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Video: Public Schools = Prison

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My daughter wore the same clothes as all the other kids

........because she was home-schooled and there was ONLY one kid.


If you want "individualism" to predominate in your child (notice I said "predominate" and NOT sole virtue) then you must home-school them.

They need "free-time" (to solo-create and to solo-formulate) to create their world-view and individual expression.

However, they also need time "in-pack" -- to test the waters of their ideas.

When I was in school oneday I tried to get all the kids to rebel

I figured no one wanted to be herded into the classroom after break and that if we all refused they could do nothing.

If the gave us detention just all ignore them. Our obedience and fear was all they had over us and if we did crack at least for one day we tried to stand up.

I thought this was a genius plan but it was met with blank stares, the guess indoctrination works on some...

I think, "I wish there were uniforms when I was in school!"

All I say is, "I wish there were uniforms when I was in school!"

Then I wouldn't be teased for having patched knees on my jeans, or wearing a shirt twice in the same week.

Fashion is a distraction and a class-based weapon, like it or not. And I certainly didn't!

Now lemme get back to this lousy video.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Isn't that why Mao made every citizen wear a uniform?

Fashion is a way of making money, through people who buy into an idea.

Class is a weapon used to divide and conquer individuals, the only class I think we ought be concerned with the exploiter class.

Those who enslave us profit from and take power over us via the state. AKA government, corporations in bed with gov, enforcers (complicit police, and other agencies). The the dependants are also a concern. Those made physically or psychologically dependant on the state made addicted to big gov... Who fear freedom more than 'most anything

Most schools

still make you pay for the uniforms even if the school is public. So you would have just had patched knees on your khakis or pleated pants.

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    On the flipside...

    uniforms are a collectivist attack on our freedom of responsible personal expression, and also a lame excuse for schools to collect even more $$$$ from parents that then gets squandered by the unions.

    I don't play, I commission the league.