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Daily Caller: Gary Johnson’s campaign says GOP committed crimes to keep him off ballot

An attorney for presidential candidate Gary Johnson is accusing the Pennsylvania Republican Party of breaking the law and engaging in “Watergate-style dirty tricks” in an attempt to disqualify the Libertarian from appearing on the ballot in November.

The Daily Caller obtained a letter sent from Johnson’s attorney, Alicia Dearn, asking the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to investigate allegations of attempted bribery and false impersonation of an FBI agent.

“Based on what I have been told by witnesses, it is my opinion that the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee has engaged in Watergate-style dirty tricks, in an attempt to keep Gov. Johnson off the ballot,” Dearn wrote in the letter dated Oct. 1.


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WHAT WHAT??? the gop would


the gop would commit crimes to keep someone off the ballot, tell me it ain't soooooo...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

They do not want to talk about our freedom

Barack Obama is being criticized by the hardcore left for not responding correctly to Mitt Romney. If Gary Johnson had been on the stage. Does anyone think that Romney would have gotten the free ride that he did if someone speaking for liberty was there? No wonder Republicans do not want there or the Democrats either because he makes them both look very weak.


Keith Halderman

henry9's picture

I just got a call from the "tea party".

They asked for a donation for Mitt.


I told him my choice is now to either write in RP or check off GJ.

I also added, "as Maine goes so goes the nation".

He said, "Oh, you are in Maine? Never mind".

A few minutes later I got a call will a Paul Ryan pitch.

I simply replied, "Lady, you are barking up the exact wrong tree".

I guess that clears up any question...

...of whether the tea party was hijacked or not.

This would never...

This would never happen to Ron Paul, welcome to the real world Gary. By the way, does anybody have any updates on the various legal actions brought by the RP people?


Welcome to the Matrix, Gary.

We feel your pain.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Hey Gary!

Welcome to the party! You just now seeing how this works?


they weren't gonna vote for you anyway


Well of course they committed crimes

They are criminals after all!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

GJ is a loser who knows he's a loser

A loser who represents losers and has a message of losing LOL

Similar comments were made about Ron Paul

Similar comments were made about Ron Paul and his followers by people like you. So at least Gary Johnson will have good company.
Personally I would rather be counted amongst their ranks than yours.

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."


I would rather you be counted among their, "loser Republican GJ's" ranks than mine too.

granger may you rest in the

granger may you rest in the gop septic tank and enjoy the crap(hell in a bucket), , sincerely republican voting for Gary Johnson over Obamney. Your voting for Obamney so your no different then obama! Gary Johnson over Obamney. You have 0 credibility! anyone endorsing or supporting this criminal enterprise obamney loses ALL CREDIBILITY!!!

Ron Paul 2016

Don't vote for Romney please. I have a plan for you.

This is Barack Obama speaking. Now let me be clear. I suggest to you that four more years of me being the President with a Republican congress will give you four years of relief from further tightening of the noose around the American necks because the Congress will block me form doing any more damage to the country. Do you really want Paul Ryan to be the President of the Senate, with John Boehner, the Emperor of the House and Mr. ROmney as the Prez. That is tantamount to committing suicide guys.

So here is my sincere plan. Vote for me for the President and Republican for Congress. Michelle and I and the girls have come to love the people's House. I promise, you'll have the best laid back government of your life. That is very good for America.

Obama needs to go


I have a plan for you, go to your local GOP meetings and events and stand for restoring the republic to constitutioal government.. back the Ron Paul republicans who are working at materializing Ron Paul's message.


That is exactly what my comment said. Vote Republican, but for Johnson? Granger, are you an idiot?

Obama Does Need To Go

However, if he gets replaced with essentially a mirror image of himself (repeal Obama's big government programs and replace with Romney's big government programs) are we any better off? Does having a guy in the White House with a (R) next to his name but essentially the same policies mean we're better off than if he had a (D)? Romney is basically a (D) anyway. What are Romney's conservative principles? He has promised not to cut even one penny out of Medicare or social security, plus he wants to increase military spending. Between those 3 and the interest on the national debt, that's 80% of the Federal budget. Based on that, we know that he's going to be a huge deficit spender.

Let's look at some other stuff. He believes in bank bailouts (just like Obama). He agrees w/ the NDAA (just like Obama). He thinks that the president has the right to start a war without the approval of congress (just like Obama). He believes in repealing Obamacare and replace it w/ Romneycare (basically the same thing).

Romney says he believes in lower taxes but how can that possibly be if you understand the "hidden tax" of QE? And QE would be unavoidable in his presidency because how can we ever run a surplus if the plan he advocates to even balance the budget (the Ryan Plan) takes 30 years (and is based on the impossible scenario of 5% growth that whole time).

And even if you believe the Ryan plan would work, do you really believe future presidents are going to carry out this plan? Let's say Romney and Ryan each get 8 years. That would still leave 14 years (a minimum of 2 presidencies) where future presidents are going to have to strictly follow this plan. That would be the equivalent of our 2013 president following a budget from 1998.

