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Review: Boehner Buffalo Pep Rally - RP supporter experience

Attended a Pep Rally sponsored by the NYS GOP state committee featuring Boehner, NYS chair Cox and the locals.

I wore tie decor and had on a Ron Paul button.

I was able to maneveur for one interview by the county community newspaper the BEE. So I was able to give a couple sentences on why I am not voting for the Soviet. The usual education on why the middle class and poor are becoming more due to the Federal Reserve and not having sound money. Both candidates back the Fed and therefore I cannot vote for them.

Boehner and Cox immediately left and was not able to continue my conversation with Cox. So, I mingled and talked. Interesting how many people saw my button and nodded and/or stated that they like Ron Paul. I think these people were sincere because these are just the typical standard issue locals and don't think they were being nicey because of our voting block.

So overall how did it go? Well picture my button making the rounds in the GOP call center, the heart of the lion's den. I am the one making the rounds and extending my hand for a handshake and welcoming. The county chair is uneasy and the party exec didn't say anything. So I chatted with a number of people about Ron Paul, what happened at the RNC, and informed them to visit www.WNYRepublicans.com to learn about it. One other person used the word shenanigans. That is a good sign.

Talked to two candidates with those surrounding hearing what I was saying. Basically, in a friendly professional manner, my talk was as if I was the most important person there. I looked it, and presented myself as such.

Now they will read in the paper why I am not voting for Romney. The party is so ripe for a take over. If only there was more than me here, on their turf, eating their donuts and coffee, and explaining to people why Ron Paul inspired me to read history and to learn about the causes of our nations precipice.

Man, I really like attending their events and mingle like I am the guest of honor. The best of attending is, I didn't have to put any effort as an event coordinator. Just go and enjoy talking Liberty to the sheepsters.

Overall a great time setting up for the future.


They are here to promote Chris Collins over Kathy Hochul and Romney / Ryan. Democrat Hochul was endorsed by the NRA the other day. lol.
Collins might lose this race.


So the neo's and dispensationalists will be together in force tomorrow morning at the Western New York Victory Center at 6363 Transit Road, Suite 540 Depew, NY 14043.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Western-New-York-GOP-Victory-C... There is a map on this site at the top.


This is about a mile from where I live and I will be attending there in tie decor wearing my Ron Paul button providing a voice of reason. This will be a fine opportunity to strike up some conversation with the Rapture's that will be present.

I also have to ask Cox again, concerning the 34 At-Delegates question he received by certified letter I sent him. Also need to setup what I am calling my 2012 review of "things" with our county Chair.

This stuff ain't easy, shaking hands with criminals, loyalists, Soviets, and zombies. If your from the area, find me and let's have some fun.