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Defecting Iranian cameraman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites

DEBKAfile reveals one of the CIA’s most dramatic scoops in many years, and epic disaster for Iran. Our most exclusive Iranian and intelligence sources disclose that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s personal cameraman, Hassan Golkhanban, who defected from his UN entourage in New York on Oct. 1, brought with him an intelligence treasure trove of up-to-date photographs and videos of top Iranian leaders visiting their most sensitive and secret nuclear and missile sites.


Not sure what to make of this, especially after all the topics on DP about if we should fear Ahmadinejad, Iran's nuclear program, and reasons why the USA are so obsessed with starting a war there.

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No photo's, no video's,

no bueno.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

And at just the right time

Pretty convenient. I'm betting it's total bs.

DEBKAfile=Mossad Propaganda

Why drag their garbage here?

On par with Sorcha Faal.

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on this photo

Cameraman is added by photoshop. Try to find his legs. it seems that he just grows from the red desk. LOL

Bahaha. Didn't even bother to

Didn't even bother to click the image.
Maybe he's a double amputee.

Not exactly a damming photo, a bunch of people standing around looking at a rifle. Think about where the camera man is aiming (off into space and not anyones face) and this article easily becomes a laugher. Why would someone take a picture of someone else with a video camera?

Southern Agrarian

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read your post. They cut the photo....

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Aaaaand Que False flag opperations........


so.. where's the film?

does the article even have a page two? what a shitty article.. claim film in your title and end up showing nothing

I would bet on Iran having secret sites

And I would hope they are working on a Nuclear weapon For their own sake. Every other insane dictator has them,why shouldn't they.Good on ya' Iran!

PUHLEEEEEZ What a perfect


What a perfect media setup.

1) Person involved is a camera man, so it has the readers attention that he is someone who takes important pictures.

2) UN is in town, leads the reader on the "camera" guy might defect.

3) Election season, both parties blaming Iran, recent sanctions

Rubbish article that belongs in a birdcage.

Southern Agrarian

Which is where most articles

from DEBKAfile belong.

It doesn't tell us anything.

It doesn't tell us anything. It mentions four sites, presumbly known to the US and IAEA. No mention of new sites, no mention of previously undisclosed developments ahead of what is their known level of research. Best wait until the CIA has spun it appropriately.

This space available


just like the high level Iraqi that told us about saddamn's nuclear sites....and the mobil bio weapons labs and the yellow cake...etc

and of course who can forget the anthrax vile Colin Powell showed us?

and the underground bat caves in Pipelinestan that rummy showed us?

How bout the Gulf of Tonkin...the collapsing towers?

Yea...I would say this is 100% BULLSHIT!

How bout the MSM does a real investigation of the dancing Israeli's drving around in white vans filled with explosives? or something else that is actually true.....