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First Reaction to the Presidential Debate

I am traveling so am unable to do much but provide a couple of observations re the recent debate:

One man wanted to be there, while the other didn’t.
One man was prepared, the other wasn’t.
One man used data while the other didn’t.
One man appeared knowledgeable while the other didn’t.
One man understood the President’s policies better than the President.
One suit appeared robust while the other suit looked empty.
One man looked like Clint Eastwood while the other looked like a chair.

To sum up, the debate was classic — one between form and substance. Form did not have the Greek columns and other pageantry to bolster it. Media was unable to spin the outcome from what millions of Americans saw. Substance went one on one with form and form was obliterated.

The battle, fought without media filtering, was too definitive for the media to distort. Obama was small, disinterested and ineffective. He was unable to defend himself or his policies. Romney, the unlikable, impersonal candidate destroyed the media’s hero politely and objectively. If it the debate were a fight, it would have been stopped by the third round.


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Really?? Really???

Why is this being posted on the DP???!!! Seriously ... who the FU*K do you think you're going to sway with this???!!!

I would think that most on the DP didn't particularly care about either from the debate.


Looks like five people didn't see the same debate I did.