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Let me know what you think! Government: "The Addiction"

Do you know of someone who borrowed a significant amount of money from you - or at least enough that you haven't forgotten about it - and they have yet to pay you back? You never ask them about it and they never bring it up when they see you because they're hoping you'll forget about it. Do you know that type of individual? Those sneaky types? Those conniving, habitual liars?

Why do they act in such a manner?

Most often, these type of individuals have addictions. They're addicted to a 'rush', a 'thrill', or some kind of a 'high'. Government - I would argue - is addicted to power. Every branch has overreached beyond it's intended limits. Their limbs have extended into the pockets of every citizen. But unlike the addicted friend or family member who you've decided is no longer deserving of your money, you can do nothing to stop government's addiction. They exercise their power and control by taking a piece of your pie from the wages that you alone have worked to receive. And they take their cut before the pie is even in your hands. No need to ask. No need for explanation. Thuggery at it's very finest, feeding the addiction. Streamlined and efficient. Like a drug pumped straight into the bloodstream via an I.V. bag that never runs out.

And like a drug addict, government has lost sight of reality. They fail to recognize the real problem and they begin to rack up debt after debt in order to attain more power and more control. Blame everything and everybody else. All just an excuse. Denial. They think more is the answer and with more power and more control comes separation. A government who is distanced from it's people will not last very long because just like an addicted friend or family member who can not stop, those who once loved and cared begin to lose trust in them. Hope and faith crumble and eventually, those who fail to realize that the addiction is the problem.....will soon be all alone.

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