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Ron Paul Suggests He's Voting for Gary Johnson

BuzzFeed: In a Fox News interview, Ron Paul suggests he could be voting for Gary Johnson. He basically rules out both Romney and Obama, and then goes on to say there's a third option on the ballot in enough states to actually have the potential to win the election. It seems to me he is suggesting he supports Gary Johnson without explicitly saying it.

Of course, in the full-length video, he also affirms that supporters of the Freedom Movement are very individualistic and will all make up there own minds. As much as I would love to hear Ron Paul say explicitly who he's voting for, I do applaud is intentions to have us all make up our minds for ourselves.


"I obviously haven't announced in support for Romney, so that means that's very unlikely," Paul said. "And I don't think anybody think's I'm going to vote for Obama. So it's back to that frustration level in not seeing a dramatic choice in how the system works."

Full story at: BuzzFeed

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I'm with the good Doctor....

Coke, Pepsi.

Coke, Pepsi.

Pepsi, Coke.

Coke, Pepsi.

Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up.

Sounds like a refreshing change for me as well. I'm all into the un-colas in this election season.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

insinuates, suggests,

insinuates, suggests, basically.....

in other words.....


but...its possible, maybe, kinda, sorta, might happen....

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Connect the dots - he's voting for Johnson, no question about it

He said he would not vote for Romney. He said he would not vote for Obama.

In the past he said people should look at Gary Johnson. He has said Gary Johnson is wonderful. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul share 92.4% of the same policy ideas.

If you use the process of elimination to rule out Romney and Obama, and if you look at what he has said about Gary Johnson directly, and if you see the alignment between Johnson's policies and Paul's policies, it's quite easy to understand Ron Paul be voting for Gary Johnson.

He has reasons why he won't come right out with an endorsement, and that's fine. Only vary narrow minded people who have some sort of alternate agenda to push would not be able to connect these dots.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

maybe he will write himself

maybe he will write himself in.

maybe he wont vote at all.

maybe virgle goode.

maybe donald duck.

maybe captain picard.

we may never know.

I up ticked you because your sarcasm is worth debating!


The Winds of Change!

sarcasm mixed with logic. Ron

sarcasm mixed with logic.

Ron Paul will vote for whomever he wants.

Can someone give me the timestamp and link to any video where he says he endorses or declares his voting intentions to GJ.

I want what some of you are smoking so I can be apart of the cool club.

I upticked you

because you're an up ticker.

lol, is that a compliment?


The Winds of Change!

You bet it is!

Up tickers deserve upticks!

he proved that he doesn't want the job

he won't write himself in... he proved that he doesn't want the job in March/April 2012

I wont ask how that is true

I wont ask how that is true so we dont hijack the thread.

I distinctly remember him campaigning, advertising, fundraising, telling reporters to look at the real delegate totals....

but Im sure you were in the senior advisory meetings...

they were still asking for money

that much is true, but find me a video of ron paul acting like he was still trying to win the nomination after ending his college campus tour... (sorry it was in mid april not march)

You may NOT want to ask the question, but I'll give you the

answer anyway.

The March/ April time frame was when Ron Paul decided NOT to take on Romney. Doug Weed in his interview stated VERY clearly that is what happened back then.

Ron Paul through Benton's advice chose NOT to take on Romney because of his threats to do a PR job that would greatly embarrass him and hurt the liberty movement.

Those are the facts!

The Winds of Change!