And again 14 years would be the (in theory) "best-case scenario". What if Romney is in office for only 4 years? That would leave 26 years remaining on the Ryan plan. Imagine trying to sell the public in 2013 that our country was going to follow a budget plan that was conceived in 1987. And again, that's just to balance the budget. To pay down the national debt we need to run surpluses. The guy you're hoping to replace Obama with apparently plans to start paying down the deficit in 2043.

Think about that.

It doesn't matter to me

Ron Paul selected the GOP, so that's where I am.

You're supporting Romney because Ron Paul selected the GOP??

You do realize that Ron Paul did NOT endorse Romney, right? Or you just blindly support the party that Ron Paul joined even though he doesn't endorse it?

If you really are a Ron Paul supporter, I think you're completely missing the point of his campaign.


Rombama supports the same policies, even MORE Israeli warmongering. Why isn't the obammunist better with a GOP congress? Only 4 more years instead of 8. Make your case.

Ron Paul RepubliCANs

Obama has no Ron Paul RepubliCANs on his committees, running for offices, holding committee seats.. but poor Romney.. he has Ron Paul RepubliCANs on nearly every committee forming coalations with Tea Partiers, Earthquakers, Constitutionalists, Religious Righters, and Fiscal Conservatives who all like the message of Ron Paul, "Restore the Republic to constitutional government by holding ourselves and Romney to the loyalty oaths we all took to the constitution".

We plan to do to Romney what Hillary's Democrats did to Obama. Obama is not the candiate he campaigned as, and neither will Romney beable to globalize with a rebellion within the party, something Democrats won't do, but those of us who were lied to, cheated, defrauded, and voice stolen, relish the opportunity.

Go back to rehab, Granger

The staff there misses you. You were such a good entertainer there!

Paul is not running (except maybe in IA, NH and Maine). Johnson is our only choice. Ron Paul said "NO" to Romney today in a very clear language for a change. Give it up, kiddo unless you live in IA, ME or NH. Then write him in. Else it is Johnson or bust.

Write back when the fog has cleared from your brain. No more coffee for you for a week.


I'll believe it when I see it.

Power corrupts. Besides, it's hard to believe that the obammnuist could be any more dictatorial or that Hilary stopped him from being worse. Hilarys even more power mad and bloodthirsty than the obammunist.

i finally figured it out.

is granger here getting us all fired up to write in for Ron Paul? She comes on here and makes completely assinine statements like, "romney winning empowers Ron Paul republicans" all the time, she gets downvoted like nobody else, and her arguments are so completely opposite of what a true patriot would think.

maybee she is using reverse pyschology on all of us. man...she's not really as retarded as we all think! She's been playing us to get us to all write about how horrible romney is and getting us to use logical arguments that others will read and learn from.

and all she has to do is make a few, completely illogical arguments, written with horrible grammer and spelling, and call reasonable people nasty names, and she gets us all to put out the message of what a dick romney is and how anything except voting for romney is a better option.

i finally get it. wow. i'm almost speechless.

yep, i came to the same

yep, i came to the same shocking conclusion after going through the history. look how long this account has been here... I especially love the sarah palin delegate thing granger posted about, how come no one ever questioned if it were even true. Def paid..

Romney is a loser

he has no chance of beating Obama because the election is fake and rigged for him now focus on one of the other ways to get him out.

Election is rigged for Romney

22% electoral vote Romney wins and GJ and write in's DON'T COUNT.

The company counting votes

is owned by Obama supporters so that is not true at all, plus Romney sucks as a candidate.

I strongly believe you are

I strongly believe you are right, Granger, and I really do not know why so many give you flak on here. In fact, not always, but usually, I agree with you. I think u are a thoughtful soldier in our army, and not many seem to stand up for you. I just did, though. :)


I'm happy to see you, even if you did disagree with me. I've missed you and hope you had an exceptional time in Tampa.

THANK YOU for standing up for me. It means a lot to me.

I will admit, the entire rEVOLution has been a massive learning curve. I came into it with decades of grassroots experience, so many losses.. so many losses. And it is those losses, the pain, the memories, the hard work, all that, I look where I am today, decades later, and I understand where others are coming from because I was there. The thing is, I never had a Ron Paul.

I am so grateful to Ron Paul. I never thought I would be in the GOP. NEVER! I NEVER thought I would be on a committee, I didn't even know they existed. It was like, "Where have I been my whole life?" Well, I was doing what many here are doing, the difference is, we ALL have Ron Paul.

Had I not worked so hard for so long, I would probably do what many here propose, vote third party or work on a write-in campaign. If it wasn't for my seat, wanting Obama out, and my determination to change the GOP, to materialize Ron Paul's message, where he sees it, in the GOP, I would not be doing what I am doing, and I doubt I would be able to stand against the tide of alternatives, but rather succumb and fight an easier level.

But let me tell you, this is a great fight, and we are winning, and it's awesome to work with people who are ready, willing and able to stand up to the GOP, the PTB, the fear, ignorance, anger and speak up to restore America and our Republic to constitutional government.

I feel like I've been given a great gift that comes with a huge learning curve and responsibility. I still have my training wheels on, but I'm taking the curve and climbing that mountain, having fun and thanking God all along the way.