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How Do You Know You Are Awake?

This thought has crossed my mind. How do I know I am awake?

Those who rule, have done so for centuries and are very good at staying in power.

They control world events from behind the curtain, they control how people respond to events. Was our awakening planned? Maybe, we will usher in the NWO unknowingly. It just seems everything is falling into place at the right time, is it co-incidence or planned?

They have shown that they are capable of infiltrating Religions, Governments, Military's, Media, Corporations, Education etc. etc.

They make their plans 50 to 60 years ahead and infiltrate then re-educate the masses to their thinking.

They rule by emotion mostly fear but I think they also rule with offering of love like a cult. There is so much to be aware of it is hard for me to keep up.

I don't believe I am any wiser than my ancestors, that somehow I have all the answers, so I question my path and my actions, so I am here.

While I search the internet I am thinking are they manipulating the message as they do in TV, HOLLYWOOD or Music Industry PROGRAMING.

For me it comes down to what do I cherish, not who I follow or group that would want to represent me.

What do I cherish? My husband, family and friends, my home, garden and pets these nourish me and my soul. These are the very things the NWO would take away, all that is good and important to me.

Awake or asleep may our souls we keep.

Just me rambling and pondering.

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Calling quilt......

It's new years, 1-1-13! Did you get lost some where in the electravoid? What's new 4 u?

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I was just thinking of her, too.

Her last post was months ago. Hope she has just been busy with holiday quilting!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"How do you know you are awake?"

You're never going to be fully aware in real time of everything the ruling elite are scheming, it's impossible. No one could be aware of all that, that's why they have thousands upon thousands of people working full time in thinktanks and bureaucracies to keep all their schemes straight. But knowing everything about what they're doing in real time is not what it means to be awake.

The key realization (the red pill if you please) is very simple.

Part of the problem with the "alternative media" is that they obscure the simple fact. They get you chasing rabbits down endless holes, trying to figure out what it's all "really about," and this leads you into mysticism or outer space or just endless contradictory bits of information, depending on which sources you happen to follow. But at bottom it's all very very simple.

Some people like to dominate other people. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes their success is so complete that the masters actually convince the slaves that the masters are the slaves ("public servants") and the slaves are the masters ("the people"). That psychological trick is the only difference (other than sheer scale) between an ordinary mugger, burglar, or other criminal, and the ruling elite who control entire States.

Everything the State does is to benefit the State, not you.

Everything the State does, it tells you it is doing on your behalf, for your own good, so that you won't object.

That's all you really need to know. That's the red pill.

...it's hard to say why this is so difficult for most people to grasp. Obviously it has to do with their indoctrination over the years, but the concept is so simple, it's self-evident. Even once you're aware of it, you can lose sight of it sometimes, getting sucked into the pseudo-reality which the State produces to cover its tracks. An exercise that I find helpful: if you're thinking about, say, the EPA, stop thinking about it in the abstract (rights, laws, etc). Think about what it really is...a group of people working in some buildings in a city somewhere who come up with rules for how other people, who they don't know and have never met, should act. And these people are in cahoots with other people, who are armed, who go around traveling thousands of miles forcing people on the threat of violence to obey these rules....and here's the kicker, 99% of the population believes that the men with guns and their associates are servants of the people they use the guns on. Quite a neat trick.

...at this point you may be thinking "dwell uh, I already knew that," but did you? Just think about it. The absurdity of it, for what it actually is, before any talk of rights and laws and ethics and so forth.

That's all being awake is, seeing things as they really are, sans symbols and justifications and rationales and abstractions - seeing things in all their mundane absurdity.

Let me put it another way. The alternative media, the "conspiracy theorists," seem to be looking for...extraordinary (as opposed to ordinary) explanations for things. Like, ancient cults, aliens, etc. Have you noticed this? I'm sure you have...it's one of the reasons why "conspiracy theories" are so discredited in the mainstream. And this is part of the problem. Insofar as Alex Jones or anyone else promotes this search for the extraordinary, they are retarding progress toward actual understanding. What you have to be able to understand that this system...the "State"...is normal. To the half-awake person, this predatory gang seems like an abomination, which must have some evil and alien source - and he thinks that because he's half-awake. This predatory system appears alien not because it is, but because it's always been hidden - otherwise (if the masses understood what the State is) it wouldn't survive.

Imagine a sheep suddenly realizing that his pleasant stroll down the path was actually a stroll into the slaughterhouse, he would be thinking "something's gone wrong here! this isn't right." But actually, everything's as it's always been, things are running as they "should" from the perspective of those who make them run, and there's nothing abnormal going on.

...alright, that's enough of a rant for now. Pardon any grammatical or other errors, I let this one go as a kind of free flow of thought.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Omg the same thing crossed my mind

What if all of this is staged or part of the plan. What if the "freedom" movement is part of the staging that enough of us will be angry enough to start the civil war and usher in a savior of the republic.

The thing that kept me same was how long Dr Paul has been fighting this.

same here, me too..!