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NRA insults Gary Johnson on their Facebook page

The NRA released a picture on their Facebook page today endorsing Mitt Romney. People are upset about it and a few of them are talking about Gary Johnson. The NRA actually responded to the Gary Johnson posts, and not in a good way. Here is the exact post,

"Yes, vote for a guy who dropped out of the Republican primary before the first caucus or primary after barely registering a blip in the polls. Gary Johnson is not going to win in November; he is not going to be president in January. You may not like your choices in Romney and Obama but those are your choices. If Obama is reelected, the Second Amendment will be in serious peril as he will not have to face the voters ever again."

Let's all give the NRA a piece of our minds, and let's see if we can get this disturbing piece of news to the front page of the Daily Paul. Thank you all!

Here is a link to the image on Facebook

Here is a screen grab of it, in case they try to take it down

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1) Send them this

1) Send them this link:

2) Watch the flame war/ river of tears

Southern Agrarian

lol looks like my browser at

lol looks like my browser at work:

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2 facebook
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Everyone who is a gun owner

Everyone who is a gun owner knows that the GOA (Gun Owners of America) took up the mantle after the NRA sold out and gave up their credibility years ago.


I wish!

The NRA still has over 4 million members. I believe most of them would leave, and join the GOA, if they only knew what their donations were being used for.

+ 1


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They didn't insult Johnson unless telling the truth is insulting.

And no that doesn't mean no one should Johnson. If you think Johnson is the best choice than certainly vote for him, but do so knowing that Johnson will not be elected.

what are you trying to say?

what are you trying to say?

HAHA Troll is over 9000!!!!!!

Your understanding of politics is as poor as your grammar, Bob. It is an insult to say that voting for Johnson is a wasted vote. It is an insult to Johnson, and it is an insult to any intelligent individual. Romney can not beat Obama. It is not possible. According to your logic, the NRA should endorse Obama? After all, Romney has no chance at becoming the next president of the United States. Even Romney inadvertently admitted that he can not beat Obama. Remember his remarks concerning the 47%? All the NRA did was expose their true colors. Which is good for America, but it will be bad for the NRA's membership numbers. If this is your idea of truth, you could easily destroy a major corporation in under 5 minutes if you were in charge of their PR.

Johnson will not be elected

Johnson will not be elected President. Johnson will not get into any debates with the major party candidates. Johnson will not carry any states. Johnson will end up with less than 5% of the national vote. Politics is the art of the possible. On the issue of protecting gun rights the Republican party has a better record than the Democrat party. Romney (the Republican nominee) will get more votes and win more states than Johnson and therefore has a better chance of winning the election than Johnson. The NRA's statement, while it hurt the feelings of Johnson supporters, was correct. Again, vote for Johnson if you think he'll do the best job, but realize that he has NO chance of being elected or even being competitive. I've often voted for candidates who I knew were going to finish with less than 5% of the vote. (I haven't voted for a winning Presidential candidate since Reagan in '84. Its all started when I voted for some guy from Texas named Paul in '88.) The difference is I didn't lie to people and tell them he was going to do well.

They said that about Ron Paul

So like did you compromise your principles and vote Romney in the Primary as well?
If not, what makes this any different?

I refuse to compromise principle and vote for Loser B over Loser A...
There is no difference between the Losers and the NRA should never have endorsed one of the Losers.
Their endorsement does more to hurt the cause than it does to help. A quick glance at the comments over there and it is clear they have lost many a supporter and those were just the vocal ones...
It would have been better if they had kept their mouths shut...

As I wrote I don't have a

As I wrote I don't have a problem with voting for candidates I know are going to lose, my problem is trying to mislead people into thinking they're going to do well.
Instead of claiming rightful indignation over the "insult" (which only works if your candidate has a snowball's chance in hell , Johnson doesn't) why not try (1)Point out the differences between Johnson's record and Romney's record then (2)show the polls that show Romney is losing badly to Obama then (3)remind them that the GOP House is very pro-gun and will block any anti-gun legislation then (4)then tell them that given 1,2,&3 a protest vote for Johnson is the best course of action otherwise the GOP will think it can take the votes of gun owners for granted. Peace

But neither will Romney so

But neither will Romney so what is your point, people are wasting their votes on him and he can't win.

The NRA's point was that

The NRA's point was that Romney has a much better chance than Johnson. Johnson will not win a single state and will end up with less than 5% of the national vote. If the NRA's only issue is protecting the 2nd amendment by defeating Obama they are correct in trying to get people to vote for Romney instead of Johnson. While it is likely that Obama will win Romney has a much better chance of winning than Johnson. Romney is likely to end up with 200 electoral votes, Johnson is likely to end up with 0.

I have a point to make

who gives a flying....well you know what i mean. So Obama 'could' lose, but whats the point if we replace him with someone equally bad, are people truely that blind?

Never in a million years would I ever support or help Obama, however I consider Romney FAR worse.

See, me a republican my whole life, consider the democrats choice the better option and yet i dont sell out and vote for the lesser of evils - Obama, Ron Paul will get my vote, because he stands for what I stand for.

Good luck to the GJ people, I know youll need it this election cycle. Win or Lose, we have already won.

For the record, Romney has a much worse record with gun laws than Obama does...the NRA was not correct in trying to replace him with Romney support. I think they tried to 'go along with the crowd' and pissed off a lot of the wrong people.

They should have never supported anyone and simply said Choose the candidate you think will do the best job of protecting our 2nd amendment rights.

And which way is the wind

And which way is the wind blowing Rmoney on the gun rights debate?

Long Time, First Time

I have been a fan of the Daily Paul for a long time, but this is the first thing I have ever found that convinced me want to join and post.