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Ron Paul on Big Bird, from his book, The Revolution

My Facebook account is aflutter with my lefty friends upset about Romney's PBS comments, and I immediately saw the slight of hand they are doing. The R's might be smirking a bit, but the Romney/Obama team have completely diverted the Left's conversation unto something meaningless and trivial. It's either brilliant or sad. Both the left and right are hoodwinked.

Monetary system? Murderous wars? NDAA? Patriot Act? TSA? People's jobs, medicine, food, etc.? The role of Government?

This is from the opening pages of Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto:

"The supposedly conservative candidate tells us about "waste" in government, and ticks off $10 million in frivolous pork-barrel projects that outrage him…in order to elicit laughter and applause from partisan audiences. All right, so that's 0.00045 percent of the federal budget dealt with; what does he propose to do with the other 99.99955 percent in order to return our country to live within its means? Not a word. Those same three or four silly programs will be brought up all campaign long and that's all we'll hear about where the candidate stands on spending."

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Big Bird, Monkeys & Meth Labs

Romney, Ryan, Rand ... Politicians all play the same tricks.

Rand Paul: Spending $3 Million To Study Monkeys On Meth Means We Haven't Started Cutting Spending

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Amazing preview!

I have been thinking of what books from to buy when the small amount of money I have saved up, and this was one I was highly considering. Of course, I would get each one if I ould, but money is tight.

If you think it's worth the money on a tight budget, I'll order it for a good read over the holidays!


thank you

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Bird is the word

Everybody knows it...

But what I find ridonculous is that Romney thinks it is ok to borrow money from China in the first place. As if there are things worth borrowing from China for.

He would increase guns, bombs, and murder, but get rid of Big Bird.

I mean really, we have fallen so far from the word of God.


PBS Annual Federal Funding: $444 million
US Annual Federal Spending: $3.6 trillion

PBS as a percent of US Spending: 0.014%

This is typical Romney. In the SC debate he said he would cut the National Endowment for the Arts that gets $150 million a year in Federal dollars.

No one "fact checked" this at all or measured the impact, but everyone is talking like this is a big cut. Such a joke.

Big Bird for Thanksgiving??

I thought of this picture as soon as I started reading this...


Truth is treason in an empire of lies

Big Bird?

Sesame Street is one of the first modes of indoctrination toddlers get when they start watching TV.

I'd love to fry Big Bird! LOL

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I agree - Down with the bird

It certainly was the case when I was growing up, but thankfully, there's so much children's programming today for this age bracket that Sesame Street is growing irrelevant. All three of my young children find/found it very boring compared to what is on Nick and Disney.

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Sleight of hand? Not really

The republican party hates sources of information over which they have no control. THIS is why NPR and PBS are targeted, and journalism, academia, and science are all badmouthed. Those issues matter more, yes, but that doesn't change the fact that defunding the CPB wouldn't be a cash windfall, but rather, a drop in the bucket..

Willing to trade PBS for PEACE.

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Yes, it's sad to see even Pat Buchanan get dizzy with the

superficial O&R debate-show, when more substantial REAL issues are totally left untouched. Your questions are right on the mark:

"Monetary system? Murderous wars? NDAA? Patriot Act? TSA? People's jobs, medicine, food, etc.? The role of Government?"

Pat's trying for...

Pat is vying for a job on Fox - he said it was one of the best debate performances he had seen - this is maybe true - but he wasn't asked if it was the most honest

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