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Dr. Oz Destroys Monsanto

In yesterday's episode, Dr. Oz conducted a test of Conventional v. Organic foods where he found that Conventional foods contained many more traces of pesticides than Organics. He closed by recommending to all of his viewers to eat Organic, non-GMO foods.

He basically drove a stake through the heart of Monsanto. This is huge people. This man is extremely popular with women and mothers in the mainstream.

It is the second half of the show...


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"Foodporn", guests and his

"Foodporn", guests and his metro haircut forbade me from reaching second part of the show.

Dr Oz is a freak

It seems this guy is always talking about his penis every time I've ever watched him. He is really freaky to me.
I would not trust this guy with my teenage daughter.
There is just something "strange" about this guy.

My mom watches him occasionally

She had her thyroid removed a couple years ago. Of course I think it was related to fluoridated water, she drinks lots of water. I don't think he's the biggest pill pusher on tv.

The tide is turning!

He seems to center his show around natural remedies.

the few times i have watched

i got the same impression