simply prepare for what could happen, keep eyes open, and let it go. And even though you are worried about the corn (so am I), we don't always know which products have the GMO corn. For peace in your family, I'd do a compromise and simply limit consumption. That's what has happened in my household. Seems to work.

Remember what morpheus said,

"Unfortunatley no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself."
My wife was the same way. she voted and campaigned for Obama in 08 right before I met her. We disagreed on most of the gotcha political issues and she suspected I was paranoid. She has come to agree with me on just about everything. I think at this point she knows I'm telling the truth, but part of her still doesn't want to believe that she had ever not known it all. Its gotta be tough to accept somebody who wants to tear down everything you thought the world was...
My method was to not directly oppose her or force feed the red pill, because that would only solidify her opposition more. she was not ready to accept truth so i had to present it slowly, piecemeal. Gently and indirectly inject the idea. Socratic questioning is effective too, but think it through beforehand.

For food issues, I just totally took on the role of cook. She went from eating out and microwaving boxed food to eating home cooked meals out of the garden. I took it as my responsibility to to make my fresh food taste better than the stuff with msg and aspartame. Herbs, spices, the 'fond' from seared meat can have onions sauteed on it and then deglazed with any liquid for an awesome pan sauce. and it cleans your pan.

Stop worrying. Maybe take a

Stop worrying. Maybe take a break from politics and then when you come back, catch up, but keep quiet about politics for awhile when you are at home. That's what I did when my husband complained about my involvement a couple of years ago. He was pretty much apolitical up till then, although he did always like Ron Paul.

This year for the first time he went to the caucus and conventions with me. He got caught up when he found out how much power one had when one becomes a delegate. He then became a delegate, as well. All that time I was not pushy. I let him take the lead on his participation level.

At home I kept what I read and believed to myself. But never once did I hide my passion about liberty at those conventions. He was taken by surprise when he saw this new side of me and he liked what he saw. I spoke before large assemblies. I knew Roberts Rules. I knew which way to vote on planks and rules. He met all the nice people I had met over the past few years. He never has complained once this past year.

You can fix this. I did. Good luck.

Maybe you should try....

respecting your kids' individual choice, instead of trying to shove every Alex Jones conspiracy theory down your family's throats?

I don't play, I commission the league.

Who Mentioned Alex Jones?

I don't think anyone is trying to shove anything down anyone's throat. Hmmm "respecting our kids individual choice" eh? My kids are 4 and 6, they would eat high HFCS, sucralose, hot dogs and candy all day long if we left it up to them. Get a grip, parenting is our job and we have to put our kids on the right road

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Parenting from the opposite extreme...

being super-strict and not letting your kids do ANYTHING, never works either - especially when it's based on esoteric fears derived from deeply flawed studies that young kids wouldn't understand or care about.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I empathize with you, these comments are way too harsh

They must not understand what your going through

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

I'm in the same situation

You have to stay strong, find a alternative fun solution better than their dependence But all is well in moderation of course

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

Don't force or become a sourpuss. You just need to educate.

Making them them aware of it is important, but you can't be forcing, coercing, nagging, or generally become a sour puss. I personally wouldn't take away Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmans, and etc.

You've been eating the crap

You've been eating the crap your entire life yet you're ready to deprive your kids of a few pieces of candy on the second best holiday of the year for kids?

Stop being an idiot. They aren't going to get cancer because they ate a few Reeses Cups.

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That crap he's been eating his entire life has changed with the

advancements in genetics. Dude! Pick up a book before you pontificate on stuff you don't understand. They are making frankin-food out of everything. They are modifying food at the very least to make it more addictive. They admit that already.

You need to read up on Monsanto and understand their motivations. I'll give you a clue. Their motivation isn't to feed the world and make us healthier.

keep saying that to yourself

i'm sure a little cancer you can deal with.

LOL! Right on! Stop being a

LOL! Right on! Stop being a dictator in your own family!

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin


Halloween is 1 time a year. let the kids get the candy, let them eat some candy... use moderation... when we were young, our parents would regulate the candy we collected on holloween, if we ate too much at once, they would just take it all from us...

moderation is the key with many things... just don't feed them HFCS every day, maybe you can take their candy and "Trade it in" (throw\give it away and get different kinds) for some real sugar candy, etc...

i dunno, just a suggestion for ya...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

moderation IS the key to many things, you're right.

but not with poison. sorry.


The candy 30 or 40 years ago didn't have HFCS or hydrogenated oils and did not have GMO ingredients or the deadly Aspartame.

Real gum including bubblegum without all the above poison.

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you can do is provide the information to them...if they don't want to follow in your footsteps with food etc. then that's their choice. Indvidiual liberty. I hear ya though...it's tough knowing this stuff and getting it through to other people.

I feel that way about my

I feel that way about my wife, but not young kids. It's my job as a parent to watch over what goes into their bodies.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


i agree. I've known a couple people struggling with chronic illness (chronic fatigue, Lymes, Fibro) who attribute everything to the way we live our lives these days (chemicals, GMOs, water supply etc). I agree with you...kids should be protected by their parents until they can make up their own minds.

You got there on your own, did anyone force you?

Don't force the wife and kids, or else you will only guarantee that they will never get to where you are. Lead by example, find positive opportunities to explain why you are doing what you are doing for yourself. Control over others is an illusion, but the illusion often temps us to make it reality by using force. But that "reality" is also an illusion, since any compliance on their part is only an illusion to fool you into stopping said force. Rinse, repeat. Same situation here, wife is always on my case about eating fried eggs over easy, a true believer in conventional wisdom.


Your wife is a stupid cow

and a liability.

I would not be surprised if you are on the news eventually being hauled off for having too many guns and it's your wife who called the cops saying she was afraid that you were "getting crazy" or something.

It seems like she wants back into the matrix, if she ever left.

All you have are facts and your arguments, but in her "arsenal" there's an entire system complete with cops and prisons that are ready to haul you off and take everything you have and all she has to do is lose an argument and decide "well, I'll show him" and pick up the phone.

You probably love her, but you should also consider in those zombie movies when someone meets their zombified loved-ones and fails to act properly - they go about saying "but it's her! Look she's here" and the others are like "dude, she's turned, she JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!" but what happens?

Yea, somebody gets bitten. You know the rest.

Get out of there.

life was good until i joined

life was good until i joined the republican party/gop. I am beginning to think the gop is just a virus! I am ready to say f it all after this election. Being involved in the gop is like having all diseases at once!

the only cure i see is to leave it and flush it into a septic tank where it belongs.

after nov 6th, i think the closest i will get to politics is my snowboard!

Ron Paul 2016

I'm fading away..

I kept telling myself that I would stay involved after Ron Paul....but I don't think I have it in me. I cant stand being around these phony-baloneys.

I am having these problems

I am having these problems with my husband. Last night he picked up some things from the grocery and brought home campbells soup, they line their cans with BPA, not to mention I'm sure there is gmo in there. I just told him i don't want to get that kind anymore and he got a little pissy wondering what can he buy. I told him I can't help it, I cannot call myself a good mother and knowingly put garbage into their bodies and I'm not going to let him make me feel bad for it. I know it's a hassle but seriously, these are our kids we're talking about here. We already have an aspy, I'm not risking anything more.

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consider gardening

And canning your own if that is a possibility. It'll be more constructive than worrying, you'll save some money, and gety some good exercise. You might be amazed how much food you can get out of a 500 or 1000 square foot kitchen garden. If you take up canning, look to craigslist or freecycle for equipment, many peo[ple are literally giving it away.

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